Why an Oklahoman Cockfighter was shot dead?


When cockfighting is outlawed, only outlaws will be cockfighting.

When gamecocks are outlawed, only outlaws will have gamecocks.

– Gameness til the End

Would you kill George Washington to defend a chicken?

Police Officers arresting people while enforcing any law rip families apart and create situations where Law Enforcement Officers may hurt, cripple and yes even kill a person to force the person into compliance with the law.

Would you advocate passing a law supporting your government making raids that may kill George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock and/or Benjamin Franklin to defend a chicken?

Please understand the truth George Washington and many of our founding fathers were gamecock owners (cockfighters). In this concept of truth in today’s age our government officials would be sending law enforcement officers out to make raids, rip families apart and create situations where government agents may kill American citizens that share the same values that George Washington possessed.

These were men of courage that gathered at these events in honor and admiration of the courage and athletic ability that gamecocks displayed during these fights. Women had respect and admiration for men that possessed these qualities and traits. Some people think it is progress to move away from these traditional values to the more modern feminized girly-men that are subserviant to women and the butch she-males that think they wear the pants in the family that we see across America today. It isn’t politically correct to honor and admire courage today, it isn’t politically correct to discuss politics, it isn’t politically correct to publicly argue your political views, but what have we lost in the progressive politically correct ‘bs’ = freedom, courage, honor, honest debate and the admiration of countries around the world that looked on Americans in the same way that our founding fathers looked upon their gamecocks.

Oklahoma absolutely needs the hundreds of millions of dollars that we lost in 2004 when the unconstitutional foundation of UN Agenda 21 policy of putting animals, fish and fowl above human lives was laid when the Humane Society of the United States (a UN Agenda 21 supporting NGO) and their corrupt UN Agenda 21 supporting puppets in offices within our state capitol pushed through an unconstitutional law criminalizing the gamecock harvest industry. Oklahoma residents in the rural countries and towns across Oklahoma have been devastated by the lost income that was taken from our communities. We absolutely must have legislators that possess the courage to repeal this unconstitutional law that attempts to establish the foundation of UN Agenda 21, destroying our industries, destroying our constitutionally protected property rights and destroying the economies of our rural citizens, towns and counties in the push to implement the globalist UN Agenda 21 plan.

Repealing this unconstitutional law would immediately generate a large economic boost across Oklahoma’s rural areas and allow OK to overcome and withstand much of the economic collapse that is coming from Washington DC.

If you support the Constitution then you must support the gamecock harvest industry and our right to fight chickens. No one gets to decide how far another person will go to defend their God-given, constitutionally protected and unalienable right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom and to protect their property, you only get to decide if you will support taking these things from them to force them into compliance with your opinion on the subject and issue that the law is meant to address. Passing any law under the fantasy of hoping no one is/will be hurt while it is being enforced is very naïve. Kind of like being stupid enough to throw a bowling ball off of the Empire State Building during rush hour and crossing your fingers hoping no one on the street below gets hurt.

Thank you,

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr

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