Cockfighting School Curriculum Is A Reality Now

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Animal farming is a livelihood

Chicken farming is a big business industry with eggs and meat as the final product.

Backyard chickens are both a hobby and a source of egg and meat.

Cockfighting sports starts from eggs, to chicks, to young chickens, to fighting chickens

A gamecock can be sold from eggs up to adult chickens. Cockfighting is different – it is an sports. A hobby sports or A professional sports. Professional cockfighters raised their fighting gamecock chickens from eggs with dedication. Same as hobbyist cockfighters who will raise and take care of their gamecock chickens from eggs. Their goal is to be world champions in the sports of cockfighting every year. One or a couple of world championship titles will bring prestige and honor to the hobbyist and professional cockfighters of eggs aka gamecocks.

Most professional cockfighters have a small operation. The smallest operation for a cockfighting team is five adult male gamecocks with one female gamecock. From this flock size, depending on the successes, it may grow into commercial operation with 10,000 male gamecock population of fighting age from 7 months and up.

Cockfighting sports “world championships” have the mystique as can be won by hobbyist cockfighters and by a professional cockfighters.

Cockfighting School Curriculum

We have lots of cockfighting schools for those interested, with expensive fee. Most of their students are already into cockfighting sports and just needed advanced knowledge.

We have lots of books and video instructions from seasoned cockfighters who are willing to share their secrets. Expensive too.

We now have supply companies offering seminars on gamecock farming from eggs to game time. Might be more a promotional information if the attendee do not think carefully.

Your neighborhood will provide actual experience from eggs collecting to post battle care. Go to a friendly neighbor. Observe and ask questions. Offer your help and maybe become an apprentice and learn the ins and outs of gamecock breeding, selection, feeding, caring, raising and finally conditioning and fighting.

Online social media networks, like YouTube and Facebook, are very helpful on FREE exchange of knowledge – video, photo, and articles. The cyberspace is the new neighborhood of cockfighters.

For us who were born into a cockfighting family we sometime take cockfighting knowledge we learned from our ancestors as common to all people. Which is not. These are important for those new in the sports or thinking of changing lifestyle.

Some of us are proud to be an engineer or to have a career. But never realized that we are always a cockfighter first.

Bringing cockfighting sports into school students, just like basketball and swimming, is the best thing for our sports. We do not need to preach to the choir. We want to spread our sports to others who do not have any knowledge of “The Only Universal Sports” – COCKFIGHTING.

I posted in facebook early this year that someday, Cockfighting School Curriculum will be taught in schools.

Then I found this facebook album that have clinics for intermediate school students to learn the history, culture and tradition of cockfighting. As well as its business aspects.

Now, there are facebook news feed posts about the same clinic but in videos.

Let’s watch these videos.

Escuela Intermedia Tomas Maso Rivera – Toa Alta P.R.

Escuela Intermedia Tomas Maso Rivera – Toa Alta P.R.

Escuela Intermedia Tomas Maso Rivera – Toa Alta P.R.

Escuela Intermedia en Puerto Rico

Escuela Intermedia en Puerto Rico

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Mexico: Be Aware of Oppressive Laws Against Owners of Animals (Farmer, Breeder, Sportsman, Pet Lover)

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At the bottom is a bill (proposed law) in Mexico. It must be stopped.


Progressive Laws are becoming the norm.

But Oppressive Laws are always at hand because of sheeple. The lobbyists manipulate sheeple to vote for these oppressive laws. It is in the lobbyists’ interest because it is their only financial income – their so called non-profit organizations. Which are in fact, big salaries and expenses budget for these lobbyists. These lobbyists do not have a purpose in life.

Liberty as the PRIMARY RULE will stop these mind control on sheeple.

  • How can a non-animal owner tell an animal whisperer how to talk with animals?
  • What can a liberty hater tell to a liberty lover?
  • What can an ignorant person tell to an expert person?

I mentioned in previous articles that I grew up with animals (water buffalos, cattle, hogs, dogs, geese, chickens) meaning raising them from womb to grave.

I loved seeing as a child:

  • my first calf
  • my first piglet
  • my first puppy
  • my first goose chick
  • my first chicken chick

I enjoyed their growing days, weeks, months, years.

Our animal pets have done their purpose in life.

  • Buffalo plow our land, provide us meat and skin as food
  • Cattle provide us beef
  • Hogs provide us pork
  • Dogs provide us guard, hunting companion and meat too (for me, char grilled skin then marinaded them in species and vinegar)
  • Geese provide us guard, eggs and meat
  • Chickens provide us eggs and meat
  • Gamecocks provide us Sports Individuality

I butchered my chickens, my hogs and my dogs before high school. Our buffalos, cattle and hogs are common diet to me as a child even today. We raised gamecocks to fight. We do not sell gamecocks as a living but do sell very few if they do not end up in the table.

I also enjoyed using leather products – seats, belts, shoes, backpacks. Be it buffalo leather, cattle leather, hog leather, etc.

Farming and raising animals is a dedication and livelihood. Financial budget dictates the best care you can provide. But the important thing to remember, these animals are yours. No one must tell you how to care for your animals. As no one can tell a battleground general how to wage war at that moment.

For chicken industry, backyard raisers have their own ways and means. Same goes with commercial poultry (broilers and layers) whether outdoor free range farming or indoor cage farming. Gamecock raisers also have their own ways and means. All of these different kinds of raisers have their rights to do whatever they need be done with their animals. It is in their own best interest to care for these animals. It is their money to buy feed, vet meds, facilities, equipments, etc.

Obviuosly, I consider my self a freethinker and not a sheeple. I fight for individual liberty. Not mind controls – which are actually financial gain to the one doing the mind control.

  • Have you donated to a cause because you were manipulated without you knowing it?
  • Have you volunteer to do a cause yourself instead of donating?
  • Have you voted for oppressive laws?
  • Have been oppressed with these laws?
  • Do you think on your own to know the truth?
  • Do you just obey and not want to learn the truth?

Guess, let’s refresh our minds about freedom and choice. And individual liberties.

Freedom of Religion

You can be either a devote catholic, a non-practicing catholic, a devote muslim, a non-practicing muslim, etc. As long as you do not make your religious beliefs into LAWS then you are respecting Liberty. Thus, you have not done a crime against liberty.

Freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc. champion Liberty of everyone including religious people. Freethinkers do not oppress catholics by making LAWS against the practice of christianity. Catholics can practice catholic monogamous marriage, catholic baptism, catholic burial, catholic pro-life, etc.

But catholics are oppressive by making LAWS against abortion, divorce, cousin marriage, child marriage, polygamous marriage, same sex marriage, etc. Also catholics meddle on condom and other contraceptives usage by non-catholics. Catholics do tend to forget the separation of state and church. They forget that they are not the only people of a nation or of the world. They are still in a crusade against non-catholics. Subconsciously or consciously. At war to conquer non-catholics.

Same goes with most religions.

Freedom of Profession

Prostitution as a legal profession exist already in most countries and must be spread to all countries and all cities of the world. Prostitution is honest professional work. Prostitutes deserve respect like engineers, scientists, etc. It must be respected by all mankind. You may choose to not do it but respect others who choose to do it.

Do you say Legal Engineer? Or Legal Scientist? If not, no need for the term – “Legal Prostitute”. Prostitution endeavors are equal to engineering and scientific endeavors. Prostitute is an individual who provide services like an engineer or a scientist provides services.

Freedom of Body

Alcohol, abortion, cigar, marijuana, etc. are personal choices. It is must be respected by all mankind. You may choose to not do it but respect others who choose to do it.

Freedom of Love

Child marriage, cousin marriage, same sex marriage are equal to heterosexual marriage. They are legal in most countries or population of the world. It is must be respected by all mankind. You may choose to not do it but respect others who choose to do it.

Polygamy are equal to monogamy. It is legal in most countries or population of the world. It is must respected by all mankind. You may choose to not do it but respect others who choose to do it.

We Are Cockfighters – FIRST

  • We are LIBERTY activists for all liberties in the world, FIRST.
  • We are parents, friends, acquaintances, etc., SECOND.
  • We are christians, muslims, capitalists, nationalists, etc., VERY LAST. (Mind controls are the cause of wars in this world. To exterminate others not with the elites who rule their group’s mind control. We need to keep these mind control ideologies in private if you cannot live without them. And THINK of LIBERTY for ALL in public.)

Cockfighting As Religion

  • LIBERTY is our goal. Cockfighters respect LIBERTY of everyone.

Cockfighting As Political Party

  • LIBERTY is our goal. Cockfighters respect LIBERTY of everyone.

Support Cockfighting

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– Gameness til the End

General Measure of dignity and respect towards animals

Sep 12, 2011 (Read source; these are translated by google)


Achieve an ecological balance and a healthy environment should be a priority in the work of all government. Among these features include the dignified and respectful treatment to be given to the animal species in order to avoid cruelty against him and fight for a more responsible society.

Both the national and international legal framework has included the term animal welfare as a pillar of protection and care of animals. This well is based on the idea that human beings have a responsibility to provide conditions that not only minimize their suffering, but to help them reach their full potential.

In order to promote this important issue within the international community, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA for its acronym in English) has developed the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW), an instrument that sets out basic principles to create more awareness for individuals and restrict the actions we have over animals. It recognizes not only that animals are sentient beings and therefore deserve due consideration and respect, but also that humans co-exist on this planet with other species to form an interdependent ecosystem.

Now it is our duty to develop an adequate legal framework to eradicate animal cruelty and welfare needs of these beings, considering that the culture of a country also note the treatment given to all living beings.

From the analysis made by experts and animal welfare organizations who participated in forums held in recent months, one can conclude that the animal welfare issue goes beyond environmental issues and public health in the area confined mainly to the collective ethic . Organizations converge on the urgent need for measures that promote decent and responsible treatment of animals, since there are various problems caused by the abuse of these beings.

In recent years we have witnessed countless scenes of abuse to all animals, situations that cause them pain,unnecessary suffering or stress, which range from negligence in the care commodities (such as the omission in the provision of shelter, food and / care or veterinary appropriate) to acts of torture, mutilation or cruel sacrifice and intentional. These actions by themselves are unjustifiable and morally reprehensible, can also lead to damage to society as a) the negative effects of overpopulation of animals originated on the street and b) causing violence among the systematic mistreatment of animals .

a) The overpopulation of animals can generate not only environmental problems, but public health and social activities, mainly for animal attacks that are not under the care of responsible people. Another consequence of overcrowding are zoonotic diseases that are generated by direct contact with animals not receiving proper veterinary care. [i]

In this regard, it should be mentioned that in the capital alone there are around 120,000 stray dogs, which produce from 1.080 to 1.800 tons per month of feces, according to Public Health Services of the City, which can lead to environmental pollution or food and, therefore, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, annually treats between 16 and 18 thousand people from dog bites.

b)    The actions committed against animals bear some relation to the violence perpetrated against others. Among the sociological and criminological studies have examined this link is the investigation of Merz-Perez, Heide and Silverman entitled child cruelty to animals and subsequent violence against humans , which found a significant relationship between actions. Also, Hensley, Tallichet and Dutkiewicz, arrived in 2009 to the same conclusion even after considering demographic variables such as people, their education level and location of your home.

In this sense, the Animal Welfare Foundation of Argentina has indicated that individuals who abuse animals are 11 times more likely to commit violent crimes than those who never have. That is, the care of animals is not only an ethical issue or environment, but one more element to avoid the culture of violence.

One solution to the problems outlined above it is the regulation of the dignified and respectful treatment of animals by their guardians or caregivers [ii] (both breeders, trainers, animal care centers, etc.). because They are responsible for meeting the physical, psychological and environmental impact of animals and to prevent any risk they may cause to the community (potential aggression, disease transmission or damage to third parties).

The importance of these actions can be dimensioned considering the number of p erros donated by their owners to rabies centers is three times the crews picked up by dogs. T n only in the Federal District, during the year 2010 26.839 sacrificed pet rabies in the two centers that depend on Veterinary Public Health Services of the Federal District, [iii] and only 1 in 10 animals at- street that come to these centers are claimed by their owners.

It added that in 3 out of 10 households have a dog confined, tied or living on the roof, while only 10 percent have responsible owners (the rest spend most time on the street without care or necessary vaccinations ). In Mexico City, for example, only in two years attended the Animal Surveillance Brigadade 7.013 complaints related to animal abuse, aggressive animals, voluntary surrenders, animal rescue and wildlife and pets that cause discomfort to the population, channeling 587 animals to the Canine Control Centers for causing personal injury. [iv]

To this is added as the abuse inflicted on animals used in public performances such as circus horses and ponies go up to 96% of the time strings tied to short length, the tigers and lions spend between 75 and 99% of the time in cages located in the trucks and the elephants spend from 58 to 98% less time chained to the leg, according to the organization Animal Defenders International (ADI) . [v]

All this highlights the need for a legislation from the federal level, the bases for local laws and state and municipal governments in a coordinated and uniformly apply the same measures dignified and respectful treatment of animals, promoting a new environmental ethic.

Current legal framework

The Congress, exercising its powers, has amended various jurisdictions to legislate animal protection and welfare, but without a clear purpose or uniform policy. For example, the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection states that the preservation and sustainable use of wildlife should consider, among other criteria, promoting dignity and respect to animal species in order to prevent cruelty against him, subject to be regulated by the three tiers of government according to Article 87 Bis 2 of that order.

Also, the Animal Health Act lays the groundwork for the diagnosis, prevention, control and eradication of pests and diseases that affect animals as well as to ensure their welfare, which is defined as “all activities aimed at provide comfort, tranquility, protection and security to the animals during breeding, maintenance, use, transport and slaughter, “thereby reducing the protection of those animals for human consumption. However, despite its purpose is animal health, the Act also includes articles that regulate the protection of domestic animals, thereby reinforcing the power of Congress to legislate on the subject: [vi]

Article 21 .- The owners or occupiers of domestic or wild animals in captivity , they must provide food and water in adequate quantity and quality according to their species and stage of production.

Animals should be subject to a preventive medicine program under the supervision of a veterinarian, and must be checked and serviced regularly. Also they provide immediate care for illness or injury.

Article 23 .- The humane killing of any animal not intended for human consumption , only be justified if their welfare is compromised by the suffering he causes an accident, illness, disability or senile disorders, possibly after consulting a veterinarian except for those animal species that for whatever reason, the Secretariat or the Secretary of Health and Environment and Natural Resources, to determine as a threat to animal or human health or the environment.

