“The Roundhead Man” disgusted on Farm Bill, UGBA, AWW.


I find the article “News of 2014 Farm Bill” by “The Roundhead Man”, which was published in The Gamecock, as an act of activism.

  • Though, others might find it as a malicious attack on a person.

Do not forget, we all are in this freedom struggle together.

  • We may not agree all the time on our fight for freedom.
  • But we are united in our passion – The Gamecock.
  • And we are united in our chosen sports and life – Cockfighting.

The Roundhead Man asked Craig to respond.

  • Of course, Craig’s response will be published by The Gamecock (if Craig choose to respond through The Gamecock).
  • Hope Craig respond to every question asked by “The Roundhead Man” in his article.

Again, I find the article by “The Roundhead Man” as an act of activism.

  • We all have to rally for our cause – FREEDOM.

– Gameness til the End


“He who sacrifices (cockfighter’s cockfighting) freedom
for (breeder’s chicken selling) security deserves neither.”
-Benjamin Franklin


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Abraham Lincoln is a cockfighter and the 16th President of the United States.
Honest Abe is Abraham Lincoln’s nickname from being a cockfighting referee.

News of 2014 Farm Bill

By The Roundhead Man
The Gamecock, March 2014, Page 44-45

It’s official. The Farm Bill passed in February and it is now a federal crime to even attend a cockfight in the United States. I never thought I’d write those words. They put another section in the bill that makes it a felony, with up to 3 years in prison to bring a minor to a cockfight. The federal pen is no joke and we will all have to do a lot of soul searching. Cockers will need to weigh family obligations against the desire to show gamefowl and decide what to do.

This whole debacle has left me completely disgusted and not just with the politicians in Washington DC that voted against our gamecock heritage. Our own leadership completely failed us. So many cockers have given so much to groups like the UGBA and everyone needs to know the facts about what happened here.

Not many cockers were paying attention to the Farm Bill until the final days before it was voted on even though the Farm Bill has been pending in Congress for several years. Why weren’t they paying attention? Because groups like the UGBA didn’t sound the alarm!

Let’s look at some rather disturbing facts. Because Congress has proven they don’t listen to cockers, some in the UGBA set up a group called Americans Watching Washington to fight the spectator ban. That sounds good, right? Americans Watching Washington even raised and spent $60,000 on a lobbyist for a two year period. It was $30,000 spent in 2012 and the same in 2013. Again, that sounds good. We needed an expensive, high powered lobbyist. And we did get an expensive lobbyist. But we did not get a high powered lobbyist.

In fact, the lobbyist that AWW/UGBA hired is a guy in North Carolina named Nurham Warwick. Yes, North Carolina. Who in their right mind hires someone in North Carolina to lobby against a bill in Washington DC? It’s a 5 hour drive just to get to the Capitol. This isn’t the kind of person that is going to have a political connections to win. This isn’t the kind of guy that goes to the bars of Capitol Hill and wines and dines the Senators. He lives too far away for that! That was $60,000 down the drain. So why did AWW/UGBA hire him?

I asked myself that question and I dug a little deeper. I found something very disturbing. The current UGBA President is Craig Davis from Kentucky. Craig founded AWW. Craig is also an aspiring politician and is running for the Kentucky Legislature. It would be great to have a proud cocker in the Kentucky Legislature! So, who is running Craig’s campaign? The answer is Nurham Warwick, the same lobbyist in North Carolina that AWW paid $60,000.

In his defense, Craig Davis went to Washington DC several times to lobby against the Farm Bill. But in the final months before the vote, he was off in Kentucky trying to get himself elected. Meanwhile, the Farm Bill was moving forward and the UGBA was not doing anything to stop it.

Why did Davis put running for office ahead of stopping legislature that puts a serious nail in cockfighting coffin in the United States? Did the lobbyist he hired actually drive to Washington DC and give our community $60,000 worth of lobbying? Or is he earning his keep by helping Craig Davis in his run for political office while the poor cocker gets screwed?

Another part of the problem may have been that the UGBA fired D’Renda Lewis, their Director of Administration, just months before the Congress voted. D’Renda has always been extremely good at defending our rights. She stopped the Alabama Legislature from making cockfighting a felony. But the UGBA didn’t want to pay her anymore, even though she worked for nearly nothing and was winning fights for us. So D’Renda gets fired while a guy in North Carolina gets paid nearly twice as much to lobby politicians that are 5 hours away. No, D’Renda wasn’t in Washington DC either. But at least she could pick up the phone and get thousands of cockers to make phone calls to their Congressman.

Who fired D’Renda and used the money to pay Nurham Warwick instead? The asnwer is Craig Davis, the same guy Nurham Warwick is helping run for political office.

I ask The Gamecock to please print this so it is in the open. Cockers deserve to know what happens with their membership fees to the various groups that promise to defend our rights. I also ask Craig Davis to respond. The gamefowl community deserves answers and Davis deserves the chance to answer my questions.

As for me, it’s time for me to go a different direction with life. I’m not going to risk a federal prison sentence over chickens. Some cockers are bashing people that are getting out of gamefowl. They say we need to be as game as our chickens. Sorry guys, but I make decisions based on my families needs. I’m not going to make decisions based on what a bird with a brain the size of a nut would do.

I am hearing that a lot of clubs are going to close down. Others will stay open. Sooner or later one will get raided by the Feds and they will be the test case for the new law. The last test case was in South Carolina and it led to some good men going to prison. It also led to an appeal that our side lost after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. This time it will be a test case for everyone that was there. That’s even worse.

Whoever it is that serves time, I feel for you and pray for you. It won’t be me though. I didn’t mind risking a fine or probation in a misdemeanor state. But the stakes are much higher now. Maybe when I retire I’ll move to Mexico and take up our great sport once again. Though I hear a few Mexican states have banned cockfighting recently. What is the world coming to?

The Gamecock, March 2014, Page 44 and 45
The Gamecock, March 2014, Page 44 and 45

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