AGDN Letter seeking KY Legalize Cockfighting Bill sponsors



Cockfighting is gamecock farming and sports.


The last legal cockfight in the Mainland of the United States was on August 2008.


Cockfighting is legal in the Territories of the United States; where it is a booming chicken farming industry as well as chicken sports industry.

– Gameness til the End

Request for Sponsorship and Pre-Filing Legislation to Legalize Gamefowl Fighting in Kentucky


In Corbin, Kentucky this past weekend an amazing thing happened. A standing Representative with extensive experience in agriculture and economic policymaking vocally supported and endorsed the legalization and regulation of gamefowl fighting in Kentucky. Kentucky Representative Richard Henderson committed to help us if we commit as a community to stand up as a vocal grassroots manpower movement and participate in the process.

I believe Representative Henderson was truthful and honest with the gamefowl community. I believe he will support legalization based on his very passionate presentation of support in Corbin. Let’s see if I’m right.


Let’s send a thousand emails and make a thousand calls and show Representative Henderson that we are willing to vocally stand up and fight for our rights using the democratic process.


Feel free to use the letter provided.

Representative Henderson,

I truly appreciate your words at the American Gamefowl Defense Network’s event in Corbin, Kentucky on March 29th. Rarely has an elected official embraced the idea of protecting and restoring the rights of the gamefowl community in such an articulate and passionate way.

You embrace the cultural and historical importance of gamefowl in Kentucky and also understand the important economic impact legalization would bring to this great state. Your extensive experience in economic and agricultural policy combined with your enjoyment of gamefowl fighting makes you a uniquely capable advocate of legalization.

Kentucky gamefowl fighting advocates are mobilizing at the grassroots level through movements like the American Gamefowl Defense Network. The 700 people present in Corbin represent but a fraction of the movement mobilizing in Kentucky and across America. This movement is solely focused on legalizing gamefowl fighting at the state level in order to gain access to the exemption provided legal states in the federal gamefowl fighting statute. We want to change the law, not break the law.

If gamefowl fighting remains even a misdemeanor, Kentucky citizens will be subjected to felony federal convictions, fines, and incarceration, all made possible by the recent updates to federal law that criminalizes spectating a gamefowl fight. The HSUS and US Department of Justice have identified the spectator law as the tool the federal government needed to successfully crackdown on Kentucky citizens. Only state legalization can shield Kentucky citizens from this massive intrusion on personal liberty concerning an animal we consume billions of a year that are legally slaughtered exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958.

As an individual supporting and participating in the grassroots manpower movement to legalize gamefowl fighting, the American Gamefowl Defense Network, I respectfully request that you agree to sponsor and pre-file a bill for the 2015 session to protect gamefowl enthusiasts by legalizing and regulating gamefowl fighting in Kentucky.

You mentioned in Corbin that you would support this community if it united and stood up loud. If you agree to sponsor legislation the gamefowl community will show up by the thousands and support your commitment at every phase of the legislative process. It will be very clear that there is a huge and vocal constituency that supports the efforts to protect an under-represented but no less important community both at the Capitol and in the media. The time has come to legalize gamefowl fighting in Kentucky.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kentucky is Mobilizing to Legalize Gamefowl Fighting through the Democratic Process

March 30, 2014

The AGDN meeting in Corbin, Kentucky has sparked a movement to legalize gamefowl fighting in Kentucky and beyond. Although less numbers than anticipated, there was an estimated 700 people in attendance from Kentucky and states all over the country.

The meeting was very encouraging and has created a lot of positive energy in the community. Hundreds of contacts were obtained and the communication network will be stronger than it’s ever been. We had a standing state representative defend the legalization of cockfighting in front of 700 people and he was straightforward and unapologetic.

I want to thank the people from Kentucky that worked so hard to put this event together and made sure that the focus is on building a manpower movement for legislative change. Tommy, Craig, Roger, Larry, John, Steve, Jerry, the Vanhoozens and all of the coordinators and supporters from other states that travelled to support this event and this movement to change the law, not break the law.

Beginning tomorrow the official process begins. A targeted sponsorship request letter will be sent to this representative requesting that a legalization proposal be pre-filed for the 2015 legislative session. EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE. GET THE WORD OUT and be prepared to send a letter and make a phone call between 9am-5pm on the same day at the same time. A letter and contact information will be sent out on the network and posted on this page tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned. Unite, organize, and legalize! Let’s take the first step in changing the law together.

Kentucky Mega-Meeting March 29, 2014.

Organizing a grassroots Movement to Legally Protect Gamefowl Enthusiasts.

Change the Law, Don’t Break the Law.

March 25, 2014

The folks in Kentucky have invited the network to come and talk to the gamefowl community in Corbin Kentucky on March 29th at 10am. This meeting has the singular goal of organizing a grassroots effort to seek relief in the Kentucky legislature by citizen participation in the democratic process.

The network has a saying that is often used: CHANGE THE LAW, DON’T BREAK THE LAW. There are no loopholes around federal law as long as gamefowl fighting is a crime, even a misdemeanor, and this is written into federal statute and has been tested in federal court.

Arrests and prosecutions only further the criminal element stereotype that has so effectively condemned this entire community in the eyes of many people that have not heard the other side of the story. This community can best help itself by committing its energy to political activism. Don’t allow the media and animal rights extremists to exploit the decision to break the law. instead focus on changing the law and give them no ammunition.

Importantly, it is not legal to knowingly accept or use any funds generated from any illegal activity in the fight to legalize that activity. Any suggestion that continuing to break the law to generate funds to use in the effort to change the current law would also be illegal and therefore not condoned by the network.

If this community can focus on uniting, telling its story, and participate as a citizen in the democratic process, then anything is possible. Although success cannot be guaranteed, the end of gamefowl culture in America is right around the corner if nothing is done.

If you believe in this vision, here is a link to the Arena in Corbin Kentucky.

The meeting will start at 10:00 A.M. I would encourage people to be there a little early to keep the disruption to a minimum and find a seat.

We hope to see you all on the 29th.

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