AGDN Farm Bill Oppose Letter to US Senators


February 4, 2014: 113th US Congress has passed the HR2642 Farm Bill and sends the bill to Barack Obama who is likely to sign the bill into law.

We must continue to stand up and fight for our freedom rights.

The content of the OPPOSE letter below must be read by liberty loving individuals and cockfighters.

HR2642: Miscellaneous Provisions

“Prohibits any person from knowingly attending an animal fighting venture or causing a minor to attend such a venture.”

– Gameness til the End

AGDN Farm Bill Oppose Letter


I am writing to urge you to strike anti-cockfighting provisions from the Farm Bill before it is approved. Cockfighting has been misrepresented and condemned by stereotype without regard for history, tradition or baseline equal protections demanded by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Cockfighting has been stereotyped as an inhumane sport amounting to animal cruelty. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not discussing dogs. Cockfighting does not meet the statutory definition of animal cruelty relative to other activities, arguably more egregious, that are currently protected by the law. The Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 specifically excludes poultry from humane slaughter requirements. This means poultry have there beaks cut off and their feet clipped without stunning or anesthesia, so they won’t kill each other when they instinctually fight.

Moreover, trophy hunting and trapping are perfectly legal activities. Killing for sport. Remember, these animals are more conscious and sentient than a chicken and prolonging their pain, suffering and death is completely protected. Also, falconry is legally protected by Federal regulations making this blood sport between two birds perfectly legal. (See 50 USC 21.29). This is a clear example of hypocritical policymaking and unjustly targeted moral condemnation.

Not only are these contradictions illogical, they should be considered Constitutionally impermissible. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution stipulates that all individuals must be granted equal protection under the law. The only meaningful differences between commercial slaughter, hunting and cockfighting is a matter of taste and economics, neither of which overwhelm a legislator’s imperative to implement Constitutional policy. Remember, the legislature is a critical component of rights based policymaking. The courts respect the decisions of legislators acting within constitutional confines.

Independently, critics argue that cockfighting should be illegal because it promotes gambling and a criminal element. Most importantly, these concerns are irrelevant to Constitutional considerations. Also, according to the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on the subject of cockfighting, American Cockers, these concerns are completely overstated. Indeed, if there is any legitimacy to the claims of illegal gambling and a criminal element related to cockfighting, then those claims are made worse by driving the activity underground where it remains hidden from public scrutiny and potential regulation. Moreover, billions of dollars are illegally gambled on legal sporting events every year and these sports are still protected. Gambling is a non-unique policy issue that should not be allowed to justify denying a rights base to a class of people that have practiced the sport of cockfighting for generations.

Arbitrary and arguably unconstitutional legislative targeting of the gamefowl industry is decimating an underrepresented, but no less important, segment of American society. It is an indisputable fact that our Founding Fathers raised gamefowl as a matter of course. It is unlikely that the very hands that drafted the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution would also sign legislation designating cockfighting as a criminal activity.

I urge you to support the gamefowl community and propose striking anti-cockfighting language from the Farm Bill before it is approved.


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