Matt Bevin should visit Stephen Colbert’s TV show. Both defends cockfighting.

I think Matt Bevin, US Senate Candidate from Kentucky, should visit Stephen Colbert in his TV show The Colbert Report before the elections.

Stephen Colbert might be the first contemporary media person in the United States that categorize cockfighting as sports.

In the Philippines, daily newspapers and TV news stations always categorize cockfighting as sports.

Cockfighting is gamecock farming and sports.

Cockfighter is gamecock farmer and sportsman.

Cockfighting was enjoyed by 1st POTUS George Washington, 3rd POTUS Thomas Jefferson, 7th POTUS Andrew Jackson, and 16th POTUS Abraham Lincoln.

Legalize Liberty! Legalize Cockfighting Again!

– Gameness til the End

Sport Report – Snacks for Students & Cockfighting


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The Colbert Report

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Stephen Colbert



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