11 Filipino Weekly TV Shows on Gamecock Farming and Sports


Back in the 1980’s-90’s, Ating Alamin TV of Gerry Geronimo was the pioneer to broadcast gamecock farming TV segment.

Ating Alamin TV is an agriculture weekly TV show. Gerry Geronimo Productions, Inc. is devoted to bring issues concerning agriculture, fisheries, livelihood and technologies.

Let us not forget the pioneer legacy of Ating Alamin TV Show’s gamecock farming segment.

Hataw Pinoy and Tukaan followed in 2000’s. It might be 1999 or earlier.

Nowadays, there are many filipino TV shows made for the cockfighting industry (gamecock farming and sports).

Weekly TV Show Types

Gamecock Farming and Sports Magazine

  1. Sabong TV
  2. Sagupaan
  3. Bakbakan Na (formerly Sabong Planet)
  4. Tukaan
  5. Sabong Nation (formerly Hataw Pinoy)

Recorded Cockfights

  1. Sultada
  2. San Juan Coliseum RQP Derby Time
  3. Sagupaan Global Cockfights

Agriculture with Gamecock Farming Segment

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Asenso Pinoy
  3. Ating Alamin

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