Game Fowl Is A Big Mistake

Herbert Atkinson made a big mistake on using the word “Game Fowl” in his book “Cockfighting and Game Fowl” first published on 1938 by George Bayntun in Bath UK.

Dr. J. W. Cooper made a big mistake on using the word “Game Fowl” in his book “Game Fowls, Their Origin and History, with a Description of the Breeds, Strains and Crosses” on 1869 West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Other authors made the same mistake.

The word “gamefowl” is not respectful to the GAMECOCK strain of chicken.

Turkey is a gamefowl, as well as, pheasant, guineafowl, koklass, partridge, quail, meat chicken, layer chicken, etc.

Gamecock eggs. Gamecock chicks. Gamecock pullets. Gamecock hens. Gamecock cockerels. Gamecock stags. Gamecock roosters.

Say Gamecock and Keep Cockfighting

If Atkinson, Cooper et al used the word “GAMECOCK” instead of “Game Fowl”, maybe cockfighting is still legal in United States and maybe the ban was repealed in United Kingdom.

To give respect to our fighting chickens, we must call them with their proper name – GAMECOCK, so that we keep the sport of cockfighting revered and legal in all countries.

– Gameness til the End

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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