World Slasher Cup Joke or Truth (Corporate Wars) (Farmers Cooperative)

Kevin Haynes: “looks like the usualy top dawgs arent fairing so well thus far huh?”

World Slasher Cup: “their employees are asking for a raise 🙂 their team is affected… :(“

I do not have problem with employees as I do not have any.

My problem is fresh feed supply. Even feed company salespersons delivered me old bad feed with mold and/or bugs.

I have a compilation of videos showing from unopened bags of feed then the bags being opened and the crawling bugs or/and molds inside the newly opened bag. Too bad I can not record on video the smell of old bad feed. 50 kilogram bags. 1 kilogram bag. It does not matter. All can be old bad feed with mold and/or bugs.

Other feed company salespersons are wiser and ask me to buy from their retailer so that they can deny responsibility when their feed is not good.

Hope “associations” have farmers co-op (agricultural supply cooperative) service where fresh feed is assured with negotiated discount price with all supply companies from feeds, vetmeds, equipments, etc. Every town with “association” members will have a volunteer member as the storage facility if need be as a transient barn before members pick up their orders. The best solutions will be no surplus inventory. All members of the “association” place order in advance enough for the period of time they think the feed or supply stays fresh at their own facility. Members will pay only the actual cost from the supply companies.

Retail feed supply stores get 30% (or more) discount from feed companies and 30-60 days to pay. Maybe it is 50% discount if you are the distributor (I do not know really, just for emphasis sake). And feed companies deny me this 30% discount even if I pay cash and I pick up from the feed plant.

I have lobbied for this farmers co-op idea with my local association already. Hope it become a reality to all different “associations”. And hope our local association is the first one to have a farmers co-op service.

Cockfighting is a sports. But bad cockfighters and bad gamblers make sure only they have the best feed and others will get the bad feed. In business, it is called external corporate wars. In truth, it is called crime.

(Employee vs employer or employee vs employee is called internal corporate wars.)

– Gameness til the End

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