How To Remotely Acquire Potential Brood Stocks?

The potential supplier of gamecock breed aka breeder-cockfighter is the last source of information and knowledge one will have after much research online, offline, on print, on video and in the cockpits. Chatting with a breeder-cockfighter on the phone is very important to exchange ideas about ideal gamecock strain for a specific situation and to share each others’ vision of gamecock breed excellence.

have confidently returned few of the brood stocks I received and the breeder-cockfighters happily reimbursed me of my payment. The breeder-cockfighter clearly knew that my specifications were somehow not met with the brood stocks they have sent me.

The following are my criteria or my questions to the breeder-cockfighters to avoid misunderstanding when acquiring brood stocks remotely

A breeder-cockfighter will produce pure bred chickens not close to the accepted Breed’s Perfection of Standard. But these chickens will still be called by their breed names.

Another breeder-cockfighter, same story.

Selection is key in any breeding. Never rely on the breed names. Better yet, do not specify a breed name.

Chicken physical characteristics for brood stock purpose:

  • Egg Color Purity
  • Egg Size
  • Comb Type Purity
  • Comb Size
  • Eye Color Purity
  • Eye Size
  • Beak Color Purity
  • Beak Size
  • Earlobe Color Purity
  • Earlobe Size
  • Wattle Size
  • Head Size
  • Neck Length
  • Neck Girth
  • Plumage Color Purity
  • Plumage Growth Rate
  • Plumage Width
  • Plumage Length
  • Plumage Volume
  • Plumage Tightness
  • Wing Length
  • Tail Length
  • Tail Type
  • Body Conformation
  • Body Girth
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Weight to Height Ratio
  • Thigh Length
  • Leg Length
  • Leg Girth
  • Shank Color Purity
  • Shank Length
  • Shank Girth
  • Shank Scale Pattern
  • Spur Type
  • Spur Color Purity
  • Other physical attributes

Chicken behavior characteristics for brood stock purpose:

  • Gameness
  • Fighting Style
  • Weapon
  • Power and Speed
  • Endurance and Stamina
  • Human Interaction
  • Adult Chicken Interaction
  • Chicks and Young Chickens Interaction
  • Laying and Brooding Capability
  • Feeding Appetite
  • Voice Loudness and Sound
  • Other behavioral traits

Nowadays, videos and photos can easily be shared. But most breeder-cockfighters are not into internet or mobile yet and videos and photos can be taken to make something look better.

Measure. Measure. Measure.

The lists above seems long but it can easily be covered in a 5 minute phone call. Make the call more conversational and friendly than going thru a list.

– Gameness til the End

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