The slaughter of animals intended for slaughter shall be conducted according to the techniques of killing as determined by the Secretariat.

The animal health provisions establish the measures, conditions and procedures for stunning and slaughter of animals.

For its part, the Wildlife Act is aimed at conservation and sustainable use of wildlife. However, it also contains provisions to regulate feral populations, ie those specimens of domestic species, to be beyond the control of man, set out in the natural habitat of wildlife and which allows the application of measures for their control and eradication.

In addition to the aforementioned provisions, the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock Development , Fisheries and Food and Health, Mexican Official Standards issued to regulate the treatment should be given to pets but from a focus on the animal health, as is the case with the following rules:

a) NOM-042-SSA2-2006 on sanitary specifications for canine care centers;

b) NOM-033-ZOO-1995 on humane killing of pets;

c) NOM-045-ZOO-1995 on animal health characteristics for the operation of establishments where animals are concentrated fairs, exhibitions, auctions, flea markets and similar events, and

d) NOM-051-ZOO-1995 on the mobilization humane treatment of animals.

As can be seen that the existing provisions on animal protection are dispersed, making them insufficient to meet animal welfare problems that arise in the country. Added to this is that almost 30 years of the enactment of the first state law on the subject, not all states have laws and they do have are extremely heterogeneous in terms of animal protection and social participation.

In other words, existing legislation as well as being confusing and ambiguous lacks a common thread to seek humane treatment of all animals, not just those used for human consumption or considered wild.

Thus, the approval of a General Law on dignity and respect to Animals (same that is based on fractions XXX XXIX-G and Article 73 of the Constitution) is necessary to promote a new environmental ethic and provide authorities the three branches of government of an effective legal framework that allows them to punish behavior that affect the welfare of animals, which come to cruelty, abuse and unjustified killing. This must be rectified in the gaps and inconsistencies in current legislation.


The animal welfare implies not only provide basic care such as health, adequate food and rest area to protect them from inclement weather. It also includes measures that allow them to develop the activities of its kind. In this way, people must commit themselves to a series of obligations focused on meeting the physical, psychological and environmental impacts of animal at all times prevent the damages that may result to the community or the environment, either by aggression, disease transmission or damage to persons and property.

Taking into account the above, this law is based on several principles. The first and foremost is the recognition that the care and protection of animals lies directly with their guardians, from the maintenance of the animal according to their physiological requirements to their consideration as being with the establishment of a link and therefore , can not be abandoned. This responsibility involves avoiding uncontrolled reproduction of animals and the harm that might cause to third parties, which binds to the second principle: the respect due to people who do not live with animals.

Thus, among the measures proposed to ensure dignified and respectful treatment of animals are the following:

  • It establishes the fundamental principle that those responsible for animals should seek the same care to all , regardless of whether they are home, work, sports, used for exhibitions or shows.
  • It identifies actions to be taken to prevent uncontrolled reproduction of animals, emphasizing the importance of the campaigns of sterilization and adoption of animals as the most effective measures to solve the problem of overpopulation.
  • The prohibition of underage entry to any show which avoids pain or suffering to animals.
  • It establishes the gradual disappearance of circuses that use animals, and the ban on bullfighting, bulls and calves as of January 2012 .
  • The ban on media dissemination activities that foster animal abuse as the case of bullfighting. (According to a survey by Parametría last year, 90% of Mexicans approve of this measure).
  • The establishment of prohibitions such as skinning animals alive, involved in fights of any kind, selling them in the street, slaughtered for no reason , among others.
  • The regulation of the delivery and sale of animals , as well as care and treatment to be given to those identified as abandoned.
  • The citizen participation in the care and protection of animals.
  • The regulation of establishments that for whatever reason have contact with animals. In particular, it refocuses the work of the so-called centers for rabies control centers and animal care , which seek a harmonious relationship between society and animals.
  • The inclusion in the plans and programs of study of preschool, primary and secondary, as well as textbooks,contents that promote a culture of respect for animals .
  • It states that the use of animals in research or experimentation is justified only when absolutely necessary for the study and advancement of science, and provided that there is an alternative method of the replacement, taking into account that there are now advanced procedures such as cultures in vitro, movies, computer models, etc..
  • It states that the management and use of animals for teaching and research, institutions must develop training programs on protection and respectful treatment of animals by raising awareness of students and teachers in the experimental animal.
  • The establishment of restrictions for the possession of exotic or different from those traditionally considered as pets.
  • It is established that the states must annually allocate sufficient resources for the operation of the Centers for animal care and control and the Center for Conservation and Research Wildlife in order to fulfill the functions mentioned in this Law and the Law General Wildlife, respectively.
  • The regulation of anonymous complaint against infringements committed against the provisions of this law.

In short, it ensures the protection of the 5 “freedoms” of the animals that are recognized in the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare: 1) that are free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition; 2) of fear and anxiety, 3) physical and thermal discomfort, 4) pain, injury and disease, and 5) they are free to express normal patterns of behavior. Also included are the three “R’s” that serve as a guide to provide adequate treatment: to reduce animal overpopulation, to refine the experimental methods and replace animals with the latest techniques.

For all the above, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 73, paragraph XXIX-G and XXX of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, I submit for the consideration of this Honorable Assembly the following:



PROJECT INITIATIVE WITH DECREE IS ISSUED BY THE GENERAL LAW ON dignified and respectful treatment of animals


Article One .- The General Law on issues treated with dignity and respect for the animal:


GENERAL LAW ON dignity and respect




General Provisions

Article 1 .- This Act is of public order and general observance throughout the Republic, Article 73 regulatory XXIX-G of the Constitution. Its purpose is to establish the concurrence of the federation, the states, municipalities and the Federal District territorial boundaries, within their respective jurisdictions, in dignified and respectful treatment of animals.

Article 2 .- For the purposes of this Act, in addition to the concepts defined in the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection, the Wildlife Act and the Federal Animal Health Law, shall apply:

  1. Animal abandoned: those who, having been under the care and protection of the human being left without the care or protection of their guardians. It also refers to those who freely roam the streets without identification plate or other form of identification;
  2. Pets: LL   Dogs and cats living and make people company home entertainment purposes, educational or social;
  3. Animal sports: those used in the practice of a sport;
  4. Pet animals are raised and live under the direct dependence of people;
  5. Working animals: those used by humans to transport people or goods, or to perform work for the benefit of people. Also included animals used for work protection and safety;
  6. Animals on display: those who are in captivity in zoos, aquariums, aviaries, educational farms and similar publicly owned spaces;
  7. Animal shows: animals that are used for or in a public spectacle in the training of human beings;
  8. Animal protection associations, legally constituted associations whose main purpose is the defense, assistance, protection and animal welfare, and education and awareness of society.
  9. Animal Welfare: The condition that the animals can meet their health needs, behavioral and physiological according to their species. It also includes the prevention and treatment of disorders caused their captivity;
  10. Control centers and animal care, public schools designed to capture feral or stray animals, and provide the necessary care to ensure the protection and welfare of animals as outpatient service worming and sterilization surgery Pet
  11. Cruelty: The act of brutal, sadistic or zoophilic against any animal, either by direct action or negligence;
  12. Law: General Law on dignity and respect to animals;
  13. Abuse: means any event, act or omission of the human being that can cause pain or suffering to animals, endangering their life or seriously affect your health. Which includes the exploitation of their work and their isolation;
  14. Guardian or responsible: the individual or entity that has an animal under their care;
  15. Humanitarian sacrifice: the sacrifice necessary to humane methods practiced on any animal quickly, without pain or unnecessary suffering, using physical or chemical methods, performed by trained personnel and according to the official Mexican standards issued for this purpose;
  16. Suffering: Suffering caused by various reasons that threatens the health, integrity or animal life;

Article 3 .- The provisions of this Act are to establish the basis for:

  1. Ensuring the welfare of animals prevent disease and suffering;
  2. Regular dignified and respectful treatment of animals by controlling their reproduction systems to prevent cruelty;
  3. Encourage the participation of public and private sectors in promoting a culture of respect for animals and their welfare;
  4. Promote the ecological, social and cultural levels is the procurement of adequate animal welfare;
  5. Ensure the responsible participation of the people, individually and collectively, in the protection of animals;
  6. Promote mechanisms of coordination between authorities of the federation, states, municipalities and territorial boundaries, and between them and the social and private sectors, in terms of animal protection, and
  7. Ensure compliance with and enforcement of this Act, and the imposition of administrative penalties that apply.

Article 4. The present law concerning the protection and welfare of animals in the care and direct responsibility of an individual or corporation, who shall comply with the obligations set forth herein.


Distribution of responsibilities and coordination

Article 5. The Federation, states, municipalities and Federal District demarcations exercise his powers in the protection and welfare, in accordance with the distribution of powers laid down in this Law and other legal.

Article 6. The powers of the Federation:

  1. The design, conduct and evaluation of national policy worthy and responsible treatment of animals;
  2. The implementation of mechanisms to maintain the balance of abandoned pets and to avoid overcrowding and undue sacrifice;
  3. The establishment of a Citizens’ Council pa    for the Protection of Animals that will design and evaluate the policies being implemented at national level;
  4. The monitoring of policies to protect animals that are working in the facilities of the departments or agencies of the Federal Public Administration;
  5. The issuance of official Mexican standards and monitoring compliance in the matters referred to in this Act;
  6. The promotion of social participation in the protection and animal welfare;
  7. Promoting a culture of respect for all animals and their welfare, as well as dissemination of information permanently in this area;
  8. The integration of a census to regulate and control the population of domestic animal species and abandoned the National System of Environmental and Natural Resources;
  9. The issuance of recommendations to federal, state and municipal, in order to promote the protection and animal welfare;
  10. Monitoring and promotion, within its competence, compliance with this Law and other systems derived from it;
  11. The determination of the characteristics for the operation of establishments where animals are concentrated fairs, exhibitions and similar events, and
  12. Other than this Act or other laws accrues to the Federation.

Article 7. up to the states and the Federal District:

  1. Formulating, conducting and evaluating state policy of dignified and respectful treatment of animals, in accordance with the policy designed by the federation;
  2. Install and operate, in coordination with municipalities and delegations and protective associations, the Centers for animal care and control in order to avoid unwarranted abuse and sacrifice, trying at all times the protection, preservation and decent treatment of animals;
  3. Make permanent health campaigns to control and eradication of zoonotic diseases, as well as worming and sterilization, in coordination with municipalities or delegations and animal protection associations;
  4. Install Citizen Councils to monitor the treatment provided at the Centers for animal care and control, and the due compliance with the provisions of this Act;
  5. Monitor policies for the protection of animals who are working in the facilities of the departments or agencies of the local Public Administration;
  6. Regulate and monitor the use of animals in public shows, and to establish measures aimed at the gradual disappearance of the circuses that use animals;
  7. Agreements with public and private institutions, technology and higher education, to provide care for abandoned animals;
  8. Establish and operate the registry of animal protection associations and included in the National System of Environmental and Natural Resources;
  9. Develop policies for the management, control and remediation of problems associated with abandoned and stray animals;
  10. Promoting social participation in these matters;
  11. Point at the expense budget for the amount allocated to the operation of the Centers for animal care and control, and the Center for Conservation and Wildlife Research to fulfill the duties stipulated in this Law and legal systems; and
  12. Other than this Act or other laws assigned to them.

Article 8. up to the municipalities and the Political-Administrative Bodies:

  1. Orders in respect to animal welfare;
  2. Implement permanent operational to monitor the sale of pets in legally authorized commercial establishments, as well as prevent and punish their marketing in public;
  3. Create and operate the register of providers of services related to the processing, treatment, processing, utilization and marketing of fish, animal parts and derivatives, and monitor their activities are conducted with adherence to this Law This standard will be incorporated into National System of Environmental and Natural Resources;
  4. Authorize and update the registration of establishments concerned with the management, care, production and sale of animals, it will be incorporated into the National System of Environmental and Natural Resources;
  5. Collect abandoned or feral animals on public roads and to direct the control centers and animal care or animal welfare organizations with facilities for the shelter of animals;
  6. Implement permanent operating to prevent the slaughter of animals for industrial processing;
  7. Implement ongoing campaigns and free vaccination, sterilization and adoption of pets;
  8. Conduct public education programs on animal welfare;
  9. Implement the sacrifice of animals in the terms of this Act and enable incineration facilities for animals and make them available to people who need it;
  10. To assist the Federation to integrate the National System of Environmental and Natural Resources of the census and abandoned domestic animal species that are in its territory;
  11. Monitor policies for the protection of animals who are working in local public facilities;
  12. Check if there is complaint about noise, overcrowding, lack of health and safety and foul odors that result from raising or breeding of animals at the expense of animal welfare and human health;
  13. Address the complaints made and impose penalties under the terms of this Act;
  14. Respond to dangerous situations for animal aggression, and
  15. Other than this Act or other laws assigned to them.

Article 9 .- The government agencies that operate programs for the protection of animals and the preservation of public health shall establish appropriate coordination to streamline its business and meet its objectives.

The federal executive bodies and establish coordination mechanisms that involve the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, Environment and Natural Resources and Health, with the aim for uniformity in policies animal welfare and protection. These units have the assignment to develop, modify or cancel the official Mexican standards in this Act, where assumptions are changed scientifically regulated.

The authorities of the three levels of government implemented program actions on animal welfare and protection in metropolitan areas. They should also participate in training and retraining of staff in the treatment, socialization, interaction and handling of animals through courses, workshops, publications and other projects that contribute to that end.

Article 10 .- The government agencies, pursuant to applicable law, monitor the radio and television programs do not include or display the contents of which encourage the mistreatment of animals. In addition, promote the transmission of programs that foster a culture of respect towards animals.

You may not use public resources to finance shows where animals are used for any purpose.

Article 11 .- In order to monitor the strict enforcement of this Act, the federal and state governments will have the powers set forth herein and may conclude agreements for coordination.

Article 12 .- The Congress of States and the Federal District Legislative Assembly, issued the legal provisions necessary to regulate, within their competence, the matters referred to in this Act

Article 13 .- In terms of the General Law of Education, the educational authorities should be incorporated into the plans and curricula and textbooks in content that promote a culture of respect for the animals, considering the opinion of the various social sectors involved in education.

For the management and use of animals for teaching and research, institutions must develop training programs on protection and welfare, in coordination with relevant educational authorities and animal protection associations.


