Missouri Senator Brian Munzlinger: “HSUS attack against agriculture and way of life”


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Senator Munzlinger warns farmers against attacks on agriculture

by Stephanie Claytor
Posted: 05.30.2012 at 11:10 PM

KIRKSVILLE, MO. — Farmers and area legislators got together Wednesday evening to discuss threats to Missouri agriculture. The town hall meeting was held in the Adair County Annex Building.

It was a chance for Missouri State Senator Brian Munzlinger to give a presentation to farmers on the Humane Socitey of the United States and what he calls “its attack on Missouri agriculture.” He educated the crowd on the organization’s financing and also its attempts to change agricultural standards along with inhibit hunting and fishing across the nation.

“I want to re-emphasize the importance of agriculture here in the state of Missouri and especially animal agriculture and how important a role it plays in the state’s economy,” said St. Sen. Brian Munzlinger, (R), representing Missouri’s 18th district.

“If HSUS would have its way, the people here in Missouri really couldn’t afford to eat the meat that we eat now.”

Senator Munzlinger adds that HSUS is trying to change the way livestock is raised, which would in effect cause the price of meat to go up.

The Humane Society of the United States is one of the nation’s largest animal protection organizations.

Munzlinger also shared with the crowd pro-agriculture legislation that was passed during this past legislative session, including a bill that forces animal rights groups to turn over videos of animal abuse to authorities within 24 hours of filming, and also, a bill that prevents a tax hike on agricultural land.

Those in attendance were encouraged to join Missouri Farmers Care, a consortium of 25 agricultural groups, that seeks to educate farmers on the challenges facing agriculture today.

Several other state legislators were also in attendance including State Representatives Zach Wyatt and Tom Shively.

Local lawmakers warn of Humane Society of the United States actions

By Taylor Muller
Daily Express
Posted May 31, 2012 @ 01:09 PM

Four legislators from northeast Missouri, including the chair of the Missouri Senate’s Agriculture Committee, warned against the opposition to agriculture and its way of life, as they see it, from the Humane Society of the United States during a town hall meeting Wednesday at the Adair County Annex Building.

Engaging about 30 mostly area producers and farmers, lawmakers shared updates from the capitol from the recently-ended session and painted the Humane Society of the United States as anti-agriculture.

“With the Humane Society coming to the state [for Proposition B], it did make agriculture form a cohesive coalition,” said Chair of the Senate’s Agriculture Committee Brian Munzlinger (R-Williamstown).

The meeting was organized by the group Missouri Farmers Care, which includes more than 25 Missouri agriculture interests.

Munzlinger pointed to the 2010 ballot initiative, commonly referred to as the “Puppy Milll Law” which primarily urban voters passed, saying the effort was backed by the HSUS as the first salvos of the group’s war on Missouri agriculture.

“We beat them on Proposition B,” he said, referring to a legislative compromise that modified the language of the measure before being signed by Gov. Jay Nixon. “But they don‘t like being poked in the eye.”

Munzlinger said the HSUS does not care about the animals, instead using the cause as a fundraising mechanism.

“They’re not just vegetarians, these people are vegans,” he said. “We believe animals are for us to eat and it’s what God put them here for us to do.”

Rep. Tom Shivley (D-8), Rep. Zachary Wyatt (R-2) and Rep. Paul Quinn (D-9) joined Munzlinger, asking the audience to join them in fighting back against outside special interests.

Wyatt warned of the millions of dollars the Humane Society could throw into upcoming elections of state officials, asking audience members to protect agriculture because “rural Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter. We all know [agriculture] is our No. 1 industry in the state of Missouri.”

Munzlinger said the Humane Society goes from state to state, backing initiatives like Proposition B, looking to claim smaller victories in easier states and then, with several states behind them, try to affect the issues at the federal level.

“You really need to let your legislators know that Missouri’s way of life and agriculture is under attack,” he said.

In response to Munzlinger’s portrayal of HSUS members as vegans, former state senator and lt. gov., and current HSUS Director of Rural Development and Outreach Joe Maxwell invited the senator to his family’s whole hog barbecue.

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