A popular pasttime in China: Cockfighting


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Interesting Recreation Way in Ancient China

Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 0:38

I had already written an article a few days ago: Ancient Chinese Amusement Life in Four Seasons. Today, I write another article and show some interesting recreation way in China’s ancient times.

In order to seek spiritual enjoyment, Chinese ancient people once created a lot of recreation methods. People add the fun of life through various recreation way. I can say that the recreation is not only a pastime way, but also the accumulation of the social civilization at the same time. I introduce some popular amusement project in Chinese ancient times to everybody.


Cockfighting is a kind of traditional recreation way in China’s ancient times. It’s a popular pastime means. People utilize cock’s bellicose instinct, select and foster cocks, then let them mutual fight for amusement. In order to win, ancient Chinese had invented a lot of methods. For example put on the special armor for cock, protect the body of cock. Or put the sharp metal hook on cock’s claws; strengthen the attack of the cock. In addition, some people daub fox oil on the cockscomb. Fox is natural enemy of cock. Fry the fat of the fox into oil and daub on the cockscomb. The other side’s cock will fear and avoid once smelling the smell. Ancient Chinese racked their brains for cockfighting winning.

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