Gamecocks are treated with best care like professional athletes


Gamecock eggs, Gamecock chicks, Gamecock hens, and Gamecock roosters.

– Gameness til the End

Antique of the Week: Birds were given the best of care

Beverly Guardian | 16:00 Saturday 30 January 2016

Picture of fighting cock

Picture of fighting cock

This week’s object is a picture of a fighting cock.

Cockfighting was banned outright in England, Wales and the British Overseas Territories with the Cruelty to Animals Act of 1835, and was banned in Scotland in 1895.

In this blood sport, the gamecocks would be fitted with steel spurs in order to cause maximum damage and placed in a pit – a cockpit.

Cocks are naturally aggressive birds and would often fight to the death if allowed.

Betting would take place on the outcome of these fights. The gamecocks were given the best of care and treated like professional athletes until the age of two years. A successful fighting bird could make its owner a lot of money.

The picture is available from St Crispin Antiques and Collectors Centre, 11 Butcher Row, Beverley.

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