Cockfighting Corporation, a business idea

Business Idea: Cockfighting Corporation

Competition Services

  • Stag banding for all national federations and maybe international clubs
  • Derby banding
Banding is about identification of an individual gamecock.
It could be about age as in stag competition where gamecock must be no more than 9 months of age. Stag banding current screening standard is four original old primary feathers on both wings. Banding is done at 3 months of age.

Media Services

  • Marketing and Promotions

Broker Services

  • Gamecock sales broker with online transaction

Supply Services

  • Price club /  farm cooperative style services

IT Services

  • Competition Blind Matching software
  • Pedigree software
  • Live streaming / online betting (got many companies in mx, ph, etc.) software


Some might just want to band their stags by a third party. A third party that is credible.

They fight in stags derbies – local, national or/and international. I think a third party corporation have a place in these industry.

Potential Clients

  • UGBA and LGBA
  • and local associations in the Philippines and the rest of the world

might become clients of this new corporation.


C R E D I B L E is a hard thing due to bet money in cockfights. Which is irresistible to criminal minds.


Looks feasible… but I predict that we will return to fight open derby… no bands… stags vs cocks…

And maybe no pot and no bet… teams will be paid by sponsors like banks, international firms, etc.

– Gameness til the End

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