The dignified, respectful and responsible


Chapter I

General Provisions


Article 14 .- The heads of domestic and wild animals in captivity must provide food and water in adequate quantity and quality, plus the necessary care that enable them to perform the activities of their species and reproductive stage, providing accommodation to safeguard the climate.

Animals should be subject to a preventive medicine program under the supervision of a veterinarian and must be regularly reviewed and addressed. It also will provide immediate care for illness or injury.

Article 15 .- The heads of animals do not inflict any harm or abuse and will provide sanitary conditions for their development.

Article 16 .- The humane killing of any animal not intended for human consumption only be justified if their welfare is compromised by the suffering he causes an accident, illness, disability or disorder, senile opinion from a veterinarian, with the exception of those animal species that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Health considered a threat to human or animal health or the environment.

Federal authorities issued official Mexican standards established by the measures, conditions and procedures for stunning and slaughter of animals, which will make a instant and painless.

Article 17 .- It is prohibited for any person:

  1. The abandonment of any animal;
  2. Abuse or physical aggression to any animal;
  3. Any mutilation, impaired physical appearance or adverse modification of animal instincts, except in cases which are necessary for health reasons or by assuming a future benefit to the animal, which is made by a veterinarian with valid identification card;
  4. Causing the death of animals by poisoning, suffocation, the use of corrosive acids and piercing-cutting tools, punches, and the use of methods or procedures that cause pain or prolong the agony of these;
  5. Enter live animals in hot or boiling liquids;
  6. Skinning live animals;
  7. The sale of animals on the streets or in any establishment that does not have the requirements stated in applicable law;
  8. Conduct euthanasia of animals in public, except for reasons of imminent danger that threatens the integrity of persons and to avoid prolonging the agony of the animal when it is not possible to immediately transfer to a suitable place;
  9. Allow the presence of minors in animal control facilities and any act involving torture, abuse or death of any animal, and
  10. Celebrate bullfights, bulls and calves.


Article 18 .- Those responsible for domestic animals are prohibited:

  1. Killing them, except in cases provided for in Article 16 of this Law;
    1. Involve in fights of any kind;
    2. Walking their animals without identification plate or other means of identification, without control due to avoid damages to persons or property;
    3. The sale or exchange of animals, except in establishments authorized by the competent authority;
    4. The gift of any animal as advertising, sales promotion or as prizes in games, fairs, raffles and all kinds of events;
    5. Engage in animal husbandry without proper permission;
    6. Dispose of domestic animals for experimental and other scientific purposes not authorized or legally recognized;
    7. Keep tethered animals or isolated for most of the time and / or limiting their basic movements, and
    8. Leave the feces of pets on sidewalks, gardens and, in general, public or private spaces for common use.

Article 19 .- The competent authority in the Mexican Official Standards species of wild animals that can not be kept as pets by the inability to meet their health needs, physiological and behavioral.

The Centers for animal care and control must have a public education program on the responsibility and potential risks of keeping wild animals in captivity.

Article 20 .- The heads of animals shall take the necessary measures so that they can not cause excessive noise and nuisance odors, or constitute a danger, threat or harm to people, animals or things. They should also take steps to prevent uncontrolled reproduction and proceed to sterilization.

Chapter II

Movement and housing of animals

Article 21 .- The animals were to be mobilized under the best possible conditions to enable their welfare, according to the characteristics and needs of its kind.

The competent authorities issue official Mexican standards in order to implement the systems and equipment designs in herding, ramps, containers and vehicles used for animal movement, which will allow to fulfill the purposes stated in this law.

In any case, mobilizing the heads of animals should keep them quiet at all times, acting without abruptness, avoiding excessive noise or shouting or hitting so that the animals do not suffer stress or hurt, assault or fight.

Article 22 .- The competent authorities will be coordinated so that the checkpoints provide the necessary care is to check the welfare of animals being transported.


Article 23 .- The locations and facilities where animals are housed should have a range that allows them freedom of movement and the conditions necessary to avoid causing any injury, illness, anxiety or stress.

The authorities issue official Mexican standards to regulate the housing of domestic animals, work, sports and entertainment, ensuring their welfare at all times under the terms established by this Act


Article 24 .- The states issued laws to regulate the operation of control centers and animal care and facilities for animal protection associations for the safeguard of any establishment where animals are temporarily pets, wild and abandoned, with strict adherence to the provisions of this Act

Article 25 .- Upon arrival at the Control Center and animal care, animals must undergo an evaluation by a veterinarian in order to decide their fate, which may be relocating with a family, stay in the center or death without pain or suffering.

All animals arriving in the facility should be sterilized.

Article 26 .- The animals that are captured in Centers of animal care and control that are not claimed by her guardian or responsible in one hundred and twenty hours, will be given to animal protection associations express request when half of them . Otherwise, they should be killed without pain and suffering in terms of Article 16 of this Law

To accomplish this, the Centers for animal care and control will disclose the photographs and information available from each of the animals on the website that is designed for that purpose.

Chapter III

Of animals for sport, work, on display and for shows


Article 27 .- The competent authorities monitor the animals for sport, work, exhibition and entertainment, are in perfect health and physical condition to carry out their activities. In case of animals suffering from any illness or injury, the owners or owners who force them to perform their functions will be sanctioned under the terms of this Act

Article 28 .- Any person who engages in the breeding, sale or training of animals is required to have appropriate authorization and to make use of appropriate procedures and have all the necessary means so that the animals in their development treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with the corresponding official Mexican standards.

Article 29 .- All event related fairs, exhibitions and the like, must be authorized by the competent authority and subject to regular supervision by veterinarians. In addition, there will be throughout the event with veterinarians, who will be responsible for monitoring the health status of animals as well as the humane treatment of them.

Article 30 .- For the authorities authorized the organization of fairs, exhibitions and similar events, should be the following:

  1. I.      Submit an event to the authorization of the competent authority at least 60 days prior to it;
  2. II.     The document should be noted that the applicant has adequate facilities to ensure the welfare of animals in accordance with the provisions of the official Mexican standard in question;
  3. III.    This should be verified and determined by the technical personnel designated by the competent official;

In case of refusal for the cause of inadequate facilities, the applicant will have a deadline for correcting them, subject to further verification.

Article 31 .- Work animals can be used to provide therapy, providing security to people and property, detecting drugs or explosives, search and rescue, as well as for shooting, loading and riding. The frequency of their use should not compromise their welfare, so it should not work for periods in excess of its strength and causing pain, suffering, injury, illness or death in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding official Mexican standard.

Article 32 .- The training of working animals and sports should be made by certified trainers and with the advice of a veterinarian, in accordance with the official Mexican standards issued by the competent authorities effect.

Article 33. is prohibited animal training that involves food and water deprivation, beatings, mutilations, abuse or any form of coercion that violates their lives or welfare.

The training for guard and defense shall be made by trainers who have training certificate issued by the competent authority and appropriate accommodation and facilities from the standpoint of hygiene and health, animal welfare and public safety.

Article 34 .- It is prohibited to carry out the training of animals in public spaces or private spaces for common use without adequate measures to prevent any damage to persons or property.

Article 35 .- The heads of animals used in shows and fairs, horse racing and dog rodeos, as well as the film industry and television, will ensure the welfare of animals before and after they develop the show, according to the provisions of this Act

Article 36 .- It is prohibited to minors entry to any show in which mistreat animals.

Article 37 .- The heads of animals on display will be kept in facilities that enable them to meet their behavioral and physiological health, including exhibitors, holiday or night shelters, quarantine, hospitalization, breeding and rearing, in order to prevent or reduce tension, suffering, trauma and pain that might ocasionárseles.

Chapter IV

From the sale of animals

Article 38 .- The states regulate business establishments engaged in the sale of domestic animals, ensuring their welfare at all times.

The sale of pets and companion in public, communication routes, fairs, flea markets and street markets, with the exception of animals for human consumption, in which case it must have authorization from the appropriate authority.

Article 39 .- Business establishments engaged in the sale of animals are required to issue a certificate of sale. The certificate must contain the provisions of the official Mexican standard that purpose by the competent authority.

Establishments are required to integrate information from the certificates issued in the domestic animal species census of the National Environmental and Natural Resources. They are also obliged to provide the buyer with a manual care, housing and animal diet acquired, including the environmental risks of their release into natural or urban environment and the breaches that are supported by the breach of the provisions of this Act . This manual shall be certified by a veterinarian zootecnista.

The competent authorities of municipalities and political and administrative bodies will undertake visits to monitor compliance with the provisions applicable to these facilities.

Article 40 .- It is forbidden the sale of domestic animals for experimental and other scientific purposes not authorized or legally recognized.


Chapter V

Of teaching, research and experimentation

Article 41 .- The use of animals for teaching, research and experimentation, you should always ensure their welfare, in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the applicable Mexican Official Standards.

Public or private institutions, as well as teachers or researchers, will be directly responsible for securing and maintaining adequate levels of welfare of animals used in their activities.

Article 42 .- The use of animals in research or experimentation is justified only when absolutely necessary for the study and advancement of science, and provided that there is an alternate method of the replacement as diagrams, drawings, computer models, crops in vitro, films, photographs, videotapes, and genomic biological materials or any other similar procedure.

Article 43 .- In the event that the use of animals necessary for teaching, research or experimentation, efforts should be made using the least amount of copies, the use of techniques and practices that reduce or eliminate their pain and suffering, and measures that ensure their welfare before, during and after use.

The authorities issue official Mexican standards to regulate this matter.



Citizen participation


Article 44 .- The animal protection associations will provide veterinary medical care in the control and care centers provided they have animal veterinarians with professional license, as well as campaigns to prevent animal abuse.

Article 45 .- For the preparation of the official Mexican standards referred to in this Act, the competent authorities shall take into account the views of citizens in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization.

Article 46 .- The competent authorities may conclude cooperation agreements with the animal welfare associations to assist in the capture of feral and abandoned animals in public areas and send them to the Centers for animal care and control or, where appropriate, to facilities for animal shelter animal welfare associations, provided they have properly trained personnel tested and authorized for that purpose.

May also conclude agreements to which the destination is set to be given to animals not claimed by her guardian or responsible in terms of Article 25 of this Law.

The Centers for animal care and control will promote the adoption of abandoned animals and, in general, environmental education based on the dignified and respectful treatment of animals.

Article 47 .- The Centers for animal care and control health care and provide necessary food or abandoned pets that are under their care. They will also be forced to withdraw from public roads and common areas of property subject to condominium ownership, animals whose welfare is compromised in the absence of a person responsible for your care without this service is conditional to prior payment of same.

Article 48 .- The competent authorities shall authorize the presence of representatives of animal protection associations that request, when the acts of humane slaughter of animals on public facilities intended for that purpose. It will also allow the presence of observers when performing verification visits to public and private establishments that handle animals.

Dead animals in homes or in public places should be carried in plastic bags or airtight containers to places of burial or disposal authorized or established by municipalities and the Political-Administrative Bodies Federal District.

Article 49 .- Citizens Councils for the Protection of Animals will link agencies and liaison with public and private institutions, academic organizations and animal protection associations, to assist in the design and evaluation of policies on animal welfare and protection implement national and state level.

The integration and operation of this Council shall be governed according to what set the corresponding regulations.

Article 50 .- Everyone has the right to have competent authorities make available the information requested in the protection, dignity and respect to animals, under the terms of the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Information government publications.


Breaches of security measures and sanctions

Article 51 .- The authorities, in the scope of their authority, are obliged to carry out investigations before any allegations of abuse or unwarranted sacrifice of animals and, in general, at any event, act or omission arising from breach of this Law, its regulations and other applicable legal provisions, and issue and enforce penalties.

Article 52 .- The states determine, in terms of their respective laws, violations, penalties, procedures and resources for the protection and welfare, in accordance with the provisions of this Act

Article 53 .- If there is imminent risk to the animals due to cruelty or mistreatment to them, or to flagrante delicto, the competent authorities as grounds and reasons, may order immediately take the following safety measures:

  1. Temporary closure of establishments, facilities, services or places where you have, use, display, or public entertainment traded with animals that do not comply with the legislation;
  2. Ensuring precautionary animals whose health and welfare is endangered. In this case, the authority may appoint a trustee to ensure animal welfare in accordance with the provisions of this Law;
  3. Permanent closure when there is recurrence in the cases that triggered a temporary closure or in the case of events, acts or omissions whose primary purpose is to perform the acts prohibited by this Act

May be designated as depositories of animal protection societies with facilities for the shelter animals. The alleged offender will be responsible for expenses incurred by the depositary in animal care.

Article 54 .- When the administrative authority to order any of the security measures provided in this Act, instruct the concerned actions to be carried out to remedy the deficiencies that led to the imposition of such measures and deadlines for their realization so that once they fulfilled an order for the withdrawal of the measure imposed.

Article 55 .- Violations of the provisions of this Act shall be administratively sanctioned by the competent authorities with the following sanctions:

  1. The violation of the provisions contained in sections III and IX of Article 18, with a fine equivalent of 1 to 15 days of minimum wage or to imprisonment for 12 to 24 hours;
  2. The violation of the provisions contained in sections I and II of Article 17, in sections V and VIII of Article 18 and Article 33, administrative arrest for up to 36 hours or a fine of 16 to 30 days of minimum wage;
  3. The violation of the provisions contained in sections III, V and VI of Article 17, Sections II and VII of Article 18 and Articles 21, 23, 27, 28, 29, 31 and 32, with administrative arrest of 36 hours or a fine of 50 to 100 days of minimum wage;
  4. The violation of the provisions contained in Article 16, Sections IV, VIII and IX of Article 17 and Articles 34, 36, 43 and 44, with 36-hour administrative detention or a fine of 101 to 200 days of minimum wage ;
  5. The violation of the provisions contained in Section VII of Article 17, Sections IV and VI of Article 18 and Articles 38 and 42, with administrative arrest for up to 36 hours and the seizure of animals or a fine of 101 to 250 days of minimum wage;
  6. The violation of the provisions of Article 29 with temporary or permanent closure of the place where the show takes place, and
  7. The violation of the provisions of Section X, Article 17, in administrative detention for up to 36 hours, the seizure of animals, the final closure of the place where the show is made and a fine of 251 to 300 days of minimum wage.

In case of recidivism, the amount of the fine may be up to twice the corresponding pecuniary penalty.

