How To Determine Gamecock Breed Thru Earlobe Color Genetics?

The earlobe color, typically, is a genetic marker for gamecock breeds. Most gamecock breeds and any ordinary chicken breeds have a known earlobe characteristics standard.

Most of the new gamecock breeds are crosses of the old breeds. Thus, familiarize old gamecock breeds’ characteristics as well as ordinary chicken breeds. This will very helpful in determining the possible ancestors of the new breeds.

Study and research the genotype and the phenotype of a gamecock breed thoroughly. This will help to determine if an individual gamecock chicken is a purebred or not.

General guidelines

Breeder-cockfighters and other chicken breeders may have knowingly or unknowingly bred into their strains of chickens, the following characteristics:

  1. Red earlobe chicken breeds have brown eggs, typically. (This trait do NOT exists in MOST of my chickens and experimented with its inheritance and dominance with many crosses along the years.)
    1. White earlobe chicken breeds have white eggs, typically.

The general guidelines above are NOT important when acquiring new breeds from other breeder-cockfighters.

The following summary from a genetic paper will solidify knowledge about earlobe genetics:

  1. Earlobe color has a complex factorial basis.
  2. Breeds having the same earlobe color may differ considerably in their genetic constitution with respect to this character.
  3. Individuals of a single breed and strain may differ in some of the minor genetic determiners.
  4. The Jersey Black Giant and White Leghorn breeds differ in at least three factors determining earlobe color, one sex-linked and two autosomal.
  5. It was possible to estimate roughly the position upon the sex chromosome of the sex-linked factor.
  6. The autosomal factors for earlobe color showed no linkage with those for any autosomal character; which the crosses permitted testing.
  7. There was no evidence of any linkage between the factors for earlobe color and egg color.

Deeper Study: Read Source


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