Costa Rica: Group promotes bill to legalize cockfighting


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Group promotes bill to legalize cockfighting

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012

Spokesman for the group says it contains 5,000 members and 180 breeders of fighting birds.

Lovers of the dubious sport of cockfighting, outlawed here 90 years ago, have come out of the closet with a bill in the Legislative Assembly to legalize the activity. They say they are ready to fight tooth and nail – or beak and claw – for its passage.

Alexander Pinto, spokesman for the Fighting Cock Breeders Association, claims he has worked two years on the legislation with an unnamed group of legal experts “of great renown.”

The association is going all out, publishing a full-page ad in the daily La Nación Monday defending the cockfights prohibited by law since 1922. Despite the fact that anyone clandestinely fighting cocks is breaking the law, Pinto claims his group contains 5,000 members and 180 breeders of fighting birds.

With perhaps more enthusiasm than scriptural accuracy, the group claims that cocks have been pitted against one another in the ring since biblical times. “There were fighting cocks in Noah’s Ark,” the ad claims.

But Antonio Van Der Laat, legal advisor to the National Animal Health Service, says he is certain the fighting birds present a health threat to commercial poultry. Besides, he says, “It’s a matter of cruelty to animals.”

The fighting bird breeders say they are being unjustly discriminated against. “[Animal] mistreatment is fishing,” their ad claims. “How does a fish die? Flapping and jumping from a lack of oxygen.

Breeder: Cockfighting is ‘God’s will’

Posted: Friday, June 01, 2012 – By Matt Levin

Cockfighting was banned in Costa Rica in 1922. Now a group of breeders believe its time legalize again the ancient and gory sport. Seriously.

Ninety years ago, Costa Rica banned cockfighting because government officials here considered it cruel and abusive. While the practice remains legal in some Latin American countries, here, cockfighting stayed underground, with little debate, until now.

On May 14, a full-page ad by the Fighting Cock Breeders Association appeared in the daily La Nación, signaling that the battle to legalize the activity lived on. The group claims to have 5,000 members and thousands more supporters. The publication stated Costa Rica has banned, since 1922, a tradition that dates back to the biblical voyagers on Noah’s Ark.

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  1. did it pass or almost pass

    1. still waiting for news from costa rica…. but this is great news nonetheless…

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