In cases where a sanction is imposed as a temporary closure, the competent authority shall indicate the offender remediation and actions you must take to remedy the deficiencies that led to that sanction, as well as deadlines for their implementation.

Confiscated animals may be donated to facilities that have animals on display, or the animal protection associations, who shall guarantee the existence of appropriate conditions for animal welfare.

Article 56 .- For the imposition of sanctions for violations of this Act, be taken into account:

  1. The seriousness of the offense;
  2. The economic conditions of the offender;
  3. Recidivism, if any;
  4. The intentional or negligent act or omission constituting the violation, and
  5. The benefit directly obtained by the offender for acts that encourage the penalty.

For purposes of this Law, having become final repeats when a decision imposing a sanction is a new offense committed subsequent to it.

Article 57 .- In the case of violation by the scientific laboratories, educational institutions or those exercising the profession of veterinary surgeon, the amount of the fine is increased by up to thirty percent, regardless of civil, criminal or administrative incurred.

Article 58 .- The money raised from fines resulting from violations of this Act, the authorities will allocate fifty percent of the amounts collected to the municipalities or delegations to address the actions related to the powers conferred by this Act.

Article 59 .- The resolutions passed in connection with the implementation of this Act may be challenged under the terms provided by the relevant administrative procedure acts.

Article 60 .- Any person, whether physical or moral, denounce anonymously to the competent authorities any acts or omissions that may constitute violations of the provisions of this Act or that may affect the health and welfare of animals.

If the nature of the allegations to matters of competence of another authority who receives the complaint should be turned over to the competent authority.

The authority is obliged to inform the complainant of the procedure that falls to his claim and within 15 working days will personally notify the measures taken and, where appropriate, the imposition of the sanction in question.

Article 61 .- The complaint must be in writing and contain at least:

  1. The acts alleged acts or omissions;
  2. The information identifying the alleged infringer, and
  3. The evidence offered if the complainant.

In emergency situations, the competent authority shall carry out a verification visit in terms of the relevant legal provisions, in order to determine the existence or not of the offense subject of the complaint.

Once qualified the report issued on the occasion of the verification visit referred to in the preceding paragraph, the appropriate authority shall issue the corresponding resolution.

Without prejudice to the resolution indicated in the preceding paragraph, the authority will be answered within thirty days, that person shall notify the complainant and which report the result of verification of the measures taken and , where appropriate, the imposition of the sanction in question.

The authority is obliged to inform the complainant of the procedure that falls to his complaint and the measures taken to ensure the welfare of the animals were subjected to any mistreatment.

If I were a citizen complaint, derived from a public show or a sport, it is sufficient that the complainant filed with the appropriate instance to express the facts of your complaint through a hearing or faith of events. The authority shall implement the procedure for verifying and monitoring the effect of applying sanctions and corresponding security measures, according to this Law and other provisions that apply.


FIRST .- This Act shall come into force on the day following its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

SECOND .- The repeal all provisions that contravene the provisions of this Act

THIRD .- The legislatures of the states and the Federal District issued rules to regulate this sort materials available within ninety days after its entry into force. Also, reform the laws relating to define the administrative units are responsible for their implementation.

FOURTH .- The Federal Executive shall issue the corresponding regulations within ninety calendar days from the date of entry into force of this Decree.

FIFTH .- The bullfights, bulls and calves referred to Section X of Article 17 shall be prohibited from January first 2012.

Given in the Assembly Room of the H. Congress, San Lázaro Legislative Precinct, Mexico City, on the 14th day of September 2011.


Gabriela Cuevas Barron

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A Cockfighter and Liberty Hero In India

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

Our Facebook Page you may LIKE it:

Be A Member of “United Nations of Cockfighting”: here


In the videos above, one can see the culture of the sports of cockfighting in India. From exercise training, weapons, tournaments, and cockfighters among others. Of course the video might have the liberty tramplers who are against our sports liberty and freedom.

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Get Up Stand Up.. World.. Unite! .. Become A Member of “United Nations of Cockfighting”

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

Our Facebook Page you may LIKE it:

Facebook Page of United Nations of Cockfighting: LIKE IT to join and spread the word

Globally! We have to work together worldwide. I think the Filipinos, Chinese, Malaysians, Mexicans, Bolivians, Peruvians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Saipanese, Guamanians, and Puerto Ricans can help other countries to gain back their legal sports. Including United States, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Vietnam among others. Even Thailand and France needs to widen its reach. World.. Unite!

Get Up Stand Up to organize for Cockfighting From All Over The World in the grassroots level in your city and in your country.

First Thirteen Principles of Cockfighting From All Over The World.

    1. Cockfighting As A Religion
    2. Cockfighting As A Political Party
    3. Cockfighting Is An Individual Liberty
    4. Cockfighting Is The Only Universal Sports
    5. Cockfighitng 8000BC
    6. Cockfighting Is A Livelihood
    7. Cockfighting Is A Industry
    8. Cockfighitng Is A Lifestyle
    9. Our Eggs (aka Gamecocks) Are Our Property
    10. We Loved Our Gamecocks (aka Eggs) More Than Anything
    11. Cockfighting is the only reason there are great breeders and great cockfighters
    12. The youth is the hope of our future
    13. There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves

“United Nations of Cockfighting”

Some are already members of the “Gamefowl Breeders Associations”. But those organizations are not cockfighting associations. Those associations are about the right to sell chickens. Not about the right to fight gamecocks on TV and publicly. Except in the Philippines, where GBAs are really about cockfighting first.

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace.

Cockfighting From All Over The World is going to be the “United Nations of Cockfighting”. Current or new associations from any country are free to join and become a local organization of cockfighting just like a nation is to the UN.

Free Membership

  1. No need to contact us, just THINK about the First Thirteen Principles
  2. Volunteerism is a Must. No collection of money. No acceptance of donation. Non-Profit is Prohibited as Non-Profit pays salary and expenses to its officials. Our Volunteers do not received compensations and allowances. Their only compensation is the pleasure of Building a Local Cockfighting Community with Integrity and No Compromise.
  3. You may share your progress and ideas with us thru emails, website links, facebook page wall post so that other member countries or cities from any part of the world get INSPIRATION.

First Members

National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders, Inc. (NFGB) (Philippines)

  1. Host of BAKBAKAN, National 11-Stag Derby annually with total prize of P40,000,000.00 and entry fee of P15,000.00 and another P1,000,000.00 prize to the Champion Association which will be donated to a school of its choice for promoting cockfighting sports to the students and the youths
  2. Host of BULLANG BULLANG, National 8-Bullstag Derby annually with total prize of P15,000,000.00 and entry fee of P8,800.00
  3. Affiliates are composed of 32 provincial and regional associationswith 3 guest associations for a total of 35 associations
    • BBC Batangas Breeders Club
    • BCBA Bataan COCKERS Breeders Association
    • BGBA Bulacan GamefowlL Breeders Association
    • BGBA Bataan Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • BIGBA Bicol Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • CVBA Central Visayas Breeders Association
    • CVGBA Cagayan Valley Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • EVGBA Eastern Visayas Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • GBAB Gamefowl Breeders Association of Bohol
    • GBAP Gamefowl Breeders Association of Pangasinan
    • GBAT Gamefowl Breeders Association of Tarlac
    • GFBAN Gamefowl Breeders Association of Negros
    • GPGBI Group of Palawan Gamefowl Breeders Inc.
    • KGBA Kapampangan Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • LAGBA Laguna Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • LUGBA La Union Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • MIGBA Mindanao Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • MMGBA Metro Manila Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • NGBA Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • NMGBA Northern Mindanao Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • PAGBA Panay Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • QCBA Quezon Cockers and Breeders Association
    • RGBA Rizal Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • SGBA Socsksargen Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • TAGBA Tarlac Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • UBBBA United Baguio-Benguet Breeders Association
    • UCBA Unified Cavite Breeders Association
    • UNIGBA United Ilocandia Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • ZGBA Zamboanga Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • ZNGBA Zamboanga Del Norte Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • VIGBA Vizcaya Ifugao Gamefowl Breeders Association
    • ZABONG Zambales Bataan Olongapo Breeders and Cockers Inc.

United Gamefowl Breeders Association (UGBA) (Philippines)

  1. Host of Heritage Cup, National 9-Stag Derby annually with entry fee of P11,000.00
  2. Composed of many local associations. LGBA is one of the largest member associations.
  3. Luzon Gamefowl Breeders Assocation (LGBA) (Philippines)
    • Host of The Triple Crown
      • 5-Cock Derby with entry fee of P11,000.00
      • 7-Bullstag Derby with entry fee of P11,000.00
      • 21-Stag Derby with entry fee of P11,000.00

National Cockers Alliance (NCA) (Philippines)

  1. Host of World Championship Derby, International 8-Cock Derby

Araneta Coliseum (Philippines)

  1. Host of World Slasher Cup, International 8-Cock Derby with entry fee of P66,000.00

New World Order of Cockfighting

  1. The word “Gamefowl” and “Show” are for slaves.
  2. For cockfighters, we use the word “Gamecock” and “Cockfighting”.
  3. From any country you might be from or whatever religion you follow, You are a cockfighter first. Liberty is your priority.

Let’s listen to these songs that might awaken our senses.

Get Up Stand Up

Crying For America

Note: To be universal, replace the word “America” with the word “World”.

One Love

Note: For no religion folks, replace the word “Lord” with the word “Liberty” as it is sung in this song. I think it will be universal when you do.

One love, One heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One Love)
Hear the children crying (One Heart)
Sayin’ give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Sayin’ let’s get together and feel all right

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love)
There is one question I’d really love to ask (One Heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
Believe me

One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One Love)
So shall it be in the end (One Heart)
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
One more thing

Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One Love)
So when the Man comes there will be no no doom (One Song)
Have pity on those whose chances grove thinner
There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation

Sayin’ One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
I’m pleading to mankind (One Love)
Oh Lord (One Heart)

Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let’s get together and feel all right

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“You stop cockfighting, we will have a revolution on our hands the next day”

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

Our Facebook Page you may LIKE it:

Be A Member of “United Nations of Cockfighting”: here

This video is in English. At 5:58 then on, the breeder talks about the REAL cockfighers’ cockfighting sentiment.


I could have download this video and editted it for its contents. As I try to avoid promoting businesses.

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Sons of Liberty

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

Our Facebook Page you may LIKE it:

Be A Member of “United Nations of Cockfighting”: here

If you go to and check out the left side for its LIKES. You will find different facebook pages about cockfighting and liberty/american revolution. I encourage you to LIKE all of them. Interact with liberty/american revolution facebook pages as cockfighter so that all of their LIKERS will be aware that cockfighting is a sports, an individual liberty, livelihood, industry, lifestyle among others. Their LIKERS are pro-constitution and liberty lovers. So we will have them as supporters of cockfighting as an individual liberty – and pursuit of happiness.

Also put a gamecock as your profile photo. It is your support for cockfighting.

In different facebook pages, Patriot Act is always in the feed for two weeks now. I always interact (comment) that “it is a Martial Law of sorts” using my personal facebook account “Byron Pojol” and your very own “Cockfighting From All Over The World” facebook page.

Sons of Liberty

I liked this facebook page And started following its news feed. I always interact (e.g. Like, Comment) and sometimes post on its wall too.

This time (May 19), I wrote different comment when Sons of Liberty facebook page have Patriot Act in its news feed.

Here’s my recent interaction with the page admin Bill.

A concise analysis of the Patriot Act — and how it violates the Constitution. (Posted by Bill.)

Campaign For Liberty — The Patriot Act Is at War with the Constitution by Bruce Fein
STATEMENT OF BRUCE FEIN ON BEHALF OF CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY RE: THE USA PATRIOT ACT: DISPELLING THE MYTHS BEFORE THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE MAY 11, 2011 I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Campaign for Liberty about the US…
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Jamie Meyer Super Like
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Shawn Roberts The Patriot Act violated the Constitution from day one, and it’s not going to get any better until all the democrats and republicans are out of office entirely! They knew what they were doing when they voted for it, and when they re-authorized it. We’ll all be better off without either party being in power!
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Byron Pojol in france, russia, and others they overthrow the government and jefferson said that it is the right of the people to abolish such government and build a new one…. when are we going to rebel and make war against our government…
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Byron Pojol cockfighting party is my party… what is yours?
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Byron Pojol i fight for individual liberty… what you fight for?
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Sons of Liberty ‎@Byron, that’s what we are doing — peaceably. We organize politically. We petition for redress of grievances, we assemble, we demonstrate, we write letters, we education, we read, we study, we think, we make phone calls, we put Constitution-loving candidates in public office. That’s what Sons of Liberty is all about. (Posted by Bill.)
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Byron Pojol this is home for me :) bill.

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Letter From A Reader: It Saddens Me That Our Country Has Less Freedom Today Than It Has Ever Had

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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A letter from a reader and individual liberty lover. Hope you all share and spread our article Slogans for the Youths.

– Gameness til the End


I appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of us who desire liberty of action. It saddens me that our country has less freedom today than it has ever had. I hope you are successful in your cause but, I fear that people no longer understand liberty. They have forgotten. They think that if they don’t like something or they don’t believe in it, then you should not be allowed to do it. Someday, the infringement of liberty by government will land close to home for them and only some of them will realize it because most have apparently lost their desire for freedom.

Your website does a great job defining the issue as one of freedom rather than simply a desire to fight gamecocks. I think all men who desire freedom should take up your cause if for no other reason because, we are told that we can’t.

At the same time, we should all remember that we must also respect the liberties of others. We have to recognize that our personal disapproval of an activity does not constitute justification for making it illegal even if we find that we are in the majority. Currently, there are many ongoing efforts from various groups to either obtain a liberty they have never had or to regain a liberty they have lost. I think the way forward is for us all to unite and refocus the debate on the real issue which is liberty and not cockfighting, gay marriage, polygamy or marijuana.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make that happen but I appreciate your effort greatly.


