The rafters of Araneta Coliseum was buzzing and crowded

Past Memories

Late 80’s and early 90’s, the rafters of Araneta Coliseum was buzzing and crowded…. Those who could not afford the ringside, lowerbox, and upperbox will be in the upper most section – balcony/bleachers…. It is fun up there….

Present Battles

Nowadays, there is almost no one there if not empty…. In the upper most section – balcony/bleachers… Perhaps, it is not anymore open during WSC sports events…

It will be nice to have the upper most section (balcony/bleachers) crowded again and this time for free as there are a lot of questions about ticket price for the recent World Slasher Cup….

A foreign passport will get you a free admission ticket for the upperbox last 2012 WSC 1…. and even this year’s 2013 WSC 1…. Not sure if it is now a free admission ticket for the ringside….

Simple filipino folks will greatly appreciate the same privilege…. Even in the upper most section only…. Free admission ticket is one thing…. To enjoy the games, one must also feed oneself throughout the battles…. The war….

Future Hopes

For a high school student and college student, it will be an experience of a lifetime…. And these young folks are the hope of the future…. And comprised the majority of the Voters who are not yet under mind control by any system…

(But be warned that in this capitalist and elitist world, elections are illusions…. Like the illusions of printed worthless money…. Illusions by the elites who enslaved sheeples….)

They will be the “Cockfighting Champions” from then on…. Champions as in “Cockfighting Ambassadors” from then on…. And hopefully, “Individual Liberty Activists” too…. “Individual Liberty Champions”…. “Individual Liberty Ambassadors”….

– Gameness til the End


Let us enjoy Taylor Swift during her concert at Araneta Coliseum last 19 February 2011….

The video was from near the rafters if not from the rafters….

True or False….

  • Taylor Swift (Speak Now World Tour)
  • Araneta Coliseum (Manila)
  • Ticket Sold – 12,667 / 12,667 (100%)
  • Gross Revenue – $859,037


Here are other youtube videos of Taylor Swift at her 19 February 2011 Concert in Aranera Coliseum during her Speak Now World Tour.




poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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