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– Gameness til the End

The Gamecock is a symbol of freedom

by webadmin
02-06-2011 at 03:49 PM

I have read that the the gamecock lost by a single vote to the bald eagle of becoming the national symbol of the United States. As a breeder of game fowl I understand why men from the beginning years of this country would make such a nomination. The courage of these fighting birds has amazed those who have been lucky enough to witness them for thousands of years. These birds with the fighting instinct are to me and many others one of the hidden treasures of this world. A great fighter that overcomes all adversity to become a champion is always respected and admired. The stubbornness and tenacity of these game fowl where the same quality’s needed in men for 13 colonies to gain Independence from tyranny. So I am saddened that the eagle prevailed when the votes were counted. I can only guess that the room was populated by an urban majority.

No one can look at a rooster and know that you are looking at a true gamecock without out first seeing that rooster in physical combat with another of his kind in a fight to the death. Only a real test that pushes him to the edge of death will you know if he is “game” or not. Only men that understand the True nature of game fowl can comprehend this fact. Nothing will stop or even slow down the real gamecock when he is trying to kill his opponent. His will to win the fight overcomes his very will to survive. Gameness is not the so called “pecking order” referred to by poultry scientist in the Universities of this country, but a fighting instinct that is programmed inside of the game roosters brain and was put there by selecting the most courages and deep game individuals by carefully breeders for centuries. Genetic code in all life forms is always changing always experimenting with changes in species and adapting to the world around it. Only by constantly testing the gamecock every generation can breeders maintain the courage that makes a gamecock “game”.

To those ignorant of fighting cocks this all sounds like red neck fantasy but it is not. Most people can only depend on flawed imagination to visualize what a cockfight must be like and the majority of the population could care less, but to the lucky ones that get to know the truth it is a life moving experience. You can’t watch a video on you tube or television and get a feel for what is happening. Most of these videos focus on exited crowds of people many of them only interested in gambling on the outcome of the contest. To the true game fowl breeder the fight or test is only part of his complete breeding program, but is is of most importance to him and he will be studying every move much like a chess player. There are many men around the world that have devoted a good part of there lives trying to breed the perfect strain of cocks and when master breeders come together to test their particular theories it is a site to behold.

The United States until just recently has been the home of the greatest game fowl breeders in the world. American fighting cocks have been prized above all others for the last 100 years. American breeders have shipped more game fowl to more places than the rest of the world combined. Free enterprise and fierce competition among top breeders has produced a Superior gamecock and those birds are in big demand from others that want to include them in their own breeding programs. This genetic pool has even been recognized by breeders of commercial chickens and specimens have been used to replace genes that have been lost in modern broilers and egg laying chickens.

Unfortunately the American gamecock is now in a state of decline and like many US industries will soon become second best or even extinct. Our lawmakers seam only to listen to those that poses the most influence usually in the form of a large bank account and policy changes that criminalize necessary testing of game fowl has created this problem.

Almost every industry in the united states is now controlled by foreign interest. But while many American companies fade away or become “brand names” the military industrial complex grows at an alarming pace. Americans pretend and believe that we are still a free people while spreading “democracy” with our military might. It is Ironic that cockfighting was restored to the Afghan people when they were liberated from the Tali ban.

Free Men Admiring a great white gamecock

The INTERNET has began a new freedom movement for ordinary men with ordinary means and I believe is the only hope of returning freedom to this country. Real freedom to own property to expect a sound money system where hard work and ambition can achieve your dreams, were the pursuit of happiness is a real guarantee.

Free men will always respect the courage of the gamecock and the game cock can only live among free men. If freedom ever comes back to this country I hope that wise men have safely hidden away their best game fowl will once again display these great birds for the world to see.

Save The Gamecock

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