Puerto Rico: Short Fights Will Keep Cockfighting On Top of Agricultural Production


– Gameness til the End

Cockfighting generate more than $ 100 million a year

DRD supports clandestine cockfighting ban
March 28, 2012 12:30 a.m.

Considering that this is an industry that generates millions for the local economy, the Senate Committee on Sports and Recreation recommended to endorse legislation expressly prohibiting clandestine cockfighting in Puerto Rico.

The House bill 3690 would reduce the duration of cockfighting to 12 minutes.

According to the positive report of the amendment to the “Law of the New Millennium Gallos” cockfighting industry generates “hundreds of millions of dollars, occupying one of the top positions in agricultural production in Puerto Rico.”

“The breeding nearly 200,000 roosters, according to Agriculture Department statistics, there were in 2003, produced over $ 20 million,” the report signed by Senator Ramon Diaz.

“At more than 100 cockpits of the island, attended annually by more than one million people, producing over $ 100 billion annually in health posts, tickets, food consumption and others. These numbers are essential to promote the industry of raising fighting cocks, but in an orderly manner, “the document says the report signed by Senator Ramon Diaz.

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