Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years (Cockfighting is an Individual Liberty)

Predictions of known astrologers seems to happen for no reason. Is it really they possess high intelligence or really have the ability to see the future?

I think not. (Or maybe, read PS below.)

But here’s my prediction. Cockfighting will be legalized in all of the United States in 10 years.

Why? Because it is our society’s cry for individual liberties. If you have been reading my previous blogs, these individual liberties are listed there from top of my mind.

How? By making a prediction online, the public must stumble upon this article and one of these readers will be THE ONE. Yes, we need THE ONE to guide us and fight against these oppressive laws against individual liberties.

Where? It will start in Texas. And spread out like fire throughout the United States. So if you are joining us in this LIBERTY REVOLUTION, you have more impact to our movement if you reside in Texas.

How? We will start with peaceful change to the existing laws instituted by the liberty tramplers in State of Texas congress. We can only do this by electing liberty loving representatives. And by creating an INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY PARTY instead of joining democrats and republicans.

So are you THE ONE???!!! Are you Neo?


During one college summer vacation, while sleeping, I saw in my dream a white paper with the red crayon mark circle around two numbers 20 and 3. Upon waking up around 7 am, I asked my brother to bet on the underground lottery 20 and 3 (not 3 and 20). I gave him P10 and told him to split the money for morning, noon, and afternoon draws. Around 9am, we heard loud knocks, it was the bet taker and we won. I am really surprise to see the paper that the bet taker shown us. It was exactly the paper I saw in my dream. Not similar. It was the paper in my dream. Not sure how it happen as I had no other visions of the future except this paper.

So may I call myself “the Oracle”. What do you call yourself? Morpheus? Trinity? I really hope you will call your self Neo. For we need THE ONE.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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