John Webb

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Hello World! Cockfighting in Different Languages

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Our Sports of Cockfighting is Universal, here’s why…

Afrikaans haangevegte
Arabic مصارعة الديوك
Armenian աքլորակռիվ
Belarusian пеўневы бой
Catalan baralla de galls
Chinese (Simplified) 斗鸡
Chinese (Traditional) 鬥雞
Danish hanekampe
Dutch hanengevechten
Filipino Sabong (National Language), Bulang (Local Dialect)
Finnish kukkotappelu
French combats de coqs
Galician loita de galo
German Hahnenkampf
Indian मुर्गा लड़ (Hindi), Vetrukkaal seval porr (Tamil), Kodi Pandem (Telugu), Kori katta (Tulu)
Indonesian Sabung Ayam, sabungan, tajen (Bali), meklecan (Bali), ngadu (Bali)
Italian i combattimenti di galli
Japanese 闘鶏
Korean 닭싸움
Malay Sabung Ayam, sabungan
Portuguese briga de galo, Rinha de Galos (Brazil)
Russian петушиный бой
Serbian Борба петлова
Spanish pelea de gallos
Swedish tuppfäktning
Thai ชนไก่, Ti kai
Turkish horoz dövüşü
Ukranian півнячий бій
Urdu مرگا لڑائی ,مرگا لڑائی, murgha larhna
Vietnamese Đá gà, chọi gà
Welsh ymladd ceiliogod
Yiddish קאָקקפיגהטינג


If you are from other country other than the Philippines and the United States, and you want to contribute in the translation of the word “Cockfighting” to your native tongue, let us know from our Conact/Ask Us page.

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John Adams’ Liberty Quote

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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“Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty. Without them we have no other fortification against being ridden like horses, fleeced like sheep, worked like cattle, and fed and clothed like swine and hounds.”
-John Adams, 1774

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Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: Second Contribution From A Cockfighter and Reader of Our Site

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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HBJ is writing a research for one of his University course class. The research is still going on and below is one of the materials he might be using as a reference.

– Gameness til the End

I have lots of opinions on these different values you mentioned. But I will defer it to the internet. Like one of our member got a site about “Gameness til the End” – with tagline ” Cockfighting From All Over The World – The Only Universal Sports – 8000BC – An Individual Liberty”.

Deciphering this tagline:

1. From All Over The World

It is enjoyed by era of chinese dynasty, indian empire of rajah, burma civilization, indonesian civilization, greeks, etc. – I used “world” word as in time – not the globe or earth or country.

2. The Only Universal Sports

It is practiced in most countries.

3. 8000BC

This must be an emphasis that cockfighting is really old.

4. An Individual Liberty

Noone is hurt, cocks are property of the owner or cockfighter, why would someone tells you what can you do with [your own] property.

These four is enough for decent man.

No more about religious and/or cultural reasons. even some are clinching in these two reasons. As they forgot they have the laws in their side and only the liberty tramplers are blinding the legislature with false facts and political support. (more on these stuff at our members site at He mentioned it is unconstitutional and oppressive to ban cockfighting in united states. I will add that the same oppression is in Pakistan, Europe (except part of france or other euro countries I am not aware of), Indonesia, etc.

To think Netherlands must be the most progressive liberty – I wanted to know if cockfighting is legal there.

Our friend is trying to spread cockfighting to the youth as they are the generation that will benefit the fight we won in our lifetime. that is to bring back cockfighting in the united states and all countries.

His website is looking for contributor on from all countries about cockfighting traditions and if legal about current events.

Lastly, he predicted cockfighting be legalized in 10 years from now. 2021. In all United States.

I will add not just in united states but in the whole wide world. World, this time, as countries, with us working together and not not just Texans or Chicagoans. or Indonesians? We need to stand up for our sports. In all of countries.

Our friend, told me that someone wrote the United Nations about the oppression on cockfighting.

I think we need to be signatories in that letter to the united nations. Are you with us?

If you are with us. It will not jeopardized your family. as we are not yet doing an armed revolution that might happened again in the United States history. Check out [our] friend site for the american revolution article. What we are doing is to spread cockfighting to all our friends, networks, the internet, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. esp. to kids. as they are the voters of bringing back cockfighting as legal again.

We do not tell you to arrange a cockfight event in your place. But we ask you to spread the word about cockfighting sports. Cockfighting industry. Cockfighting hobby. Cockfighting lifestyle. etc.


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Basketball, Football, Baseball, Billiards, Table Tennis, Chess, ….

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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We all enjoy playing some of these popular sports that are broadcast on TV. These are both an exercise to our body, mind, and well being. These are also a source of friends. These are indeed a lifestyle of sorts. How often do you play them. Once a week? Twice a week? Once a month? Once a year? Why do you play these sports? What are these sports to you?

These are some of the sports and individual liberties that are not banned yet:

  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Baseball
  4. Golf
  5. Boxing
  6. Cycling
  7. Poker
  8. Billiards
  9. Chess
  10. Table Tennis
  11. Tennis
  12. Mixed Martial Arts
  13. All others in Olympic Games and on TV

Let us hope these will not be banned by liberty tramplers and elitist group which always plan for a world order domination over practical fun loving folks like us – cockfighters, breeders, and farmers.

These are some of the individual liberties that are gaining grounds.

  1. (Medical) Marijuana
    • California
  2. Same Sex Marriage
    • In Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., marriages for same-sex couples are legal and currently performed.
    • The Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon also grants same-sex marriage.
    • In New York, Rhode Island, and Maryland, same-sex marriages are recognized, but not performed

The ban on these individual liberties generates ingenuities.

  1. Bigamy-> Life Partnership
  2. Polygamy -> Life Partnership
  3. Cousin Marriage and Child Marriage -> Life Partnership
  4. Prostitution -> Escort Service

The ban of these individual liberties were overturned and those who enjoy them are living their chosen lives again.

  1. Consumption of Alcohol
    • 18th Amendment overturned by 21st Amendment

As cockfighters and farmers of gamecocks

  1. We work hard to have similar to the 21st Amendment
  2. We work hard to have our sports enjoyed by all ages publicly and on TV


Cockfighting is a 365 days a year sports – breeding, caring, training, punctuated by 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 2 hours of cockfight in the cockpit. All these activities are exercising your mind and body every second of the day. I will say that it is a healthy sports to play.

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Slogans for the Youths

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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I hope these quotes (slogans) will be ingrained in our youths.

“The youth is the hope of our future.” – Jose Rizal

“There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves.” – Jose Rizal

“Cockfighting is the only reason there are great breeders and great cockfighters.” – IN, 2011 

“Cockfighting is An Individual Liberty.” – Gameness til the End, 2011

“Cockfighting is The Only Universal Sports.” – Gameness til the End, 2011

“Cockfighting 8000BC.” – Gameness til the End, 2011

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What is Gamefowl?

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Gamecocks or Game Chickens are Gamefowl. But we are forgetting that Gamefowl or Galliformes are an order of heavy-bodied ground-feeding domestic or game bird, containing turkey, grouse, chicken, quail, ptarmigan, partridge, pheasant, peafowl, and the Cracidae.

Our term of gamefowl, instead of gamecock, was adopted by those oppressed cockfighters to get support from other sportsmen including those breeders, raisers, and hunters of turkey, grouse, quail, partridge, pheasant, and Cracidae.

Some of the notable cockfighting books always used the word “gamecock” or the word “game chicken”. Not the word “gamefowl”. Use the word “gamecock” for both male and female of our game chicken breed. Instead of using the word “gamefowl” to refer to both sexes. From eggs, to chicks, all ages of your gamecock strain of chickens.

This is what this site been using – gamecock. The only “gamefowl” word in this site is written by the original author.

This site wants to reeducate everyone using the word “gamefowl” to refer to the word “gamecock”. There is nothing wrong about it. Only the word “gamefowl” also includes all these other birds or aves.

As an individual liberty cockfighter, you are expected to used the word “gamecock” and the word “cockfighting” everyday. Stop using the word “gamefowl”. We want you to be specific, use the word “gamecock” instead. If you only have chickens, also change your farm name from “YOURFARMNAME Gamefarm” to “YOURFARMNAME Gamecock Farm”.

Turkey is a gamefowl. Pheasant is a gamefowl. Quail is a gamefowl. Meat chicken is a gamefowl.

Gamecock strain of chicken is the fighting chicken.

Gamecock eggs. Gamecock chicks. Gamecock pullets. Gamecock hens. Gamecock cockerels. Gamecock stags. Gamecock roosters.


Also to help these oppressed cockfighters, this site also use “gamefowl” as one of the tags.

Are you an oppressed cockfighter? When are you going to be a revolutionary? Just like our patriots in the american revolutionary war, where they stand up and fight for their ideals of not paying for taxes on tea without representation.


“Stop Using The Word Gamefowl. Used The Word Gamecock.” – Gameness til the End, 2011 

Visit these facebook pages for photos and videos:

You may also visit to LIKE this page to be a signee:

– Gameness til the End

poultry waterfowl ducks
GAMEFOWL chicken broiler
GAMECOCK gamecock egg, gamecock chick, gamecock hen, gamecock rooster

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Let us socialize together online

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Be A Member of “United Nations of Cockfighting”: here

To improve each other knowledge on cockfighting and gamecocks of the world. To start, I invite you to all of the social networking options below.

  1. It will be great getting updates when you LIKE a fanpage.
  2. It will be great to chat with your group when you JOIN a group.
  3. IIt will be great to document your own experience and put it on a library or read others’ work when you CONTRIBUTE amd BROWSE a library.
  4. It will be great to get updates realtime like instant messaging but better when you FOLLOW our fellow cockfighters’ tweets.

Hopefully at least you will choose one of these options.

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American Revolution Today As Experts and Activists Sees It

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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All of these videos are about American Revolution today or in the near future. But they are talking about different American Revolutions. Some about Rights. Some about Financial. Some about Identity. Some about Culture. Some about Politics.

You can see, we, the American people, has a lot of problems right now that will need to be resolved for us to continue what our Founding Fathers started.

As most of blogs here are about Individual Liberty which were lost by Real Americans when the liberty tramplers succeeded on legislating new laws that are unconstitutional and oppressive.

I support all individual liberties and here is a partial list.

  • cockfighting
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • bullfighting
  • dogfighting
  • horse racing
  • pigeon racing
  • dog racing
  • dog sledge race
  • falconry
  • laboratory animals
  • polygamy
  • sex industry
  • same sex marriage
  • cousin marriage
  • child marriage
  • drug
  • human cloning
  • genetic modification
  • cyborg

My American Revolution is about Individual Liberty. What is yours?

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Thomas Jefferson’s Inalienable Rights Quote

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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“We hold these Truths to be self-evident: that all Men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with inherent and certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness: that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, & to institute new government, laying it’s foundation on such principles, & organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety & happiness.”

– Thomas Jefferson, June 1776

(read source)

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The liberty tramplers (aka animal rights lobbyists) might accused these boys of animal cruelty

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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These boys reminded me of myself. How I chased these chickens until they are tired and just try to hide due to exhaustion. I grow up around chickens (gamecocks), pigs, geese, water buffalos, cattle, and dogs. We raise them from young until they are given away, butchered, sold, and in case of gamecocks either die in the cockpit or become one of the chosen few brood cocks to propagate their genes to the next generation.

The liberty tramplers (aka animal rights lobbyists) might accused these boys of animal cruelty. These bunch of misfits… err lawyers do not have anything to do but brainwash young minds. If you are still of young age, I hope you grow up with your own intuition of how things are. Just think, these domesticated animals are properties of the farmer. No one must interfere with the farmer action towards his animals. Even the law and the constitution is on the side of the farmer. Nevertheless, law makers and judges are writing and interpreting laws according to their own minds and not abiding with the constitution and the bill of rights and amendments. What are these people trying to make of this world?

Cockfighting in the United States of America will be back and will be stronger. And it will signal the change of time.

I am sure that all of you liberty advocates out there are thinking that a LIBERTY REVOLUTION is due in the United States of America. You may leave me a message so that we can organized better. I am proposing that we create an UNITED NATIONS OF LIBERTY as the UNITED NATIONS is not up for its name anymore. Too much democratic and bureaucratic process. Too much economic agenda. We live to enjoy life. Not a political one nor financial one. Just enough money to buy food and shelter, to share our wealth with our neighbors, and to enjoy our chosen past time.

And cockfighting is the battle cry of our liberty revolution. And we will conquer all liberty trampling laws and stereotypes on drugs, sex, child marriages, cousin marriages, same sex marriages, polygamy, genetic modified foods, animal use, animal sports, animal cruelty, human cloning, cyborgs, human genes engineering, and many more.

– an individual liberty activist, 4 February 2011

PS. Even a day old chick is tasty when deep fried just like wild birds we used to shoot down in our parcel of land with air gun and sling shot. Yes, dogs are tasty too but I only like the grilled skin which are diced then marinated in good vinegar.

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Take The Blue Hen Challenge at University of Delaware Research Kid’s Corner

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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The color of the gamecock on the right is the ideal of the male offsprings of the original blue hen – steel blue.

Bob Carpenter, a true sportsman, had bred the Blue Hen Chickens out of near total extinction. Before Bob died, he was honored by University of Delaware with The Bob (The Bob Carpenter Sports / Convocation Center).

Hallock DuPont was also responsible for perpetuating the Blue Hen Chicken strain of gamecocks.

I invite the young kids to Take The Blue Hen Challenge at University of Delaware Research Kid’s Corner.

Kids, TRUE or FALSE?
1. Delaware soldiers in the Revolutionary War were nicknamed “The Blue Hen’s Chickens” because of their fighting prowess.
2. The Blue Hen Chickens of today are known for their quiet, gentle nature.
3. Blue Hen Chickens occur in other colors besides blue.
4. Blue Hen Chickens lay blue eggs.
5. The Blue Hen Chicken is silent; it does not have a call

Go to the challenge here! (from University of Delaware Research Kid’s Corner) And listen to the Blue Hen rooster calling his mates and crowing! Oops…

Warning: His white ears is a sign that he is not of pure Blue Hen Chicken strain of gamecocks. An outside blood was introduced and the breeder is not careful to select a non-white ear on the succeeding generations.

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The Blue Hen Chicken became Delaware’s Official State Bird on April 14, 1939

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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The Blue Hen Chicken became Delaware‘s Official State Bird on April 14, 1939.

The University of Delaware with its Blue Hen Athletics proudly proclaims these chickens as symbols of true patriotic ideals and the bravery of our ancestors in the American Revolutionary War.

The Fightin’ Blue Hens strain of gamecocks originated from Captain John Caldwell (Captain Jonathan Caldwell) and his troops of the Second Company of Delaware Regiment of 1775. The original hen was of color blue. The troop are said to have staged cockfights and the Blue Hen’s ferocity and success in fighting spread rapidly and the troops’ valor spread too.

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Do you know that Gamecock lost by only one vote to Bald Eagle?

