Chile Senator Fulvio Ross attacked freedom and cockfighting


Cuba, a communist country, do have legal cockfighting. Gambling is prohibited though.

Other countries with communist or socialist ruling party that have cockfighting include but not limited to China, Argentina, France, etc.

– Gameness til the End

Senator calls for end to cockfighting

SUNDAY, 02 JUNE 2013 15:23


A Socialist Party senator criticized cockfighting operations in Northern Chile saying they would be considered animal abuse under existing law. 

Socialist Party (PS) Sen Fulvio Rossi filed a complaint yesterday with the Mistreatment of Animals Ministry saying that cockfighting in Arica, just 12 miles south of Chile’s border with Peru, “commits acts of mistreatment or cruelty” against animals.

In his complaint, he cited a recent article about cockfighting in local newspaper La Estrella de Arica and said that roosters often die as a result of injuries received during matches. Cockfighting is popular in many parts of Latin America and is an especially lucrative sporting event in Peru, where it is legal. In Chile, cockfighting has been a part of cultural activities since the colonial days when Spaniards and Peruvians brought the tradition to Chile.“I am grateful to the people that come to this poultry event for the first time… because that is how we show them cockfighting as something that is traditional in our country, and particularly to (the city of) Arica,” Omar Espinoza Cruz, an experienced cockfighter who chose to raise his family in Arica, told La Estrella de Arica. “Here cockfighting has been developing practically since our Independence.”

Rossi’s call to address animal rights concerns in the north comes right before June 7, a regional holiday that commemorates the Battle of Arica, a battle in which Arica became part of Chile, instead of Peru. Cockfighting events also typically accompany events like the September 18 Independence Day festival and the May 21 holiday that commemorates the Battle of Iquique, which celebrates Chile’s naval heroes.

Cock fighting has long been contraversial around the world, partly because of the bloody nature of the event. The contest ends when a rooster is killed or when an owner removes a tired bird from the contest.

Referees watch the contest and separate the roosters when they become too tangled up to continue fighting. Many times, the roosters are fitted with sharp plastic or fish bone spurs that fit over or sometimes replace their natural spurs.

“When do we lose a rooster? This happens when it’s impossible to separate them and they continue fighting, or when they don’t have the the endurance to tolerate the pain and keep going,” cockfighter Aquiles Cano told La Estrella de Arica. “The fighting cock is an athlete and has to be prepared for 8 – 10 minutes of fighting without rest.”

Studies on the exact number of cockfighters in Chile are limited, but a veterinary student from the Universidad Austral de Chile conducted a survey of more than 2,000 gamefowl breeders across much of Chile in 2003 and discovered that most cockfighters were between ages 21 and 50. Most also have completed at least a high school education, while 21 percent had finished technical degrees and 17 percent had finished college. The study showed that most cockfighting operations were small, consisting of between 40 and 50 animals. Cockfighters most frequently identified as agricultural workers or retired miners.

Although the reasons for continuing the tradition of cockfighting are varied, activists continue to protest the practice.

“Cockfighting is an animal mistreatment crime,” said activist Anyelo Soto Allende. “It’s a practice that is really cruel, because many of the animals — including the winners — end dead because they are so injured that the truth is they have to be killed so that they don’t continue suffering.”

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