China: Guilin Cockfighting Hills


– Gameness til the End

Guilin Cockfighting Hills

Rooster Fighting Hill in Chinese called Doujishan Hill is made up of two hills, one of which is called Tunnel Hill (Chuanshan Hill) and the other is Tortoise Hill. They look like two fighting roosters face each other across the Li River, so it is got this name. The 138 meters relative elevation between the two hills makes Rooster Fighting Hill more vivid and lifelike.

There are many poems and couplets that are related to Rooster Fighting Hill. A famous couplet is known by all the visitors, ‘Dou ji shan shang shan ji dou, Long yin yan zhong yan yin long’ (Two roosters are fighting on Rooster Fighting Hill, a dragon is hiding in a rock inside Longyin Cave). The best place to appreciate the Rooster Fighting Hill is near the Iron Bridge, which is located to the south of Jingping Hill. If standing there to look back, the fighting gesture of these two roosters will be more distinct and vivid. What’s more, the hill looks even more attractive against the rising sun.

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