This site is for sportsmen of the sports of cockfighting.

Gloved Boxing, Cut Spurs Taped Spurs, Cut Spurs Naked Heels, Inch Spurs Naked Heels, Postiza, Non-Steel Artificial Spurs, Peg Awl, Quarter Heels, Short Heels, Long Heels, Quarter Knife, Short Knife, Long Knife, and other types of gamecock weapon.

Let’s make this a viral site, send this site link to all your friends and families and other social network like linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, scrib, slideshare, youtube, etc.

Let’s make new friendship along the way and hope we all meet one day to fight against each other.

But in the meantime, let’s us help each other to improve our gamecocks fighting abilities by sharing photos, videos, ideas, histories, stories, jokes, current events, discussions, links, etc.

Welcome! Cockfighters!

– Gameness til the End

(our logo is an oil painting owned by our site steward since 12/2008)