Press Release: AMCGCE Asia (World Gamecock Breeders Association)

“Our challenge is to slowly grow awareness and interest in Asia about AMCGCE (World Gamecock Breeders Association) and its mission. Out 51 Asian countries, AMCGCE in 5 Asian countries will be our goal by the end of 2014. Hosting the World Gamecock Championship in Asia will be great in the near future.” – Gameness til the End (AMCGCE Volunteer)



  • Asociacion Mundial de Criadores de Gallos de Combate Y Exhibicion
  • (World Gamecock Breeders Association)
  • Established 2000
  • 30 countries


  • Promote breeding, exhibition, sports of cockfighting, and related activities


  • World Gamecock Championship
    • 7th World Gamecock Championship (2015, Colombia)
  • Miss Cockfighter World
  • World Gamecock Defense Congress
  • Host country is to be chosen for each event


  • The first priority is to pursue working relationship with existing associations on promoting and legalizing cockfighting worldwide.
  • The second priority is to find volunteer/s to organize locally and to start online presence of AMCGCE for Asian countries.
    • AMCGCE Afghanistan
    • AMCGCE Armenia
    • AMCGCE Azerbaijan
    • AMCGCE Bahrain
    • AMCGCE Bangladesh
    • AMCGCE Bhutan
    • AMCGCE Brunei
    • AMCGCE Burma
    • AMCGCE Cambodia
    • AMCGCE China
    • AMCGCE Cyprus
    • AMCGCE Georgia
    • AMCGCE Hong Kong
    • AMCGCE India
    • AMCGCE Indonesia
    • AMCGCE Iran
    • AMCGCE Iraq
    • AMCGCE Israel
    • AMCGCE Japan
    • AMCGCE Jordan
    • AMCGCE Kazakhstan
    • AMCGCE Korea, North
    • AMCGCE Korea, South
    • AMCGCE Kuwait
    • AMCGCE Kyrgyzstan
    • AMCGCE Laos
    • AMCGCE Lebanon
    • AMCGCE Macau
    • AMCGCE Malaysia
    • AMCGCE Maldives
    • AMCGCE Mongolia
    • AMCGCE Nepal
    • AMCGCE Oman
    • AMCGCE Pakistan
    • AMCGCE Palestine
    • AMCGCE Philippines
    • AMCGCE Qatar
    • AMCGCE Russia
    • AMCGCE Saudi Arabia
    • AMCGCE Singapore
    • AMCGCE Sri Lanka
    • AMCGCE Syria
    • AMCGCE Taiwan
    • AMCGCE Tajikistan
    • AMCGCE Thailand
    • AMCGCE Turkey
    • AMCGCE Turkmenistan
    • AMCGCE United Arab Emirates
    • AMCGCE Uzbekistan
    • AMCGCE Vietnam
    • AMCGCE Yemen
  • The third priority is to host the World Gamecock Championship in Asia.


Last 7 April 2013, GTTE was appointed as:

  • Regional Director General, AMCGCE Asia (WGBA Asia)

Last 31 July 2012, GTTE was appointed as:

Last 20 March 2012, GTTE volunteered for:

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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