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Posted by Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation | Apr 4, 2017

“An aspiring photographer can imagine how challenging to capture the excitement, the noise and heat, the blood, the speed of the game. Come too close and you interfere with the action, move away and you miss everything, wait too long and the action ends before your first snap.” – in the introduction by economist and banker Jaime Laya, patron of the arts.

SULTADA is a photographic journey to why millions of Filipinos are intensely passionate about sabong, cockfighting. All the pages of the book are filled with photos of over 50 photographers submitting photos in a national competition on sabong. Among the featured stories in the book are the History of Cockfighting, an article on a lady gaffer, an inside look at the cockpit, and bio-sketches of famous names in Sabong like Biboy Enriquez, Nene Abello, Dr. Teddy Tanchangco, Chito Tinsay, and Eric de la Rosa.

What the book can do:

The book can complement your marketing strategies to promote your brand.

SULTADA has over 200 images of scenes in and out of the cockpit. For centuries, we have seen how powerful a photo could be. A photo can inspire and even move a country to act as one. As a source of tips from experts, an aficionado can learn and broaden his understanding of sabong aside from being entertained with many creative ideas about photography.

The book is an excellent gift for your top dealers all over the country. This could be based on the sale of your products.

Your company can gift the book which contains your brand advertorial to all operators and owners of all cockpits. Almost all cities and municipalities have cockpits.

  • The top breeders would be happy to receive the SULTADA.
  • Derby organizers can make the book an additional prize for the winners.
  • Breeder organizations are all over the country, reach out to them with the book.

You can think of many ways to reach out with your message. There is no better way to tell your story than with a coffee table book.

Please visit Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) for more information.

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