YoUDee of University of Delaware


– Gameness til the End



YoUDee is the official mascot of the University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens. YoUDee’s proud lineage extends to the Revolutionary War. It and the Blue Hens before it have a reputation for courage and ferocity in battle, traits symbolic of the fighting spirit of the University of Delaware‘s athletic teams.


YoUDee’s great-great-great-grandfather, Col. George W. YoUDee, distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War and was cited for bravery in battle. Capt. John Caldwell (Capt. Jonathan Caldwell), commenting after the Battle of Trenton, said, “There’s no yellow streak in that chicken. He’s blue to the bone.” Col. YoUDee was given a gold medal of valor, so blue and yellow-gold now serve as YoUDee’s official colors.


Careful breeding has produced beautiful plumage of PMS #300c blue feathers, particularly striking in YoUDee’s broad, sweeping tail.


6 feet, 8 inches, from the soles of his blue and yellow sneakers to the top of his comb.


64 inches


6 feet, 1 inch


5 feet, 6 inches


Air YoUDees. YoUDee’s stylish size 28FF blue and yellow sneakers help it soar through the air with hangtime measured in minutes.


YoUDee was created by Real Characters Inc. (RCI) of Atlanta. Tom Sapp, chairman and creative director, was in charge of design. He also designed a line of YoUDee artwork for apparel and other items, on sale at the University Bookstore and other outlets.


Real Character Productions Inc., an affiliate of RCI, handcrafted the three-dimensional mascot using Scott foam, Antron fleece, medical-quality plastics and a variety of special materials. Keith Bailey was the chief designer and led a design team including Chris Heine and Dixie Harris.

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