Sons of Liberty

If you go to and check out the left side for its LIKES. You will find different facebook pages about cockfighting and liberty/american revolution. I encourage you to LIKE all of them. Interact with liberty/american revolution facebook pages as cockfighter so that all of their LIKERS will be aware that cockfighting is a sports, an individual liberty, livelihood, industry, lifestyle among others. Their LIKERS are pro-constitution and liberty lovers. So we will have them as supporters of cockfighting as an individual liberty – and pursuit of happiness.

Also put a gamecock as your profile photo. It is your support for cockfighting.

In different facebook pages, Patriot Act is always in the feed for two weeks now. I always interact (comment) that “it is a Martial Law of sorts” using my personal facebook account “Byron Pojol” and your very own “Cockfighting From All Over The World” facebook page.

Sons of Liberty

I liked this facebook page And started following its news feed. I always interact (e.g. Like, Comment) and sometimes post on its wall too.

This time (May 19), I wrote different comment when Sons of Liberty facebook page have Patriot Act in its news feed.

Here’s my recent interaction with the page admin Bill.

A concise analysis of the Patriot Act — and how it violates the Constitution. (Posted by Bill.)

Campaign For Liberty — The Patriot Act Is at War with the Constitution by Bruce Fein
STATEMENT OF BRUCE FEIN ON BEHALF OF CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY RE: THE USA PATRIOT ACT: DISPELLING THE MYTHS BEFORE THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE MAY 11, 2011 I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Campaign for Liberty about the US…
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Shawn Roberts The Patriot Act violated the Constitution from day one, and it’s not going to get any better until all the democrats and republicans are out of office entirely! They knew what they were doing when they voted for it, and when they re-authorized it. We’ll all be better off without either party being in power!
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Byron Pojol in france, russia, and others they overthrow the government and jefferson said that it is the right of the people to abolish such government and build a new one…. when are we going to rebel and make war against our government…
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Byron Pojol cockfighting party is my party… what is yours?
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Byron Pojol i fight for individual liberty… what you fight for?
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Sons of Liberty ‎@Byron, that’s what we are doing — peaceably. We organize politically. We petition for redress of grievances, we assemble, we demonstrate, we write letters, we education, we read, we study, we think, we make phone calls, we put Constitution-loving candidates in public office. That’s what Sons of Liberty is all about. (Posted by Bill.)
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Byron Pojol this is home for me 🙂 bill.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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