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Resorts World kicks off Year of Rooster with 9-cock derby

January 20, 2017 at 08:01 pm by Manila Standard Sports

RESORTS World Manila started off the Year of the Rooster with a monumental event in the country’s cockfighting history as the 2017 World Pitmasters Cup 9-Cock International Derby kicked off Sunday for one week of action at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

With more than 300 local and foreign cockfighters joining the prestigious sporting tournament, the first 150 rounds of 2-cock eliminations started Sunday as eliminations conclude the next day with another 150 rounds.

The 4-cock grand finals will be held today.

Cockfighters vie for a guaranteed cash prize of at least P15,000,000, with every entry receiving a Zandro Castrillo World postmaster-piece worth P10,000 each.

Among the homegrown contenders in the international cockfighting championship are Dan Padilla, the duo of Sonny Panaligan and Mike Sta. Ana, RJ Mea, Eric Dela Rosa, Gengen Arayata, Jerico Camasura, Mayor Jesry Palamares, and Mike Decena among others.

Organizers and cockfighting enthusiasts Charlie ‘Atong’ Ang and Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza square-off during the 2017 World Pitmasters Cup 9-Cock International Derby happening at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater until today.

Also in for the world cup event are international cockers and breeders Victor Manuel Negrete Castañeda and David Salvatierra Galvez of Peru, Antonio Calvo Romero of Spain, Byrom Espinoza Aguirre of Ecuador, Tu Guong of Vietnam and Americans Norland Blount, William Nall of Kentucky, Howard Belk Jr., Norman Rockwell of Tennessee and Carol Nesmith of Alabama.

Built as a world-class theater to accommodate topnotch musicals and concerts, the NPAT was temporarily transformed into a first-class rueda for the cockfighting event. Due to its magnitude, RWM has also set up air-conditioned cockhouses with proper lighting near the rueda for the prized cocks.

The organizers were thrilled to stage the world-class derby at RWM. “Our chosen venue is the complete package when it comes to its offerings be it hotels, the mall, food or entertainment,” said organizer Mr. Charlie “Atong” Ang.

“This is the first time that a cockfight is going to be held in an integrated resort,” shared another organizer Mr. Gerry Ramos.  “The ‘rueda’ (ring) is large on the stage of the NPAT, and there will be LED screens from where everyone can watch everything. We ourselves are excited for the event because it’s really a show that has to be witnessed by every cockfighting enthusiast in the country,” he added.

“This is the first and biggest international undertaking in the country so far when it comes to cockfighting which up to now is part of Philippine culture,” said RWM Director for Business Development Cheryl Singzon. RWM’s Gaming Operations and Marketing Chief Hakan Dagtas reiterates how the sport is celebrated in the country by saying that “RWM continuously looks for a variety of offerings for our guests by catering to the different sporting and leisure events like the 2017 World Pitmasters Cup 9-Cock International Derby which Filipinos will surely enjoy”.

The World Pitmasters Cup 9-Cock International Derby is spearheaded by Mr. Charlie “Atong” Ang, Mr. Gerry Ramos, Engr. Sonny Lagon, Governor Eddie Bong Plaza, and Mr. RJ Mea, as sponsored by Thunderbird Platinum, Thunderbird Bexan-XP, Resorts World Manila, and Warhawk.

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