Cockfighting pit caretaker woke up to find his 10 fighting chickens killed


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Gut feeling: Villagers say ‘pop’ ghost responsible for deaths of 10 cockfighting chickens

By Coconuts Bangkok August 22, 2016 / 17:51 ICT

Pop is famously portrayed by actress Nattanee Sitthisamarn in the movie series “Baan Phi Pop”. Photo: MThai/ Pasi from Flickr

The locals of Chanthewi community in Nakhon Sawan province were sent into a frenzy yesterday morning when a local cockfighting pit caretaker woke up to find his 10 fighting chickens killed “by a ghost.”

According to caretaker Todsaphol Phogun, 30, the chicken killer could be a well-known Thai ghost called “pop,” a ghost that hails from the Northeast and eats the insides of small animals — especially chickens.

Todsapol said the chickens bodies were left intact, but that each of their stomachs sported a wide gash and that their guts and livers were gone, Daily News reported.

And, as we all know, pop sure does love some chicken insides.

Todsaphol said the chickens belonged to another villager who had placed them in his care, and that these fighting chickens cost thousands of baht each.

Other villagers agreed with the caretaker that the deaths might have been the workings of a pop ghost because, if the chickens were killed by a dog or a snake, they would have just eaten them whole.

Todsaphol suspects that his neighbor could also be involved. Apparently, the neighbor is an adamant believer in the dark arts and is said to have a ghost in his care. Todsaphol said he heard that this neighbor went to visit a dark arts teacher in the Phitsanulok province the day before the chickens were killed.

However, he admitted this was just an assumption.

The owner of the cockfighting pit has since dropped the case and ruled the chicken deaths to be caused by a stray dog due to the fact that this has happened many times before. Still, there are some netizens who read this story and believed it to be the work of a pop.

Our guess is this pop model” who went on national television to ask for help because she was “possessed.”

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