Boxing Styles and Counter Styles (Fighting Styles in Cockfighting)


  1. Boxer/out-fighter has the advantage over Brawler/slugger.
  2. Brawler/slugger has the advantage over Swarmers/in-fighter.
  3. Swarmers/in-fighter has the advantage over Boxer/out-fighter.
  4. Boxer-puncher has the advantage over Swarmers/in-fighter.
  5. Counter puncher has the advantage over Boxer-puncher.
Counter punchers are winning these days. And no boxing style seems to have an advantage over counter punchers.


  1. Smart vs Aggressive
  2. Flyer vs Grounder
  3. Single Stroker vs Shuffler
  4. Vertical vs Horizontal
  5. Body Hitter vs Head Hunter
  6. Wheeler vs Locker
  7. Top Spinner vs Underwing
  8. Free Kicker vs Plucker
  9. Bobber and Weaver vs Standup
  10. Spur Hitter vs Shank Hitter

Styles make competition harder to dominate. Furthermore, combination of styles are bred in the gamecock these days to have a more complete fighting style. Just like a boxer-puncher who is also a counter puncher at the same time. Maybe an out-fighter in the beginning and an in-fighter in the end.

But keep in mind, the pure styled gamecocks are fewer and harder to find these days. And these pure bred are very important to be propagated as fighting machine and as breeding stock. Their genotype and phenotype go hand and hand. And breeding them to a high standard can only be done by patience and long dedication if not lifetime of passion.

– Gameness til the End

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