Irish Way Of Gamecock Breeding: Purity and Robustness

Various journals and books have mentioned Irish way of gamecock breeding aka 3 IN 1 OUT.

The Irish people are great breeders. The Irish gamecocks are in the pedigree ancestry of many American Gamecock breeds if not all American Gamecock breeds.

It was written that each Irish town will breed only one strain of gamecocks that looks the same and fight the same. It was a communal way of breeding. Thus, the Irish produced many gamecock strains to perfection.

3 IN 1 OUT is both about purity and robustness of the breed.

“Three In One Out” Gamecock Breeding Cycle

“Three In” for Purity

Inbred intensively for three generations using successive matings between:

  • parent-offspring (coefficient of relationship = 50%)
  • or, full siblings (coefficient of relationship = 50%)

“One Out” for Robustness

Inbred lightly for one generation using matings between:

  • relatives (other than parent-offspring or full siblings)

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