Champions of 1st World Gamecock Championship (AMCGCE)


AMCGCE Quick Facts:

  • Asociacion Mundial de Criadores de Gallos de Combate Y Exhibicion
  • (World Gamecock Breeders Association)
  • Established 2000
  • 30 countries
  • Promote breeding, exhibition, sports of cockfighting, and related activities

– Gameness til the End

First World Gamecock Championship

Primer Campeonato Mundial de Gallos de Combate
Lima “City of Kings”, Peru

Cristian Medina Febres
El Gallo November 2001 Pages 4-7

From Peru to the Whole World

A world joined by a cock singing. This popular phrase become true, when we saw cockfans and breeders came from many countries to enjoy this gamecock party. “Something singular, unique, never seen before”, were some of the words that received the first World Gamecock Championship, named “Lima, City of Kings”, due it was realized in the capital of Peru.

From January 6 to 15 year 2000, for first time in five thousands years of cock history, it took place the first World Gamecock Championship, in the installation of El Pueblo Resort and Convention Center, in Santa Clara – Lima.

These are the countries and delegations that participated

This World Championship was organized by the Peruvian Cocking Club, presided by Mr. Victor Negrete Castaneda, national institution that groups the most outstanding beak and spur cock breeders.

Specimens of 17 (11) countries represented the worldwide gamecock fans, in ten competition days. Besides, breeders and delegations from other countries came, but for different reasons, they could not carry their battle cocks.

These are the countries and delegations that participated (in alphabetical order)

  1. Germany
    1. Werner Lamkemeyer (President German Malay Club)
    2. Aurelio Blas (Peruvian correspondent)
  2. Argentina
    1. Hector Miner (Correspondent of the magazine “Tradicion Gallera”)
  3. Aruba
    1. Carlos Dania (Oranjestad)
  4. Brazil
    1. Jose Daniel Tosi (San Paulo)
    2. Alberto Juramar Andrade (Bahia)
  5. Chile
    1. Mr. Heissen (Santiago)
    2. Jose Mora (Santiago)
    3. Guy Cooper (Temuco)
    4. Contreras brothers (Arica)
    5. Oscar Gajando (Talcahuano)
    6. Marcelo Salas
    7. Daniel Seguel
  6. Colombia
    1. Ivan Rincon (Tolima)
  7. Ecuador
    1. Mauricio Llorenti (Guayaquid),
    2. Jose Berris (Quito)
    3. Cesar Aguirre (Atuntaqui Cock Club)
    4. Luis Montalvo (Atuntaqui Cock Club)
    5. Bismark Chaves (Sevilla)
    6. Alfredo Gomez (Toledo)
  8. United States
    1. Andres del Solar (California)
    2. Manuel Gajardo (Texas)
    3. Onis Rodriguez (Cuban that lives in Florida)
  9. Holland
    1. Johans W. Nijenbrink
  10. Belgium
    1. Jos Boyen Putalinjug
  11. Malay
    1. John Van der Laan (Cock painter)
  12. Mexico
    1. Flavio Morales (Director of the magazine El Palengue de Oro)
    2. Dr. Jose Antonio Arias (President of the USA-Mexico Breeders Association)
    3. Dr. Edsel Bixler (President of the USA-Mexico Breeders Association)
  13. Nicargaua
    1. Salvador Mayorga (International Relationship Director of the Association La Florida, Miami)
  14. Puerto Rico
    1. Papo Monzon
    2. Alberto Figueroa
    3. Luis Bonet
    4. Ramon Sabatier
    5. Genova Serrano
    6. Martin Peralta
  15. Dominican Republic
    1. Candido Martinez
    2. Jose Antonio Gomez
  16. Venezuela
    1. Humberto Luongo (Caracas)
  17. Peru
    1. (25 farms or classified gamecock farms in the Championship Tournaments, plus two guests) Rosario (Trujillo)
    2. La Villa (Moquegua)
    3. Chilampa (Chiclayo)
    4. Rodriguez (Chiclayo)
    5. Stop (Chiclayo)
    6. Los Campadres (Cajamarca)
    7. Lassie, Junior
    8. La  Molina King
    9. Salve
    10. Salve
    11. Ceres
    12. Ninja
    13. Hidalgo
    14. Canova
    15. Casablanca
    16. Pena
    17. Horizonte
    18. Romulo
    19. Eucaliptos
    20. Veneno
    21. Cruzalegui
    22. El Cural
    23. Pueblo Libre
    24. El Tigre (Lima)
    25. Romasa (Lima).
    26. (Invited Guests) Los Sauces (Lima)
    27. Wilson Mazuelos gamecock farm (Tacna)

First World Gamcock Champions

Plastic Spurs

1st – Peru – (Trujillo) ROSARIO

2nd – Peru – (Lima) CASA BLANCA

3rd – Dominican Republic – (Sto. Domingo)

Peruvian Knife

1st – Belgium – (Jos Boyen)

Short Knife

1st – United States – (Texas) M. Gajardo

2nd – Peru – (Ice) – USA (California)

3rd – Mexico – (Dr. Arias)

As it is known by all the cockfighters, the breeds and types of battle cocks varies in every region of the world; therefore, they use different weapons. From more of twenty kind of weapons, three were used in this championship: Plastic Spurs, Peruvian Knife, and Short Knife. to even up the competence and get the participation of more countries. Although this made various participants – better said cocks – had to adopt weapons totally different to theirs. Peruvians and Ecuadorians left the Thorn spurs, Spanish the natural horn, and the most unusual case, the Belgian cocks forgot their steel welts to fight with the double-edge Peruvian knives. Nevertheless, they used them right and demonstrate that when there is breed the rest does not count.

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