Philippine cockfighters: Next to be annihilated by the enemy

Philippines is near the war.

Mexico got one representative and one governor with separate bills against cockfighting. And these two might win if cockfighters of Mexico do not get support from the rest of the world.

United Kingdom and United States lost the war. But unconstitutional laws have the history of getting repealed. I wrote that in 2021 USA will have cockfighting legal again in every state. I hope every american cockfighter make it a reality. Thru liberty activism on the street, media, and online. Everywhere including family reunions.

It will be a siege if cockfighters do not take the preemptive strike. Cockfighters need to take it to the enemy every chance they got. That is every breath.

United States war was a siege. American cockfighters lost and become breeders.

Mexico war hopefully do not become a siege. Mexican cockfighters hopefully fight as cockfighters and stay as cockfighters.

Cockfighters, be a real cockfighter. Be a proud cockfighter. Call yourself a cockfighter, first and foremost. Money is nothing. Liberty is priceless. Pay for it even with your life.

We need cockfighters associations and not breeders associations. Now. Before the world war.

– Gameness til the End

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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  1. this article content is originally a reply to a message from another cockfighter.

    “Im so amazed, you’re so active in the world of gamecocks”

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