How To Acquire Molt Game Strain?

Gamecock strains are dead game.

If not dead game, it must ONLY be called “fighting chickens”.  All types of chickens as well as turkey, pheasant, quail, etc. are gamefowl. Thus, when a chicken strain is not dead game we can called it “gamefowl”.

Selecting brood cock and brood hen are both very important in the endeavor of breeding gamecocks with dominant fighting style and early gameness. Acquiring personally or remotely potential brood stocks must be well researched with criteria listed.

Another important gameness attribute of a gamecock strain is molt game.

Molt game strains of gamecock will remain game thru the molting season and most importantly during the peak of molting.

August and September are the months to acquire molt game brood stocks.

Visit potential breeder-cockfighter who is willing to let go a few of his stocks during the molting season, typically July to October.

Ask the breeder for full brothers, half brothers, and first cousins to choose from. Spar for 30 seconds to a minute the worst molting roosters of the bunch against bigger or stronger roosters, those who did molt earlier than the regular molting season.

A worst molting rooster is almost bare without fully grown feathers. Most of the feathers are growing fresh with blood vessels for the quill of the feather.

If one of the bunch of roosters show shyness towards human, take it as a sign of non-moltgame. If one of the bunch of roosters did not show game towards another rooster, take it as non-moltgame.

Acquire only, if all of the roosters in the bunch show gameness without any signs of non-moltgame or dunghill or quitter or runner.

Do the same on the female side. Pick the most active during her peak of molt. She must be confident among other hens. Better pick the worst molting one but is still the dominant of the bunch – full sisters, half sisters, and first cousins.

May we fight against each other at MoltGame INTL every 21st of September.

Do not forget that “understanding and quality control of gameness” in our gamecock strains of chickens are very important.

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