First cockfighting game: most downloaded app in Vietnam 2013


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The first cockfighting video game in the world

We all know that cockfighting is one of the best sport in mankind history. But, have you ever wondered “How many Cockfighting video game was made?”. THE ANSWER IS ZERO. Yes, there are no cockfighting video game in the world.

In April, 2013, our studio created the very first cockfighting game. It called “Gà Chiến” (Vietnamese translation of Cock Fighting). It became a big hit, and ended up 2013 at the 1st place in Vietnamese iOS chart.

Most downloaded app in Vietnam 2013

Gà Chiến was named as the most downloaded iOS app in Vietnam 2013. The Android version of this game is also 3rd place.

Check out the market snapshots below, made by Appota – Vietnamese biggest mobile platform.

More information about this snapshots, please click here: Vietnam Mobile Market – Pocket Guide to 2014 by Appota from Appota Corp

We provide some videoclip of Gà Chiến so you will know how the game working:

Trailer (Vietnamese version):

Testing the game (Vietnamese version):

Gameplay (Vietnamese version):

Online Presence:

Future Global Version


Gameplay and Features

In Rooster Battle there are lots of Rooster, which rooster will have his own skill, his own ability. Rooster is like Hero in MOBA game (DoTA, League of Legends…)

Player use his own rooster to battle with another player in the world in realtime. Each battle is 1 vs 1.
User can also buy armor, item and another upgrade to make his rooster become stronger. Each rooster can earn experience point to level up. With experience point earned, player can unlock another rooster and special skill, rare item.


After the game release, it will be available in following platform:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile.
  • PC (Web version).


When release, the game will be available in following language:

  • English.
  • Spanish.
  • Thai. (Optional)

Online Presence

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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