Backyard Chicken Whisperer: Changing Public Opinion 101

We, the Cockfighters, can learn from backyard chicken friends on how to fight for our rights to keep chickens and enjoy chickens.

  • Having a Radio show…. TV show…
  • Being an Activist… Activist group…
  • Giving out information to others…
  • Above all, to be proud to say that “I’m A Cockfigther” to everyone in the planet

The Chicken Whisperer

The Chicken Whisperer aka Andy Schneider mentioned in the 2009 CNN video below:

  • I am the founder and organizer of the largest local meetup group in the country in regard backyard poultry and we have close to 600 members
  • A week probably does not go that I do not get contacted by somebody in another city across the country trying to change their laws
  • We just started contacting the council members and educating them sending them pictures about backyard fence our coop
  • We started sending them articles from papers like USA Today, New York Times, Atlanta Journal about all these large cities that are actually changing their laws are currently allow backyard poultry

The Chicken Whisperer can be found in these links:

Watch CNN Video: Backyard Chicken

Video Link: Backyard Chickens (Reynolds Wolf reports on a bit of old America making a comeback: Chickens in the backyard.)

– Gameness til the End

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