Mission & Purpose


Spread sports of cockfighting to all individual liberty loving people of the world – infants to grave.

UNOFC First Thirteen Principles of Cockfighting From All Over The World:

  1. Cockfighting As A Religion
  2. Cockfighting As A Political Party
  3. Cockfighting Is An Individual Liberty
  4. Cockfighting Is The Only Universal Sports
  5. Cockfighitng 8000BC
  6. Cockfighting Is A Livelihood
  7. Cockfighting Is An Industry
  8. Cockfighitng Is A Lifestyle
  9. Our Eggs (aka Gamecocks) Are Our Property
  10. We Loved Our Gamecocks (aka Eggs) More Than Anything
  11. Cockfighting Is The Only Reason There Are Great Gamecocks And Great Cockfighters
  12. The Youth Is The Hope Of Our Future
  13. There Can Be No Tyrants Where There Are No Slaves


This site is for sportsmen of the sports of cockfighting.

Naked Heel (natural spurs, cut natural spurs, spurless, tape boxing), Peg, Postiza, Short Knife, Short Heel, Long Heel, Short Knife, Long Knife, Taji, Indian Knife. And other style of fighting.

Let’s make this a viral site, send this site link to all your friends and families and other social network like linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, scrib, slideshare, youtube, etc.

Let’s make new friendship along the way and hope we all meet one day to fight against each other.

But in the meantime, let’s us help each other to improve our gamecocks fighting abilities by sharing photos, videos, ideas, histories, stories, jokes, current events, discussions, links, etc.

Welcome! Cockfighters!

(our logo is a larger than life  oil painting on canvas owned by our site steward since 12/2008)

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