AMCGCE 7th World Gamecock Championships (2015), Jan 28-Feb 1


– Gameness til the End

7th World Gamecock Championship 2015 Cartagena

The AMCGCE has the great pleasure to announce the organization of 7th World Gamecock Championships, to be held in Cartagena, Colombia and celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

This tournament was held earlier in:

  1. Lima, Peru
  2. Guayaquil, Ecuador
  3. Panama, Panama
  4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  5. Monteria, Colombia and
  6. Masaya, Nicaragua

Now the most important tournament of cockfighting world, supported by Fernando Mafioly in the local management, and associations ASOGASUR of Pasto, and GALLOS UNIS Monteria, and the active collaboration of outstanding partners ASOGAL of Cali.

This tournament is called:

The 7th World Gamecock Championship.

“Dr Andres Arroyo” (a life devoted to the birds of combat), “all weights, all weapons”.

To be held from January 28, 2015 to February 1, 2015, in Cartagena, Colombia.


  • Welcome and opening
  • World Gamecock Defense Congress
  • Election of Miss Cockfighter World


  • On 28 and 29 January: spur/postiza
  • 1st of February: oriental and knife


The Abbey of Cali, Colombia brothers worldwide recognition will be done, as the ambassadors of Colombian gallística.

Special thanks to mr. Yohnny Ramirez de Lima, Peru, in the category of Great Patrons of the world gallística.

A posthumous tribute to two great Puerto Rican cockers who left us this 2014 Goyito Garcia and Chuito Vela.


  1. AWARD SELECTION cockpit, Lima, Peru, the world champion spur weights of 3 to 4.7 pounds.
  2. TROPHY ALAS PERUVIAN, Lima Peru, the world champion knife.
  3. TROPHY ABENE of MEXICO DF, Oriental world champion.


Victor Negrete Castañeda
15 years in 40 countries

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