Cockfighting Info by Dept of Tourism, Govt of Kerala, India


– Gameness til the End


The significance and splendour of cock-fight is best reflected in almost all the folk songs of Malabar. It is one of the major rural attractions of kasaragod district and has a legendary origin. Earlier these cock-fights were an inseparable and unavoidable part of temple festivals, especially in the northern parts of Kasaragod district. Though it is legally forbidden, cock-fights are conducted secretly in many parts of the district. In olden days a religious tint is attributed to this sport and that is why even now cock-fight is conducted in the precincts of temples.

Special breeds of cocks that have great vigour and stamina are groomed for the fight. These fighter cocks exhibit formidable courage during the fight. The fighter cock is armed with a sharp double edged small knife which is tied to one of the legs of the bird. The fighter bird rises high and tries to kick the enemy bird. Usually one of the birds gets fatally wounded and dies. Sometimes the defeated bird runs off from the arena. The owner of the successful cock is entitled to get the defeated or killed cock. If both cocks are killed in the fight the owners used to exchange the dead birds. Large scale betting is also prevelant in many parts.

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