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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It starts with chicks… err eggs (photo source: me). Cockfighting is an Individual Liberty! It is unconstitutional and just plain oppression to enact laws criminalizing a traditional and universal sport. Do you know that Gamecock lost by only one vote to Bald Eagle to be the United States of America official national bird? 7 and 6 votes. And the Turkey got 1 vote. June 20, 1872.


Gamecock = 6 vote

Turkey = 1 vote

Eagle = 7 vote

Did Ben really want the turkey to be the symbol of the United States of America?

In a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin wrote:

For my own part I wish the Eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his Living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead tree near the river, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the labor of the Fishing Hawk; and when that diligent Bird has at length taken a fish, and is bearing it to his nest for the support of his mate and young ones, the Eagle pursues him and takes it from him.

With all this injustice, he is never in good case but like those among men who live by sharping & robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy. Besides he is a rank coward: The little King Bird not bigger than a Sparrow attacks him boldly and drives him out of the district. He is therefore by no means a proper emblem for the brave and honest Cincinnati of America who have driven all the King birds from our country…

I am on this account not displeased that the figure is not known as a Eagle, but looks more like a Turkey. For the truth the Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America . . . He is besides, though a little vain & silly, a bird of courage, and would not hesitate to attack a grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his farm yard with a red coat on.

The idea that Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey as the national bird of the United States comes from a letter he wrote to his daughter Sarah Bache on January 26, 1784. The main subject of the letter is a criticism of the Society of the Cincinnati, which he likened to a chivalric order, which contradicted the ideals of the newly founded American republic. In one section of the letter, Franklin remarked on the appearance of the Bald Eagle on the Society’s crest.


May 06, 2011

The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America.  It was chosen as the national bird by dint of its inclusion in the National Seal of the United States, which happened by an act of the Continental Congress on 20 June 1782.  The seal had been through multiple iterations by the time it was approved by Congress – three different committees comprising a total of fourteen men had come up with a host of ideas – but it was the Secretary of Congress, Charles Thomson, who was charged with the final design and he, on his own, decided to make a small eagle that appeared in the third committee’s design larger and specifically a Bald Eagle.  No explanation of his decision is known to exist, though he did simply state “The Escutcheon is born on the breast of an American Eagle without any other supporters to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own Virtue.”

Benjamin Franklin was famously not happy about the decision to use the Bald Eagle as a symbol of the United States (he preferred the Wild Turkey).  From France he wrote to his daughter expressing his displeasure:

For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral Character. He does not get his Living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead Tree near the River, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the Labour of the Fishing Hawk; and when that diligent Bird has at length taken a Fish, and is bearing it to his Nest for the Support of his Mate and young Ones, the Bald Eagle pursues him and takes it from him.

With all this Injustice, he is never in good Case but like those among Men who live by Sharping & Robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy. Besides he is a rank Coward: The little King Bird not bigger than a Sparrow attacks him boldly and drives him out of the District. He is therefore by no means a proper Emblem for the brave and honest Cincinnati of America who have driven all the King Birds from our Country . . .

Bald Eagle image is by Francois Portmann and is used with permission

Of course, in the twentieth century Bald Eagle numbers went into steep decline as the effects of DDT decimated their population.  The banning of DDT and subsequent management of the species led to Bald Eagles being the poster child for the success of the Endangered Species Act.  While Haliaeetus leucocephalus now has a healthy and still growing population and is no longer listed as endangered, many other species in the United States are still in danger of being wiped out of existence.  Here’s hoping that the law that was used to restore the eagle, that is itself constantly under threat, stays strong or is even strengthened so we have many species to celebrate in the United States besides our national bird.

Why Is the Bald Eagle America’s National Bird?

Benjamin Radford, Life’s Little Mysteries Contributor   |   September 13, 2010 09:45am ET

Credit: Wade Eakle, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Along with an official flower and motto, every state has its own official bird. But flying high above them all is the bald eagle, representing the United States of America. Images of the iconic bird can be found just about everywhere, from coins and paper currency to passports and the president’s official seal. But why this bird?

The idea for using the bald eagle to symbolize America was proposed in 1782, when a drawing of the eagle was presented to the newly-formed Congress, according the U.S. National Archives. It was immediately accepted, and soon an olive branch and arrows (representing peace and war, respectively) were included in the eagle’s talons.

The bald eagle was officially adopted as the emblem of the United States five years later, in 1787.

The bald eagle was chosen because of its association with authority and statehood in fact, the eagle had been used as a symbol of governmental power since Roman times.

President John F. Kennedy added to the list of noble descriptors when he wrote to Charles Callison of the National Audubon Society on July 18, 1961: “The founding fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation . The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.”

Given some of the other possible options (crows, hummingbirds, chickens, etc.) the bald eagle seems an obvious choice in retrospect.

The Eagle, Ben Franklin, and the Wild Turkey

Four kinds of birds were suggested in preliminary Great Seal designs:
a two-headed eagle, a rooster, a dove, and a “phoenix in flames.”

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Tribute To Our Sports: Cockfighting 8000BC

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Rebellion for Cockfighting Liberty

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Cockfighters Let Us Remember February 1986 Where Liberty Triumphs

As we, the cockfighters of the United States of America and the World, are still fighting for our alienable rights and constitutional rights which were taken away by liberty tramplers, let us learn from Philippine history.

People Power might be another way for us to take back our freedom. We need to be solid in our resolve and will as did the Pilipinos on this moment. So that we can enjoy publicly our universal sports.

Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”


It started as a coup d’etat by the RAM (Reform the Armed Forces Movement) who are idealists but the RAM plot was known by Marcos’ generals so it would have been a failure and they will be charged with rebellion maybe in a court martial. But the Pilipino people protected the rebels with their own bodies and history was made and liberty regained after more than 20 years of Marcos’ dictatorship and Martial Law.

Rebellion for Cockfighting

When will the world stand up and rebel for our universal sports? Will the Americans lead the way? Or the Indonesians? Or the Pakistanis? Or the Thais? Or the Brits? Or the Irish?

Or the Chinese? Or the Russians? Or the Swiss? Or the Aussies?

Or the liberty capital of the world people – the Dutch?

The Afghans regained their liberty to publicly enjoy the sports of cockfighting when the Taliban Rule was eliminated.

We must be united as cockfighters of the world.

Use this site to coordinate world wide our efforts.

Or your very own “Cockfighting From All Over The World” facebook group and fanpage. Like the fanpage then paste it in your facebook profile info under sports.

Anthem (Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo, “The Gift of the Filipinos to the World”)

Song Chorus
Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan.
Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
Basta’t magkaisa tayong lahat!
Changed peaceful manner.
Truth, freedom, justice.
Can be achieved without violence.
As long as we all unite!

A Precaution

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Abraham Lincoln’s Cockfighting Quote

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“As long as the Almighty permitted intelligent men, created in his image and likeness, to fight in public and kill each other while the world looks on approvingly, it’s not for me to deprive the chickens of the same privilege.”
– Abraham Lincoln

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The cockfighters of Oklahoma are waking up, standing up and speaking up, we’ve got our legislators attention and they are listening

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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But I beg to differ on author’s view on prostitution, gun, and drug.

I support prostitution as an individual liberty but not as a slavery and human trafficking activities.

I also support drug as an individual liberty. California is becoming open to the idea when it first made an excuse for medical marijuana as legal. I hope CA will broaden its legal drugs to other narcotics.

I also support gun ownership for high power guns. As we are up for a liberty revolution just like we did in the revolutionary war and civil war. I always think of Waco, we will never know if they are guilty of anything criminal.

I have drafted a lot articles on past, present, and future revolutions in the world. People Power is one of the past, Egypt Jan 25 is one of the present, and our liberty revolution is the future.

On GBA, I do not have any personal dealings with GBAs. But I will tell GBAs to toughen their constitutional law knowledge. Also of the Bill of Rights and its Amendments. Do not hire a lawyer or a lobbyist. They maybe too technical and would just ruin your will. Stand up for yourself. You are better equipt with chicken knowledge and farm lifestyle.

I hope everyone of us, cockfighters, will continue this fight of individual liberty in public – prints, books, websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube, radio, tv shows, movies, video games, and school curriculum under animal husbandry.

Remember the story about the sun and the wind. The wind harshly blew strong and he made the man shivers and cover himself.  But the sun shines gently and the man enjoys his life again. We are the sun and the liberty trampler is the wind. We just need to stay the course. And all of lost glory and liberty will be gained back.

– Gameness til the End

per Author

The cockfighters of Oklahoma are waking up, standing up and speaking up, we’ve got our legislators attention and they are listening

Hello all,

Economic studies show the gamefowl industry brought in more than $113,000,000.00 dollars a year into rural Oklahoma counties. As cockfighters are seeing the daylight at the end of the dark tunnel as we make our side of this issue public knowledge, the push to repeal the unconstitutional law is gaining ground, more and more of chicken fighters are starting to return to raising gamefowl.

They’re putting brood pens back together and raising chickens again for the first time in 6 or 7 years. A man just two days ago told me he now has over 900 baby chickens on the ground, these baby chickens need feed and water, shelter, worming, warming, vitamins and medication as necessary.

All of this creates jobs, industry and moves money across our Oklahoma economy and the legislators are beginning to comprehend the impact Oklahoma’s gamefowl industry has on rural Oklahoma.

Eight years ago the HSUS came into Oklahoma and manipulated our legislative petition laws and the urban majority to pass a law making it illegal for rural Oklahoma gamefowl owners to own and harvest our livestock. Gamecocks have been harvested by fighting for more than three thousand years it is simply the particular method of harvest for this species of fowl.

The state law against our agriculture industry is depriving rural Oklahomans of our culture and heritage, our pursuit of happiness and liberty (trampling on the very principles of freedom that America is founded on), depriving us our agriculture industry we used to supplement our incomes and feed our families. This unconstitutional law even criminalized ownership of gamecocks and stripped us of our property rights to own our livestock if we intend to harvest our livestock.

After this law was passed law enforcement officers in Oklahoma have made several raids ripping rural families apart, endangering human lives and created many situations that had the potential to result in killing someone out here in rural Oklahoma for harvesting their game chickens.

During one of these raids in Carnegie Oklahoma, law enforcement officers went in with more than 100 Officers, a SWAT unit, and a gun ship helicopter. The Police Officers were absolutely pointing loaded guns at men and women of rural Oklahoma for harvesting their gamecocks. Shoving men and women onto the ground and violating their most basic human rights over chickens. Taking  away their personally owned livestock (property) they were harvesting while trying to earn a living and provide for their families in rural  Oklahoma.

After endangering the lives of these rural Oklahomans the law enforcement officers found NO DRUGS, NO ILLEGAL GUNS AND NO PROSTITUTES the entire threat to human lives created by this raid was to defend livestock (chickens) that were simply being harvested.

I know that the animal rights extremists at the Humane Society think that endangering human lives, potentionally killing people and trampling our inalienable and Constitutional rights to defend a chicken is acceptable but I hope that our legislators are wise enough to reject that idea and will have the courage to repeal this unconstitutional law.

As far as gambling at cockfights that’s a misleading statement, there are gentlemen’s wagers (bets between two people is common) but that’s common on all sports. And the purse money is exactly the same as calf roping contests, pool, golf and dart tournaments, participants put up money to enter and the winner takes the money home it is called general prize funds not illegal gambling.

Neither can you can force, train or make gamecocks fight anymore than you can train, force or make (the BETA fish) Chinese fighting fish fight. This is just the natural instinct that God placed into these creatures (the gamecock) when he created them (it).

Thank you.

Cockfighters across America must wake up, stand up and speak up

Cockfighters across America have allowed the leadership of the  gba’s to condition them to lose.

Run, hide, keep quiet and give us your money while we don’t represent, promote or defend your interests is the message of the gba’s for the last 40 years.

Take two gamecocks 24 months old and spar, them the first  time and they may be unbeatable, but spar them against each other for 10 minutes each pitting, 3 pittings each day for 30 days and you’ll have the two biggest dunghill, ducking donkey’s that ever walked.

In essence and reality you conditioned these brave, noble and unbeatable gamecocks to lose and that  is exactly what the people behind the leadership of the gba’s have done to America’s cockfighters.

The gba’s agenda has been manipulated and guided by people behind the gba’s leaders that are working with the HSUS to keep their overseas chicken peddling businesses from being shut down.

That is their only interest and right now these  big peddlers with dunghill fowl have virtually got a monopoly on the overseas gamecock market and they’ve been using the American cockfighter’s money to protect their chicken peddling to gain protection for their farms and interests from the HSUS socialistic animal extremists agenda by pressing the message “to run and hide” onto cockfighters in return for the protection while small cockfighters across America are being raided every week.

Cockfighters must dump the gba’s that aren’t stepping up and making this a public fight using the written arguments I’ve laid out in the ads I’ve written.

The HSUS and their government cronies can not publicly justify putting chickens above human lives.

America’s cockfighters must unite and stand up as groups and individuals in a grass roots movement and make our side of this argument public knowledge and that will absolutely end the HSUS attacks against American cockfighters.

Thank you.

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Gameness til the End signed the Legalize Cockfighting in the U.S. petition

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Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

“Legalize Cockfighting In The U.S.”

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too.  If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.

Best wishes,

Byron Pojol

Document with almost 4000 signatures and comments

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A Cockfighter and Liberty Hero in Hawaii

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Hawaii Legislature Adopts Resolutions For Cockfighting

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Resolutions do NOT have [yet] the power of law, but cockfighting activists hope the two measure will be an important first step toward legalizing the activity in Hawaii. 3/29/2010.

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Spread Cockfighting – Share Our Articles to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, or Email

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years (Cockfighting is an Individual Liberty)

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Predictions of known astrologers seems to happen for no reason. Is it really they possess high intelligence or really have the ability to see the future?

I think not. (Or maybe, read PS below.)

But here’s my prediction. Cockfighting will be legalized in all of the United States in 10 years.

Why? Because it is our society’s cry for individual liberties. If you have been reading my previous blogs, these individual liberties are listed there from top of my mind.

How? By making a prediction online, the public must stumble upon this article and one of these readers will be THE ONE. Yes, we need THE ONE to guide us and fight against these oppressive laws against individual liberties.

Where? It will start in Texas. And spread out like fire throughout the United States. So if you are joining us in this LIBERTY REVOLUTION, you have more impact to our movement if you reside in Texas.

