“Dance about this election” – Seah Johnson (Humanity & Bees speech)


Let’s dance…

– Gameness til the End

Make November 8th
Celebration Day

Be (Bee) Happy

Johnson Weld 2016
Our Best America Yet

Seah Johnson: Vote For My Father

Gary Johnson’s daughter Seah explains why you should vote for her father for President of the United States.

“I’ve learned a lot about humanity watching bees.

Because when you are inside of a hive, and there’s a really cranky bee, it starts to get worked up.

But here’s the thing, you get angry bees, they’re annoying, they can hurt, they fly around you and you can’t get them to go away, but the best thing to do when you’re surrounded by angry bees, is to walk away.

But let me tell you something else, when a bee finds the best flower in the neighborhood, when it finds the best nectar that it can possibly find, do you know what it does instead?

It dances.

It goes back to the hive and it dances a little dance and it tells its friends I have found the best thing in the world.

And it is filled with so much joy that its neighbors start to dance also.

And their neighbors start to dance also.

And in contrast to those few angry bees you had to deal with earlier, an entire hive can show up at a great nectar source and have a dance party.

And I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why in God’s name am I telling you this.

I’m telling you this because I want you to dance about this election.

I want you to be filled with so much joy about your vote on Tuesday that you dance, and your neighbors notice you dancing, and they want to know what’s goin on and where your joy is coming from.

And you’re gonna tell em, and they’re gonna dance too.

And by the time we hit Tuesday night I want this country to be a giant, crazy, rocking, joyful, dance party.”


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