Cockfighting crackdowns: folks in slogan-bearing t-shirts


– Gameness til the End

At the Roundhouse: Boots, suits and Alice King

By John Robertson / Of the Journal on Tue, Mar 12, 2013

Sometimes you can guess the issue by the uniforms.

I’m talking about people showing up at the Legislature to weigh in on matters hitting close to home.

When it’s cockfighting crackdowns, for instance, you can’t miss the throngs of folks in slogan-bearing t-shirts:

Proud to be cockfighters.”

When it’s elk-hunting permits, look for herds of outfitters in boots and black hats.

Monday evening, it was suits.

Sure enough, the Senate Finance Committee was hearing a corporate tax relief bill and an unusually large contingent of suit-wearing folks roamed the the third-floor halls before and after.

On suit day, there also might have been some carryover from the spaceport liability issue, with bunches of lawyers and business people on each side.

As for journalists, let’s just call the style eclectic.

  Lobbying from above: Attorney General Gary King sat on the House floor Sunday night as an expert witness for Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas and his proposal to tap a state endowment for more money for early childhood programs.

I bumped into King walking back to his office Friday night from the Capitol. He said he had inevitably reflected on his famous, late parents as he weighed his own position on the Maestas proposal.

He noted that his father, longtime Gov. Bruce King, tended to be fiscally conservative and likely would have opposed legislation that could slow the earnings of an investment account.

He said his mother, Alice King, who  was one of state’s best known advocates for programs to help kids, probably would have supported it.

King, a lawyer, Ph.D. in chemistry and former state House member, always has been very much his own man on the issues of the day.

But he smiled that night and said, “I’m going with my mom on this one.”

I think his father would have understood.

Meanwhile, for a more thorough discussion of the early childhood funding issue, see Journal staff writer James Monteleone’s Sunday Journal takeout as the session began.

 Gettin’ gritty:  Some images always stand out as things get harried and close to the finish up here.

Last night, with less than five days left before the Legislature’s adjournment on Saturday, it was Gov. Susana Martinez coming down from her fourth floor offices to meet behind closed doors with a Republican caucus.

She looked like she had a lot on her mind.

Next door, the House Appropriations and Finance Committee room reeked of pizza  in cardboard boxes as members once again engaged in dubious dietary practices while working through mountains of budget requests.

And then, as dinner time came and went, there was otherwise healthy looking firefighter-legislator Emily Kane eating a piece of cake off a paper plate with plastic fork as she hurried between committee rooms, pestered by a reporter along the way.

That’s life in the fast lane at the Legislature.

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