How? We will start with peaceful change to the existing laws instituted by the liberty tramplers in State of Texas congress. We can only do this by electing liberty loving representatives. And by creating an INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY PARTY instead of joining democrats and republicans.

So are you THE ONE???!!! Are you Neo?


During one college summer vacation, while sleeping, I saw in my dream a white paper with the red crayon mark circle around two numbers 20 and 3. Upon waking up around 7 am, I asked my brother to bet on the underground lottery 20 and 3 (not 3 and 20). I gave him P10 and told him to split the money for morning, noon, and afternoon draws. Around 9am, we heard loud knocks, it was the bet taker and we won. I am really surprise to see the paper that the bet taker shown us. It was exactly the paper I saw in my dream. Not similar. It was the paper in my dream. Not sure how it happen as I had no other visions of the future except this paper.

So may I call myself “the Oracle”. What do you call yourself? Morpheus? Trinity? I really hope you will call your self Neo. For we need THE ONE.

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Why do people want to mess with an American History?

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This question was posted by FW (I will provide his really name when I got his approval).

And here’s what I wrote in reply or just an exchange of thoughts.

It is also more than 10000 years old. In China archeologists conclude that 10000 years ago there were chickens domesticated in China.

And cockfighting is Universal Sports. From China rulers and India’s rajahs. From Persians and Greeks. From Romans and Saxons. From Pacific Islanders to European Highlanders.

We are in the front of the war against individual liberties. Along with polygamy, child marriages, gay marriages, cousin marriages, sex professionals, genetically modified foods, human cloning, which are all individual liberties.

All of these endeavors were not hurting anyone but just an exercise of our freedom. To chose whatever to pursue happiness.

I have some blogs that hopefully reignite our fight our REVOLUTION in the United States of America at

Some of our individual liberties are recognized again in some states. Like gay marriages, cousin marriages, brothels, gm foods, and Utah is on the front of polygamy. They ought to be commendable. Private practice of polygamy cannot be stopped. It should be legal in all states.

Let’s focus on our youths as they will continue our fight for liberty in the United States of America.

Bring them to country fair to show your gamecocks. Help them become gamecock whisperer. Ask them to take care of the chicks early in their life as long as they seems to be enjoying it.

Also invite your children’s friends over to be introduced to farm life and gamecocks. They will spread our sports like fire within their immediate friends as well and to the world.

Again, we have to concentrate on bringing all our unwritten knowledge and historical references on cockfighting in print or in our own website.

Yes, I encourage you all to create your own website and blog site.

I recommend. or

They are all free and are the most use website platform of all walks of life including by high technology friends of mine and large companies as well. They should be more than enough for our cause. Spread our knowledge of cockfighting in the internet. Make it child friendly and child grabbing attention.

I still need to work on some of these child points on my own web and blog sites. Child grabbing websites and blogs on cockfighting or just plain farm life. Where children learn to take care of animals from birth/egg to adult animals.

Do it now. Start your own websites and blog site.

1. open an email at (do not use yahoo or any other; just gmail)
2. create an account (website and blog) at or
3. make it child grabbing and child friendly.
4. publish your blog and website in and

Fight! We are the liberty revolutionaries today and our children will continue our fight for our individual liberties.

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Wall Street Journal Asia Covering 2011 WSC-1 Finals (Cockfighting is a Livelihood and an Industry)

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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Ted, a journalist of Wall Street Journal Asia, told me he is there to cover the event for an article and it will be published both on print and online. As we warmed up chatting about the event, I told him that a lot of articles I have read in the past by journalists covering the sports of cockfighting will often pretend to be written by ignorant journalists.

They wrote about the sports as if it is not an universal sports that is older than any sports known to be popular today. They always use “blood sports” to describe cockfighting. Why placed an adjective? Why not just sports? Are they just trying to poison the minds of young kids about cockfighting?

These journalists pretending to be factual on their articles but they in fact described cockfighting to imply that it is barbaric in nature because they never encountered cockfighting nor can they fathom cockfighting greatness.

So I told him about some of my first hand experiences on laws against individual liberty.

  • Farmer plants a tree and when it is harvest time the government requires a logging permit. Why? I planted this tree on my own parcel of land!
  • Chicken farmer hatches eggs and raises chicks to adult chickens. The government enacts laws against individual liberty and criminalized cockfighting and even transportation of chickens with intent of cockfighting. Why? These are my chickens which I hatched and raised.

These two examples are mentioned because these are in fact properties of the farmer namely plants and animals. Why does anyone or the law mind my own business. It is unconstitutional and an oppression of individual liberties.

I hope he is just busy and did not forget sending an email with link of the article he wrote.

  • visited and searched for “cockfighting” and “world slasher cup” and “araneta coliseum” produced no results

Looking forward to whatever he wrote. I hope he remembers our chat at the event’s dining area. And maybe the side of cockfighters will be proudly written and not just quoted.

What about journalists writing about cockfighters in the level of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. We the cockfighters of our time have witnessed, followed, and read about our living legends of their time in this sports of cockfighting.

Recently in 20th century, we have Madigin group and Kelso group who were all wealthy and with large businesses in oil or/and stocks and also horse racing. We also have Bob Carpenter of Delaware who University of Delaware named after their sports center The Bob (The Bob Carpenter Sports/Convocation Center). Bob is a true sportsman from horses, dogs, gamefowls and gamecocks. Bob bred the Blue Hen strain of gamecocks out of near total extinction. Hallock DuPont was also responsible that the Blue Hen strain of gamecocks is perpetuated. We also have President Jimmy Carter who is a democrat as a friend of cockfighters if not a cockfighter himself. William McRae named his own personally bred strain of gamecocks to Jimmy’s political party – Democrats. Boxing greats of our time, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao are all cockfighters. Roy owns a cockpit in Louisiana before August 2008. Manny owns Pasay City Cockpit. San Miguel Purefoods’ Philippine Basketball Association team Derby Ace Llamados was named after gamecocks.

With still several universities and colleges in the United States of America naming their athletics team after gamecocks like the more known University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hen and University of South Carolina Gamecocks, there is hope that the youth of today will wake up and think for them self. And say enough with brainwashing and propaganda of Animal Rights groups. We the youth of today want common sense not poisoned minds to prevail. How do you want to be a vegan for life? No animals can be butchered or used in anyway. And what about genetically modified vegetables and plants? Yes we the youth of today want technologies to help improved these plants now in the laboratories. Why wait for a natural mutation that might take million of years. Change the genes now modify the plants’ genes now.

Common, enough with these insane lobbyists and liberty tramplers.

Hope some journalists will become a cockfighter even if they grow up in a city where all meats and vegetables are packed. No harvesting nor butchering.

I grow up around animals – chickens, water buffalos, cattle, dogs, pigs, geese to list a common array of farm animals in a common backyard. Where kids get to know how these animals give birth or hatch their young. Kids get to know how to take care of these baby animals at very young age. They also have the common sense how to take care of them even if their parents have just followed what were taught of them. These kids grew up to be a “horse whisperer”. Yes, they know more about these animals and they know how to read their animals body or eye language. These kids still knows that these animals will be given away, butchered, sold, work out in the farm, and in case of gamecock fight to the death in the sports of cockfighting. Yes, dogs and water buffalos are butchered too if of no use anymore or if the farmer want to thin his dog population.

This is long enough already for now.

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We Got the Best Combat Sports

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As a child, I liked to watch Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, and Olympic Games. Wikipedia has the following entries.

The Southeast Asian Games (also known as the SEA Games), is a biennial multi-sport event involving participants from the current 11 countries of Southeast Asia. The games is under regulation of the Southeast Asian Games Federation with supervision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia.

The Asian Games, also called the Asiad, is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia. The games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Medals are awarded in each event, with gold for first place, silver for second and bronze for third, a tradition which started in 1951.

Competitors are entered by a National Olympic Committee (NOC) to represent their country of citizenship. National anthems and flags accompany the medal ceremonies, and tables showing the number of medals won by each country are widely used. In general only recognised nations are represented, but a few non-sovereign countries are allowed to take part. The special case of Taiwan was handled by having it compete as Chinese Taipei, due to the political status of Taiwan.

The first Asian games were held at New Delhi in 1952,which again hosted it in 1982

The 15th Asian Games were held in Doha, Qatar from December 1 to December 15, 2006. The 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China from November 12, 2010 to November 27, 2010.

The Olympic Games are an international multi-sport event established for both summer and winter sports. There have been two generations of the Olympic Games; the first were the Ancient Olympic Games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες; Ell-Olympiakoi Agones.ogg [Olympiakoi Agones] (help·info)) held at Olympia, Greece. The second, known as the Modern Olympic Games, were first revived in the late 19th century.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in 1894 on the initiative of, Pierre de Coubertin. It has become the governing body of the Olympic Movement, which is defined by the Olympic Charter. The evolution of the Olympic Movement during the 20th century forced the IOC to adapt the Games in several ways. Some of these adaptations include the addition of a Winter Games, a Paralympics, and an Olympic Games for teenagers. The IOC has also had to cope with the changing economic, political, and technological realities of the 20th century. The Olympics began to shift away from the pure amateur athlete as envisioned by Coubertin, they also navigated the Cold War and the overt use of the Games for political gain. The medium of television created the issue of corporate sponsorship and the commercialization of the Games.

The Olympic Movement is comprised of International sports federations, National Olympic committees and organizing committees for each specific Olympic Games. The IOC is the decision-making body. They initiate an Olympic Games by selecting a host city, which is usually announced six to seven years in advance of the Games. The host city is responsible to organize and fund a celebration of the Games consistent with the Olympic Charter. The Olympic program (which consists of the sports to be competed at an Olympic Games) is also determined by the IOC.

The Games have grown in scale to the point that nearly every nation on Earth is represented at a celebration of the Games. This growth has created numerous challenges, including boycotts, the use of performance enhancing drugs, bribery of officials, and terrorism. The Games encompass many rituals and symbols such as the Olympic flag and torch as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Every four years the Olympics enable athletes, who compete in relative obscurity, the chance to attain national, and in the case of a few, international fame. The Games also afford the populations of host cities the opportunity to showcase their home to the world.

Even now amateur sports are more competitive than professional sports in my opinion. But both is affected by human psyche. Human combatants or athletes are not performing to their full potential.

  • They want to avoid injuries
  • They are thinking of their long term livelihood
  • They are already ahead and just need to win on points
  • They are have no drive to win all the time
  • They do not want to dominate
  • They are not fighting for their life

Gamecocks are not affected by human psyche. Gamecocks are true combatants and their instinct is to hit the other until the other flees. Gamecocks will continue hitting a dead one. Gamecocks instinct ignores any injuries they might have and keep fighting. Gamecocks are bitter and game to the core. They are fighting for supremacy and survival. Different breeds and strains have their style of fighting. Sometimes pierce fighting style – infighting shuffling. Sometimes passive fighting style – deadly counter punching. Whatever the fighting style that is ingrain in their genes, they are always game. Gameness is the will and the action to destroy the other. Paralyzed, broken wings, broken legs, punctured body, lungs full of blood, intestine on the ground, dying. Gamecocks still only thinks of killing the other.

– Gameness til the End

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Willing Gladiators Not Slaves (Chicken War and Human War)

Our Most Important Featured blog: Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years

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The following paragraphs were my correspondence with a friend who had a comment to my Cockfighting – Sports and Lifestyle blog draft before I published it. It started as cockfighting and animal use in sports but I really love what I wrote in the end. The phrase “Willing Gladiators Not Slaves” resonates what it is all about. Gamecocks and Patriotic Men. What do you think?


The reason it’s banned in the USA is because it’s cruel, not as an affront to liberty. The mentality of people who think it’s entertaining to see two animals try to kill each other is definitely suspect. Would you watch two dogs killing each other? What about two humans – would you watch a fight to the death with a bucket of popcorn on your lap?

Gameness til the End:

Thanks for your opinion/Qs.

Animal use in sports must be respected by all. Long live to horse racing, dog racing, wild animal hunting, fishing, bullfighting, horsefighting, pigeon racing.

I will support cockfighting & dogfighting when put up in a US vote again TO FIGHT FOR LIBERTY. Also willing gladiators not slaves.

Animal cruelty lobbyist & laws got their day as “the end justify the means”. End – trample liberty and criminalize honest men. Means – animal cruelty law.

Liberty is the #1 requirement for peaceful free society.

USA, France, & other countries even the Philippines were eventually formed at its present form by revolution.

“… inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; … ; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, … ”
– Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776

I am watching right now an Ireland cockfighting video I bought years ago – a documentary about cockfighting in Ireland by Spotlight Jeremy Adams.

Searching “spotlight jeremy adams” also results to this BBC link – Spotlight wins Royal Television Society Television Journalism award. Spotlight won in the Nations and Regions Current Affairs category for the special investigation The Pit Bull Sting.

I am a liberty and freedom advocate so I respect both side of a story. BUT do not support laws that will restrict others to pursue their happiness and personal matters that do not affect anyone including using their properties like animals in sports.

I would just like to expound on my reply to you about me supporting “willing gladiators not slaves.”.

We currently have different combat sports. Most of which are becoming more of an act rather than real combat. Fighters have no pride and honor in themselves anymore of ending the fight with prowess. I really hope the outcome are not staged or choreographed. They are more concern about promotion, stardoom, acting (instead of real fighting) performance.

News TV on wars around the world are becoming a form of entertainment. We can see from embedded videographers within a platoon or combat unit and their video footages the real war, the real human patriotic courage to fight, and the real damage of war to life and to property.

Some of these soldiers are really thinking that it is their calling to fight for their own nation (or their master the elites) and to liberate (or to oppress) people in these countries. And these are the fortunate ones – gladiators. Some are thinking that they are there because they could not afford college. And these are the unfortunate ones – slaves.

– Gameness til the End

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Cockfighting – Sports and Lifestyle

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Cockfighting is a sports enjoyed by good honest men (masses and elites alike) from all over the world from pre-historic times, early ages, middle ages, industrial ages, and contemporary times.

Historic figures in cockfighting includes Alexander the Great, Themistocles, Julius Ceasar, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, James I, William the 6th Earl of Derby, Charles II, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

Famous American cockfighters includes Sanford Hatch, John Madigin, Walter Kelso, Phil Marsh, Herman “Sweater” McGinnis, “Duke” Hulsey, and Will Allen.

