Velagapudi MLA for Cockfighting Freedom


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Cockfights are culture, can’t be stopped: Locals

Published Jan 15, 2018, 6:44 am IST
Updated Jan 15, 2018, 6:44 am IST

The police have failed to prevent the sport and are unable to arrest the organizers, Yadav pointed out.

Visakhapatnam: Defying orders of the Hyderabad High Court and Apex Court on banning cockfights, Vizag and many parts of North Andhra continued conducting cockfights unabated with crores spent on gambling.

Unmindful of the consequences, MLA, Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu (TD) and few other political leaders and industrialists participated in cockfights at Ramakrishnapuram area under Arilova police station limits in Vizag on Monday. Sources said that cockfights will continue in Vizag till January 16, until the conclusion of Sankranti.

As much as Rs 30 to Rs 50 crore worth betting transactions are likely to take place during the three-day cockfights in Vizag city. Expressing displeasure over Vizag organising cockfights, senior YSRC leader Peethala Murthy Yadav said that despite the directives of the courts and police, some TD leaders including MLA Ramakrishna Babu and organisers and punters are conducting cockfights citing that it is not a crime but a tradition.

The police have failed to prevent the sport and are unable to arrest the organizers, Yadav pointed out.

Leaders and activists of YSRC staged a protest in front of Arilova police station asking the cops to stop cockfights and betting. Though mandal executive magistrate promulgated Sec 144 of CRPC in Arilova area, no one paid heed.

“As Vizag turned into an epicentre for cockfights, we came from East Godavari along with the roosters and are participating in the cockfights,” said K. Srini Raju. Sources said that many breeds of the roosters are shipped to Vizag from East and West Godavari.

A police officer on condition of anonymity said that prevention of cockfights is not easy as ruling party leaders are involved. The use of blades, though banned continues unabated, he added.


Velagapudi is a neighbourhood and a part of Urban Notified Area of Amaravati, the state capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was a village in Thullur mandal of Guntur district, prior to its denotification as gram panchayat. Velagapudi is also the home to the temporary Secretariat of Andhra Pradesh.

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