Kakur Jung is Kashmiri Cockfighting Sports


Kashmir is a geographical region situated in northern part of South Asia. Throughout the course of the history the geographical extent of the kingdom of Kashmir kept changing, however by the mid-19th century, the term Kashmir geographically denoted only the valley between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain range. Today, it denotes a larger area that includes the Indian administered territories of Jammu and Kashmir (which consists of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh), the Pakistan administered territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan, and the Chinese-administered regions of Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract.”

– Gameness til the End

The cockfight

Don’t fan sparks that could burn the house

By S. S Qadri | Srinagar
Publish Date: Apr 27 2016 10:59PM
Updated Date: Apr 27 2016 10:59PM

A common ‘Kashmiri’ is subject to many crises within the crisis in terms of his exposure to social, economic, psychological or political circles. In all the matters that matter, his ear lobe is squeezed and twisted to make him kneel down to adjust to the tunes of others. Culturally ‘Kashmiri’ is portrayed as an apostle of love and affection which has manifested his image into a `coy’ little figure who is there to bend his neck down upon every slap on his head by any passerby. He has become a victim of his inherent indolence that has attributed signs of cowardice to his character which actually he is not. In the recent few decades, though, he is being charged of being the most virulent and deadly creature which again he is not. Caught between these two extremes he is today being hammered for the characteristics that actually do not represent him.

It was the cool April morning when Sir John, Jani, heard about a Cock fight ‘Kakur Jung’, that was to take place in the nearby stadium. Jumping with joy, he along with his friends went to see the fight.

The competition was between a ‘Kashur Kakur’ and a ‘Punjaib Kakur’.

The ‘Kashur Kakur’ was smart red, stout, heavy with a big comb, ‘Moval’ over his head and a long brown feathery tail.

The ‘Punjaib Kakur’ was black, well muscled, properly groomed, apparently a well trained, elite breed from West Indies.

After a long fight leaving both the birds featherless and bleeding, the last punch came from the foreign West Indies ‘Kakur’ that left the ‘Kashur Kakur’ numb lying on the ground. The naked ‘Kashur Kakur’ without  a streak of red and brown feather left by now watered Jani’s mouth for his limbs appeared juicy that just needed the puff of a ‘Tandoor’ to swallow down.

The announcement was made declaring ‘Black Punjaib, West indies Kakur’ the winner. Shocked and disenchanted, the admirers of the ‘Kashur Kakur’ had to go home almost crying. Jani was the only one to rejoice and cheer. On seeing him celebrating, the mob caught hold of him and was heartlessly beaten. Police came, instead of arresting them, Jani was bundled for having celebrated the victory of the foreign Kakur. He had to spend 3 days behind the bars and then on the intervention of higher authorities whom Jani’s mother approached, Jani was released on bail.

When Jani reached home he thought he was within the precincts of his safe house and celebrating the win of his ‘favorite’, would not infuriate anyone. He got some crackers from the market and started bursting them. On this his neighbor who had lost in the bird fight came and thrashed him, shouted slogans against him and stoned his window panes to pieces. After sometime came the police, tried to pacify the situation, Lathi charged, but situation worsened. High level teams were deputed to the place to take stock of situation. Media labeled Jani as ‘anti-national’ for praising foreign bird and not mourning  on the loss of ‘Kashir Kakur’. Everybody was hammer and tong against Jani. Police was forced to cuff off Jani for celebrating the loss of his neighbor’s bird in the game. In the garb of being in mourning over the cock fight, Jani’s neighbor went, rubbing his eyes and crying, to his mentors to seek privileges and sops portraying himself as a victim of Jani’s celebrations over his defeat. All sympathies went with Jani’s neighbor despite leaving  Jani bruised and bleeding not only this time but in the past too, physically and emotionally.  And then Jani’s neighbor expected Jani to love him, his family and his ‘Kashur Kakur’.

(The writer is a post-graduate in Management Studies from the University of Kashmir)

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