Famous Filipino cockfighters includes Ramon Mitra.

(Send me your nationally known cockfighters that are legends for your countrymen, and I will add them here. Preferably from the past 50 years or more.) 

There are different gamecock breeds and strains from different continents and countries. The most famous breed is the American game as it is being used in 5 continents and most regions including the Philippines (cocking capital of the world), Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, and North America (training testing facility only). Other notable gamecock breeds are Indian Aseel, Japanese Shamo, Henan Game, Malaysian Malays, Vietnamese Ga Noi, Indonesian Sumatra, Thai Leung Hang Khao, Thai Pradu Hang Dam, Burmese Game, Old English Game, English Modern Game, Spanish Game, Persian Rumpless Game, Cuban Cubalayas, French Nord Game, Belgian Flamand Game, Filipino Igon, Filipino Parawakan, Filipino Balulang, Filipino Labuyo, and Filipino Tagalog.

Cockfighting Kabul Afghanistan 2003

Cockfight rules and weapons varies as well. The most famous weapon is the Filipino long knife. Malaysia uses long knife too. Other notable weapons are American Long Heels (American Gaff), Mexican Short Knife, Puerto Rican Postiza, and naked heel or natural spur.

Banned in USA due to laws against liberty and freedom. Greedy lobbyist and ignorant law makers runs the animal cruelty band wagon to trample the rights of free men.

No one love these gamecocks but the cockfighters, handlers, trainers, feeders, and aficionados. Day or night. Sleet or rain. From egg to brood years – multiple winners got to propagate their genes.

Cockfighting is a 365 days a year sports – breeding, caring, training, punctuated by 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 2 hours of cockfight in the cockpit.

It is the family way of life and sole livelihood to many cockfighter families – just like the beloved sports of horse racing.

Chickens are fought typically as stags, bullstags, and cocks. Chicks may fight as early as a day old ;)

Most important lesson to take from cockfighting is gameness til the end.

– Gameness til the End

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Quinolone: US FDA Boxed Warnings and Adverse Effects

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There are four generations of quinolones for humans. And the fifth generation is in development. They are listed in the articles below.

These quinolones are made specifically for veterinary use only.

Educate yourself about the boxed warnings of quinolones and the adverse effects of quinolones. Read the articles below.

– Gameness til the End


By Wikipedia

The quinolones are a family of synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs. Quinolones, and derivatives, have also been isolated from natural sources (such as plants, animals and bacteria) and can act as natural antimicrobials and/or signalling molecules.

The first quinolone was nalidixic acid – introduced in 1962 for treatment of urinary tract infections in humans. Nalidixic acid was discovered by George Lesher and coworkers in a distillate during an attempt at chloroquine synthesis. Quinolones exert their antibacterial effect by preventing bacterial DNA from unwinding and duplicating.

The majority of quinolones in clinical use are fluoroquinolones, which have a fluorine atom attached to the central ring system, typically at the 6-position or C-7 position.

US FDA Boxed Warnings (or Black Box Warnings)

In the US, the package insert for fluoroquinolone antibiotics includes a boxed warning of increased risk of developing tendonitis and tendon rupture in patients of all ages taking fluoroquinolones for systemic use. This risk is further increased in individuals over 60 years of age, taking corticosteroid drugs, or having received kidney, heart, or lung transplants.

Another boxed warning says fluoroquinolones, due to their neuromuscular blocking activity, may exacerbate muscle weakness in persons with myasthenia gravis. Serious adverse events, including deaths and requirement for ventilatory support, have been reported in this group of patients. Avoidance of fluoroquinolones in patients with known history of myasthenia gravis is advised.

Partly as a result of the efforts of Public Citizen, the FDA ordered boxed warnings on all fluoroquinolones, advising consumers of an enhanced risk of tendon damage.

On July 8, 2008, the FDA ordered a boxed warning on certain antibiotic medications containing fluoroquinolone, which has been linked to tendon ruptures and tendinitis. Included were the popular drugs Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Levaquin (levofloxacin), Avelox (moxifloxacin), Noroxin (norfloxacin) and Floxin (ofloxacin).

Adverse Effects

In general, fluoroquinolones are tolerated, with side effects being mild to moderate. Common side effects include gastrointestinal effects such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, as well as headache and insomnia. Postmarketing surveillance has revealed a variety of relatively rare but serious adverse effects that are associated with all members of the fluoroquinolone antibacterial class. Among these, tendon problems and exacerbation of the symptoms of the neurological disorder myasthenia gravis are the subject of “black box” warnings in the United States.

The overall rate of adverse events in patients treated with fluoroquinolones is roughly similar to that seen in patients treated with other antibiotic classes. A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found patients treated with fluoroquinolones experienced adverse events severe enough to lead to an emergency department visit more frequently than those treated with cephalosporins or macrolides, but less frequently than those treated with penicillins, clindamycin, sulfonamides, or vancomycin.

Quinolones are associated with an increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture in all age groups. This side effect is most common in but not limited to the Achilles tendon. Fluoroquinolone-associated tendinopathy symptoms have occurred as early as 2 hours after the initial fluoroquinolone exposure and as late as 6 months after the medication was discontinued. The most severe form of tendonopathy associated with fluoroquinolone administration is tendon rupture, which in the great majority of cases involves the Achilles tendon. Younger people typically experience good recovery, but permanent disability is possible, and is more likely in older patients. The overall frequency of fluoroquinolone-associated Achilles tendon rupture in patients treated with ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin has been estimated at 17 per 100,000 treatments (three times the rate in people without fluoroquinolone exposure). Risk is substantially elevated in the elderly and in those with recent exposure to topical or systemic corticosteroid therapy. Simultaneous use of corticosteroids is present in almost one-third of quinolone-associated tendon rupture. Other risk factors include patients with kidney, heart and lung transplants, strenuous physical activity during or immediately after treatment, renal failure or previous tendon disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. Some experts have advised avoidance of fluoroquinolones in athletes.

Fluoroquinolones prolong the heart’s QT interval by blocking voltage-gated potassium channels. Prolongation of the QT interval can lead to torsades de pointes, a life-threatening arrhythmia, but in practice this appears relatively uncommon in part because the most widely prescribed fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin) only minimally prolong the QT interval.

Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea may occur in connection with the use of any antibacterial drug, especially those with a broad spectrum of activity such as clindamycin, cephalosporins, and fluoroquinolones. Fluoroquinoline treatment is associated with risk that is similar to or less than that associated with broad spectrum cephalosporins. Fluoroquinoline administration may be associated with the acquisition and outgrowth of a particularly virulent Clostridium strain.

The U.S. prescribing information contains a warning regarding uncommon cases of peripheral neuropathy, which can be permanent. Other nervous system effects include insomnia, restlessness, and rarely, seizure, convulsions, and psychosis. Other rare and serious adverse events have been observed with varying degrees of evidence for causation.

Events that may occur in acute overdose are rare, and include renal failure and seizure. Susceptible groups of patients, such as children and the elderly, are at greater risk of adverse reactions during therapeutic use.

On November 5, 2015, the FDA held a joint meeting of the Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee to discuss risks and benefits of the systemic fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs for the acute bacterial sinusitis, acute bacterial exacerbations of bronchitis in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections. The Agency asked the committee to review reports of tendonitis and tendon ruputure, peripheral neuropathy, and cardiac arrhythmia associated with long-term disability to determine whether the benefits of fluoroquinolone therapy in these indications justifies the associated risk. The 21-member joint committee overwhelmingly recommended stronger label warnings on the containers because of rare but sometimes devastating side effects.


Researchers divide the quinolones into generations based on their antibacterial spectrum. The earlier-generation agents are, in general, more narrow-spectrum than the later ones, but no standard is employed to determine which drug belongs to which generation. The only universal standard applied is the assignment of the nonfluorinated drugs found within this class (quinolones) to the ‘first-generation’ heading. As such, a wide variation exists within the literature dependent upon the methods employed by the authors.

The first generation is rarely used today. Nalidixic acid was added to the OEHHA Prop 65 list as a carcinogen on 15 May 1998. A number of the second-, third-, and fourth-generation drugs have been removed from clinical practice due to severe toxicity issues or discontinued by their manufacturers. The drugs most frequently prescribed today consist of Avelox (moxifloxacin), Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Levaquin (levofloxacin), and, to some extent, their generic equivalents.



The second-generation class is sometimes subdivided into “Class 1” and “Class 2”.


Unlike the first- and second-generations, the third-generation is active against streptococci.


Fourth-generation fluoroquinolones act at DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV. This dual action slows development of resistance.

In development

Veterinary use

The quinolones have been widely used in agriculture, and several agents have veterinary, but not human, applications.

However, the agricultural use of fluoroquinolones in the US has been restricted since 1997, due to concerns over the development of antibiotic resistance.


By Hans P. Schlecht, MD, MSc, Christopher Bruno, MD
MSD Manuals – Professional Version

Fluoroquinolones exhibit concentration-dependent bactericidal activity by inhibiting the activity of DNA gyrase and topoisomerase, enzymes essential for bacterial DNA replication.

Fluoroquinolones are divided into 2 groups, based on antimicrobial spectrum and pharmacology:

  • Older group: Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin, and Ofloxacin
  • Newer group: Gemifloxacin, Levofloxacin, and Moxifloxacin

Many newer fluoroquinolones have been withdrawn because of toxicity; they include trovafloxacin (because of severe hepatic toxicity), gatifloxacin (because of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia), grepafloxacin (because of cardiac toxicity), temafloxacin (because of acute renal failure, hepatotoxicity, hemolytic anemia, coagulopathy, and hypoglycemia), and lomefloxacin, sparfloxacin, and enoxacin.


Oral absorption is diminished by coadministration of cations (aluminum, Mg, Ca, zinc, and iron preparations). After oral and parenteral administration, fluoroquinolones are widely distributed in most extracellular and intracellular fluids and are concentrated in the prostate, lungs, and bile.

Most fluoroquinolones are metabolized in the liver and excreted in urine, reaching high levels in urine. Moxifloxacin is eliminated primarily in bile.


Fluoroquinolones are active against the following:

  • Haemophilus influenzae
  • Moraxella catarrhalis
  • Mycoplasma sp
  • Chlamydia sp
  • Chlamydophila sp
  • Legionella sp
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (particularly ciprofloxacin)
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Some atypical mycobacteria
  • Methicillin-sensitive staphylococci

Nosocomial methicillin-resistant staphylococci are usually resistant. Older fluoroquinolones have poor activity against streptococci and anaerobes. Newer fluoroquinolones have reliable activity against streptococci (including Streptococcus pneumoniae with reduced penicillin sensitivity) and some anaerobes; moxifloxacin in particular is active against most clinically significant obligates anaerobes. As use has increased, resistance, particularly to older fluoroquinolones, is developing among Enterobacteriaceae, P. aeruginosa, S. pneumoniae, and Neisseria sp. Nonetheless, fluoroquinolones have many clinical uses.

Fluoroquinolones are no longer recommended for treatment of gonorrhea in the US because of increasing resistance.


Contraindications include:

  • Previous allergic reaction to the drugs
  • Certain disorders that predispose to arrhythmias (eg, QT-interval prolongation, uncorrected hypokalemia or hypomagnesemia, significant bradycardia)
  • Use of drugs known to prolong the QT interval or to cause bradycardia (eg, metoclopramide, cisapride, erythromycin, clarithromycin, classes Ia and III antiarrhythmics, tricyclic antidepressants)

Fluoroquinolones have traditionally been considered to be contraindicated in children because they may cause cartilage lesions if growth plates are open. However, some experts, who challenge this view because evidence is weak, have recommended prescribing fluoroquinolones as a 2nd-line antibiotic and restricting use to a few specific situations, including P. aeruginosa infections in patients with cystic fibrosis, prophylaxis and treatment of bacterial infections in immunocompromised patients, life-threatening multiresistant bacterial infections in neonates and infants, and Salmonella or Shigella GI tract infections.

Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Fluoroquinolones are in pregnancy category C (animal studies show some risk, evidence in human and animal studies is inadequate, but clinical benefit sometimes exceeds risk).

Fluoroquinolones enter breast milk. Use during breastfeeding is not recommended.

Adverse Effects

Serious adverse effects are uncommon; main concerns include the following:

  • Upper GI adverse effects occur in about 5% of patients because of direct GI irritation and CNS effects.
  • CNS adverse effects (eg, mild headache, drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness, mood alteration) occur in < 5%. NSAIDs may enhance the CNS stimulatory effects of fluoroquinolones. Seizures are rare, but fluoroquinolones should not be used in patients with CNS disorders.
  • Tendinopathy, including rupture of the Achilles tendon, may occur even after short-term use of fluoroquinolones.
  • QT-interval prolongation can occur, potentially leading to ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death.
  • Fluoroquinolone use has been strongly associated with Clostridium difficile–associated diarrhea (pseudomembranous colitis), especially that due to the hypervirulent C. difficile ribotype 027.

Diarrhea, leukopenia, anemia, and photosensitivity are uncommon. Rash is uncommon unless gemifloxacin is used for > 1 wk and is more likely to develop in women < 40. Nephrotoxicity is rare.

Dosing Considerations

Dose reduction, except for moxifloxacin, is required for patients with renal insufficiency. Older fluoroquinolones are normally given twice/day; newer ones and an extended-release form of ciprofloxacin are given once/day.

Ciprofloxacin raises theophylline levels, sometimes resulting in theophylline-related adverse effects.

Drugs Mentioned In This Article

  • Gemifloxacin (e.g. FACTIVE)
  • Ofloxacin (e.g. FLOXIN OTIC)
  • Levofloxacin (e.g. IQUIX, LEVAQUIN, QUIXIN)
  • Ciprofloxacin (e.g. CILOXAN, CIPRO)
  • Moxifloxacin (e.g. AVELOX)
  • Gatifloxacin (e.g. ZYMAR)
  • Norfloxacin (e.g. NOROXIN)
  • Azithromycin (e.g. ZITHROMAX)
  • Trimethoprim (No US brand name)
  • Metoclopramide (e.g. REGLAN)
  • Erythromycin (e.g. ERY-TAB, ERYTHROCIN)
  • Cisapride (e.g. PROPULSID)
  • Clarithromycin (e.g. BIAXIN)
  • Theophylline (e.g. ELIXOPHYLLIN)

Last full review/revision January 2015 by Hans P. Schlecht, MD, MSc; Christopher Bruno, MD

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