How To Breed A Dominant Fighting Style Genotype?

Experimental Cross

Recently (9 November 2010), four chicks (out of four eggs) hatched from an experimental cross with a Philippine indigenous hen that is regular light red in color. After a month, they can be recognized as two stags and two pullets.


  • To verify Last In First Out (LIFO) of sperms from female chicken two sperm storage areas and the timing of fertilization after laying an egg
  • To verify dominant fighting style phenotype/genotype of the brood cock

Successfully Verified

  • The chicks grew up with the color of feathers phenotype same as their respective fathers. One brood cock used was a light red color. And the other brood cock was a ginger color. Consistent with the natural insemination using the first brood cock after laying an egg and using second brood cock the following day after laying an egg. Thus, LIFO and timing of fertilization are both verified.
  • The stags grew up with the dominant fighting style phenotype/genotype of the brood cocks. Thus, dominance of fighting style phenotype/genotype of the father is verified.


The Philippine indigenous hen, or the mother of the chicks hatched, was also sparred with other hens. And the fighting style of the mother hen is sound but not the same as the fighting style phenotype/genotype of the male offsprings. Some will say it was a nick and that both sides of the mating is needed to produce these superb stags. But it was really just the dominant fighting style phenotype/genotype of the brood cocks.

I have done many matings where the hen is the Philippine indigenous breed or the non-performer of the mating. But the results always confirm the dominance of the brood cocks used. The male offsprings are as good as the brood cock if not better in fighting style performance.

Summary: Isolation is Key

Thus, this method is worth doing to test the dominant fighting style phenotype/genotype of a brood cock. Basically, mate him with a non-performer or mediocre performer hen. And see if the male offsprings will be superb performer like him (their father).

Mating a performer male and a performer female do not assure that the performer male offsprings inherited them from their father. Maybe they inherited their superb fighting style from their mother. Isolation is the key to determine really where the superb fighting style phenotype/genotype being inherited from.

Next Steps

The reverse mating, where the one needed to be verified for its dominant fighting style phenotype/genotype is the female, might be worth doing in the near future.

– Gameness til the End

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