AMCGCE 8th World Gamecock Championships set on 14-20 June 2016

AMCGCE is now 16 years!

Established 2000 with 8 countries in 3 continents – North America, South America, and Europe.

Now, 40 countries in 5 continents – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania (a continent comprising Australia and proximate islands).

Organization Name in Spanish

Asociacion Mundial de Criadores de Gallos de Combate Y Exhibicion

Organization Name in English

World Gamecock Breeders Association (WGBA)

Organization Evolution in 2016

World Gamecock Breeders Federation (WGBF)

  • Inception 2011
  • The international organization of national gamecock breeder associations and federations to promote gamecock culture exchange and to nurture a secular global political organization.
  • Spearheaded by AMCGCE and endorsed by UNOFC.

A Few Intercontinental and National Organizations

Main Agenda


Coliseo Municipal de Moche
Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo Metropolitan area and Integrated districts

  1. Trujillo Metropolitano
  2. Trujillo
  3. Victor Larco
  4. Huanchaco
  5. Moche
  6. La Esperanza
  7. Laredo
  8. El Porvenir
  9. Salaverry
  10. Florencia de Mora

Daily Program

June 14 (Tuesday)

  • Lunch and welcome press conference in Lima. Miraflores Gamecock Farm in Pachacamac. Only foreign participants, press and specially invited world authorities.
  • Paso horse show
  • Show of typical dances
  • Typical Peruvian food lunch (the best in the world)
  • After lunch about 8 pm, we buses full 3-2 team, courtesy of Bio-aviplex and gallera selection to move to Trujillo, with the flags, anthems, etc. Each country will have an unforgettable trip .
  • Presentation of cockfighting fine arts.  Silvio Molina Chacon, Wilfler Romero Tello, Guillermo Leon Piqueras among other artists of Peru.

June 15 (Wednesday)

World Gamecock Defense Congress

Trujillo Casa Hacienda hotel conference room capacity 250 people, from 10 am to 1 pm (lunch 1pm to 3pm), restart from 3 pm to 7 pm

  • Brazil: Mr. Eduardo Augusto Seixas, ASOC President and director of Sao Paulo Brazil AMCGCE
    • Topic: “What Happened After The Ban In Brazil”.
  • Spain: Representatives of the Andalusian Federation and the union of breeders of Spain presided over by Mr. Basilio Angulo and Mr. Fernando Salazar
  • Philippines: Mr. Ricardo Palmares, President of National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders
    • Topic: “How to make succesful Federation, Philippines Case Study”
  • Peru: Sr Ing Zootecnista Pablo Parra, Peru Eslava
  • Mexico: Dr Abel Gonzalez Tapia, Mexico
    • Topic: “Methodology of Economic Activity Evaluation Unit in a Country”
  • Peru: Ing Alfredo Price, Peru
    • Topic: “Nutrition fighting cocks”
  • USA: Mr. Jose Zannino, USA
    • Topic: “The Ban and American Case Study”
  • Nicaragua: Mr. Salvador Mayorga of Nicaragua Paredes
    • Topic: “Laws and Gamecock chickens”
  • Spain: Mrs. Dolores Pulido Carrasco of the Federacion Andaluza Spain cockfighting Union.
  • Colombia: Dr Jesús Alberto Peña Tobar of Colombia
    • Topic: “The Colombian cockfighting today”
  • Puerto Rico: Dr. Eduardo Quijano PHD Professor at the University of Puerto Rico and senior international adviser
    • Topic: “Cockfighting Values”
  • Costa Rica: Mr. Manuel Enrique Hidalgo Morera President of ASONACRIGA and AMCGCE Costa Rica Director.
    • Topic: “The euthanasia of gamecock chickens in CostaRica”
  • El Salvador: Srta My Chelita Soto AMCGCE El Salvador Legal Director
    • Topic: “About gamecock chickens and cockfighting laws”
Political International Speakers:
  • Ecuador: Sra Veronica Guevara Assemblyman and member of Parlatino (Latin American Parliament)
    • Topic: “Ecuador Ban and Cultural Implications in the Rural Community”
  • Brazil: Senator Telmario Mota
    • Topic: “The Bill Implementations Penalized Raising in Brazil”
  • Peru: Congressman Fedrico Pariona
    • Topic: “Cultural Traditions and Movement should be studied. Economic Law Before Ban.”
  • Dominican Republic: Deputy Ricardo Contreras
    • Topic: “The Case of Public Hearings in Dominican Republic Stopped Ban in the Country”
  • Mr. Luis Jimenez Gamecock Farm Ing MBA San Josemaria
  • Breeders Ing Velarde Food
  • MV Jaime de la Fuente Galvez, AMCGCE Worldwide Director of Health and Hygiene and Poultry Specialist Combat
  • Mr. Luis Garcia Hermoza, Director Worldwide AMCGCE Knife

Miss Cockfighter World

9 pm: night gala dinner, reception, opening, and election

  • Costa Rica
  • Spain
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Mexico

June 16 (Thursday) / June 17 (Friday) / June 18 (Saturday)

  • Peg Awl weapon category: heavy cocks 8:00 a.m.
  • Peruvian Knife weapon category: On the morning of 10 am to 2 pm, Sr manager Luis Garcia Hermoza director responsible AMCGCE Knife and Mr. Juan Carlos Morales Delegate AMCGCE Knife mobile phone 959375480
  • Postiza weapon category: From 3 pm (enrollment 250 dollars, which will be a commission headed by Mr. Danilo Chavez and Santa Cruz Añaños, responsible for the receipt of entries on the 5th gala dinner)
  • 4 cocks,
  • Minimum Bet 140 dollars
  • Pot Money 400 dollars
  • International regulations AMCGCE
  • International triple (Judges of Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia)
  • Plastic spurs THE BORINCANO
  • Standards of conduct and penalties ASOGACE Ecuador
  • 80% Inscriptions prize
  • Award the top 5
  • Champions trophy, donated by BIO bathed in Peru AVIPLEX of gold and silver for 2nd and 3rd in bronze.
  • Two groups of 70 fronts that fight in Group A and Group B.
  • Heavy hour from 8 am on 16. Two roosters per day.
  • 50% better on 16 and 17 go to the final day 18 (where it leaves the world champion, alone among the best finishers in each day)

June 19 (Sunday)

  • Exhibition Fights and Oriental Tournament
  • Among those not classified can participate on Sunday 19, for prize money to pollon and front: approx. 10,000 soles without additional payment.

June 20 (Monday)

  • Closing Program
  • Farewell

Previous AMCGCE World Gamecock Championships

  • 1st World Gamecock Championships 2000
    Lima, Peru
  • 2nd World Gamecock Championships 2001
    Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • 3rd World Gamecock Championships 2002
    Panama City, Panama
  • 4th World Gamecock Championships 2003
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • 5th World Gamecock Championships 2004
    Monteria, Colombia
  • 6th World Gamecock Championships 2006
    Masaya, Nicaragua
  • 7th World Gamecock Championships 2015
    Cartagena, Colombia

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