Battle Royal Rules

  1. Any number of cocks or stags regardless of size may enter.
  2. The amount agreed on shall be put up with the referee before battle starts.
  3. The referee shall choose one man other than an entrant to assist him in pulling heels and nothing else.
  4. At the call “get ready” each handler shall step in the pit, set his bird on the floor close to and facing the pit wall.
  5. At the call “pit” handlers shall release their birds, still facing the wall, then step out of the pit and remain out until asked to come in by the referee at the first handle.
  6. Birds shall not be touched by the referee or his assistant except when hung in another bird, themselves, the pit wall or floor. The heel or heels shall be pulled and the bird or birds left exactly as they were before, on their backs, on top of the other bird, etc., etc.
  7. A bird may jump the pit and be put back ONCE. If he jumps again he stays out. All dead cock shall be removed immediately.
  8. When all fighting stops for a period of 30 seconds the referee shall order a handle. The regular handler may now come in the pit, pick up their birds and nurse them for ONE MINUTE. The handlers shall remain in the pit from this first handle until the conclusion of the battle.
  9. At the call “get ready”, after the one minute rest period, the handlers shall form a circle in the center of the pit. At the call “pit” birds shall be breasted in a circle, beak to beak and breast to breast.
  10. Any bird not showing fight at the breast shall be ordered out of the pit immediately.
  11. The handlers may now pull heels as in regular battle, that is pull the other birds heels out of his cock but must not put the bird on his feet or change his position in any way. Once the handlers come into the pit, the assistant referee work is finished and will stay out of the pit.
  12. Anytime the fighting stops for 30 seconds, after a breast, another ONE MINUTE nursing or rest period will be given. As before, any bird not showing fight at the breast shall be ordered taken out. If three or more birds are breasted and only one definitely shows fight, he wins the battle royal. If two show fight the battle is to be finished according to the regular pit rules as applied at the center score. This battle between the last two birds shall be started at the center score with neither having count.

Source: The Feathered Warrior


For regular rules, refer to previous article about american cockfighting rules.

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