Conduct Unbecoming? 2003/05 WSC 2 Champion Matt Bitanga


2003 World Slasher Cup 2 CHAMPIONS (June)

  • ISLANDER RB : Rey Briones – 7 points
  • GOLDEN CIRCLE I : Matt Bitanga – 7 points

2005 World Slasher Cup 2 CHAMPION (June)

  • MJ GOLDEN CIRCLE HAPPY BDAY : Matt Bitanga – 7.5 points

The video story below was shared by Jolan on a facebook page.

Conduct Unbecoming? Or just false accusation?

– Gameness til the End

“Monster Misdeed” exposed in Imbestigador

Episode on January 31, 2009
Saturday, 9:30 p.m.

This Saturday evening, don’t miss one of the most controversial episodes of Imbestigador.

The Suspect: Matt Bitanga is on the list of major estafa offenders. He belongs to society’s high class. He lives in a high-end subdivision in Quezon City, has many bodyguards, and owns luxury cars.

The Modus: He will purchase real estate properties and cars. Even when he hasn’t fully paid them, he will get control of the properties and sell them. Bitanga and his wife even went into the business of jewelry, recruitment and lending.

The Victims: Included among his alleged victims are well known personalities in politics and government. Among the complainants are the controversial mother of Ruffa, Richard and Raymond Gutierrez – Ms. Annabelle Rama. Annabelle allegedly lost more than P2M when Bitanga and his wife loaned from her. In return, Annabelle received a bounced check from Bitanga.

But it is not only with Annabelle that Matt Bitanga has committed monster misdeeds. Many businessmen claimed to have been conned by him. Others have even been searching for him for the better part of the last ten years for his grave wrongdoings.

The investigation: According to NBI, police and court records, Imbestigador uncovered that there are more than 139 cases that have been filed and warrants of arrests served on the suspect. He was even arrested several times in the past but had always managed to post bail and so continued with his misdemeanors. Among the cases filed against him was large-scale illegal recruitment in the City of Baguio.

The Action taken: With the joint forces of the NBI-BID and Imbestigador, and under the authority of the several warrants of arrests against him, Matt Bitanga was arrested by NBI operatives inside his residence. Despite his resistance, he had been accosted. Even his wife who also had cases filed against her was arrested together with Bitanga.

Don’t miss the first major catch of Imbestigador this Saturday evening with Mike Enriquez after Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho at GMA 7.

Imbestigador Big Time SWINDLER part 3

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