Message From AMCGCE (World Gamecock Breeders Association)


ASOCIACION MUNDIAL DE CRIADORES DE GALLOS DE COMBATE (AMCGCE) was established 2000 and now in 30 countries.

– Gameness til the End

Confessions from the first president of the World Gamecock Breeders Association.

El Gallo, November 2001, Page 16

Victor Negrete Castañeda
“We have built a wall against the prohibition”.

Thus, with energic and strong words, the virtual president of the rising World Gamecock Breeders Association talked to the assembly of countries joined in Guayaquil, with occasion of the Second World Championship, Victor Negrete Castañeda, from Peru, thanked for his election and the trust people deliver to him to lead a strong group that fight against the gamefowl prohibition. Here we have a short portrait and his main conclusions at the end of the event.

“I went my first combats on a bike, I was 15 years old and I placed my cock in the streering wheel. The Golden Cock was the main coliseum for beak and spur gamecocks in Lima and Peru”. Victor Negrete was born in Lima 37 years ago and he inherited the fondness from his grandfather, who taught him to be a good breeder. But lately in his youth he began to play his first cock and since then he started traveling and fighting all over Peru and the world.

Now, whit my friend Manolo Mondanedo, I have nearly 500 cocks and our farm is called “The Molina King” from Lima. This is a passion. Gamecocks are one of the few animals that fight until die. Any other species retreat”, say Negrete.

He defends the cocker and distinguish him from the player. “There are people who thinks that all cockers are players and that is a myth. One addict to the game bet the same to the cocks than in casino, but gamefowl is a fondness and a tradition. Breeders have a saying: “That one who bet for need lose for obligation. It is beautiful to see animals that fight only for the pleasure of winning”.

These were his declarations about the recent Championship and the World Association: “The most important of this international championship is the formalization of the Gamecock Breeders World Association, that was the ideal of everybody a long time ago. As you can remember, the first bases and general objectives were established in Lima”.

“I am gratified with the event results. We remarked that is was hard to join this quantity of countries and participants, and that Peru is champion in two categories: plastic spurs and peruvian knife”.

“I would like to comment, about the oriental cocks that fighted with long plastic spurs, it is the first time in the gamefowl history that so many european countries participate in America (five). For instance, France, owner of the most ancient Breeders National Federation, or Poland, that was the champion in that category. But the most important is that despite the long trip, the stress that means go out from a cold climate to a warm one, like Equator, none of the european cocks escaped those hard fights, besides they lose weight between a half and one kilogram”.

“The oriental races and breeds that we saw in this championship were: Asiles Madras, oriental belgian, iranian, sudanese and japanese shamos”.

“Three countries are already asked for the seat for the Associations that must work internally in each one of the countries to integrate world wide cockfans.This must be done creating laws or abolishing them, to finally support this as an institution which must be solid and representative.

We close this saying good bye to the Second World Wide of Game Fowls “Leon Febres Cordero” and the Ecuador, hoping to see everyone again at the Third World Wide Championship in the Republic of Panama.

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