How Marquez Won? Why Pacquiao Lost? Naked Heel. Boxing.

In the third round

Pacquiao, with his left hand on guard, was floored by Marquez with a quick right hook to the left cheek.

In the fifth round

Pacquiao hurt Marquez with a left straight to Marquez’s nose and scored a knockdown when Marquez’s glove touched the canvas. Afterwich, Marquez’s right hand is always cocked and ready.

In the sixth round

Pacquiao move forward with his exposed face seconds before the bell. Marquez unleashed his cocked right hand straight to the center chin of Pacquiao and scored a knockout with Pacquiao’s face on the canvas.

Why did Pacquiao move forward with his face open to an already cocked right hand of Marquez?

It was as if an aggressive slow rooster charges with his breast out instead of his feet out. And was hit dead accurately by an intelligent quick powerful rooster waiting patiently.

Taped Naked Heel Fight Is Like Boxing

Naked heel roosters will have chance to fight again after a loss. There is no weapon. Even the rooster’s natural spurs are cut and then taped.

Fights end due to exhaustion of the roosters or due to knockout blows to the back and/or to the side of the jaw and/or to the head and neck.

Steel Weapon Fight

The losing rooster, due to a clean accurate blow, is dead.

Pacquiao-Marquez 4: Live Blogs

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