Activist Cockfighters on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel EP239


We are proud of the selfless acts of all activist cockfighters from all over the world.

We need you all.

Dare to risk it all for liberty.

Become a liberty activist now. And not just an activist cockfighter.

Freedom for all. And not just freedom for cockfighters.

– Gameness til the End


On 20 March 2009, the Cockfighting From All Over The World – Gameness til the End blog site was launched with its Mission & Purpose.

“Spread sports of cockfighting to all individual liberty loving people of the world – infants to grave.”

On 21 March 2009, Cockfighting – Sports and Lifestyle blog article was published with its author’s namesake mentioned in the last paragraph.

“Most important lesson to take from cockfighting is “gameness til the end””

On 9 February 2011, Cockfighting Will Be Legalized In All of the United States in 10 Years (Cockfighting is an Individual Liberty) blog article was published.

On 23 April 2011, Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council blog article was republished with permission from the author, B. L. Cozad Jr., who wrote the letter (email dated 15 Nov 2010) and posted the letter at a forum site.

Since then B. L. Cozad Jr. become an active member at our secret cockfighting group with its main purpose to encourage real cockfighters to become liberty activists (and not just activist cockfighters) on social media networks especially facebook pages and facebook profiles.

On 24 February 2014, “I am a gamecock farmer (cockfighter)” – B.L. Cozad Jr. blog article was reposted from

On 13 May 2015, BL Cozad Jr called Herald-Leader to defend our life blog article was reposted from Lexington Herald-Leader.

On 21 February 2017, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel EP239: Cockfighting in America was shown on HBO.

Cockfighting in America: Real Sports Full Segment (HBO)

Published on Feb 23, 2017 by HBO
Though it’s a crime in all 50 states, Cockfighting is alive and well in America. ‘Real Sports’ takes an in-depth look at the underground sport, what authorities are doing to stop it, and visits one place where it remains legal and celebrated.

Complete Official Links

  1. Facebook page: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
  2. Youtube channel: HBO
  3. HBO series: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

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